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Minutes of September, 2007 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of September 13, 2007 Meeting

Final approved by BPRCC @ Oct. 11. 2007 mtg.



1.   The September 13, 2007 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by Secretary Peggy Dorrell at 9:00 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room. 

2.   The secretary stated that a quorum was present. 

3.   Agenda:  Additions to the agenda were as follows:

      * Supervisor Chip Davis will be present at the meeting to discuss enhancements to SR 179.

     * Zona Fink will report on the recent meeting of the SR 179 Executive Team Meeting (9A)

     * Dorothy O’Brien has two announcements (10 B & C)

4.  Secretary’s Report:   Two outstanding reports (June 14 and Aug. 9) were presented for approval. 

     * Changes to the June 14 report included:  Transportation Committee item A should read:  “The VVTPO is selecting new members.  Joanne Johnson will solicit volunteers from this committee to attend.”

      Planning and Zoning Committee item B/1 should read:  “The camp would lease the land from VVS.”


     A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made, seconded and carried unanimously.


     * Changes to the August 9 report included:  # 7 “Henry Reiter made a presentation…”;

      Transportation report:  “VVTPO-TAC meeting”

     Planning and Zoning report:  #1 – “Zona Fink reported on the Stakeholders of SR 179 Executive Team meeting.”  # 3 – “stipulation that was created because of the…”;

      Delete “D” which is a duplication;

     Item #9, 1 “Dorothy O’Brien discussed the Forest Service travel management rule proposed actions regarding ATV’s..”

      Item # 9, 2 “Bill Stafford stated…”


      A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made, seconded and carried unanimously.

5.  Supervisor Chip Davis:  Supervisor Davis spoke to the group regarding the history of proposed enhancements to SR 179 through the Village of Oak Creek.  Grants are in place to fund the project, but it is up to the Community to arrive at consensus on a method to maintain them in perpetuity.  The enhancements will be made only if funding for maintenance is ensured.  To accomplish this, a County Special Improvement District (SID) is being proposed with a January 2008 deadline. Rules for a SID and procedures for forming one were discussed.  Costs to affected tax payers are not yet available.  The community will begin the process by forming a Steering Committee and then holding Town Hall meetings – the first on Oct. 25.  Supervisor Davis stressed that the Steering Committee would use an educated decision making process.  The County will be an active supporter in the process. 


     A motion to form a Steering Committee was made, seconded and carried unanimously.  The committee will have a minimum of two members from Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, the Village Business Association, Village Park Recreation, All American Road Committee, Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District, ADOT and VOCA.  Each entity is to submit names to Supervisor Davis’ office by Sept. 21st.

6.     Corresponding Secretary’s report:   none

7.      Treasurer’s report:  A report was submitted showing a current balance of $3,463.83. The Recreation Committee account has a balance of $1,254.07. 


     A motion was made to approve the Council’s 2007 budget as noted on the report handed out.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

8.  New Council Members:  A letter was received by the Council naming Henry Reiter as the new representative of the Village Business Assoc.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve this appointment.

     A letter was received from Gary Kincaid, President of VOCA naming Noel Smith and its current members, Joanne Johnson and Peggy Dorrell as “co-members of the council.  Since “co-members” are not allowed under BPRCC bylaws, a motion was made to accept Mr. Smith as the rep for VOCA and a letter will be sent to the association asking to have a new listing of their alternates as per the BPRCC’s bylaws.

9.   Dorothy O’Brien prepared and distributed binders to Council members that contain all documents and a system for filing other important papers.

10.      Committee Reports:

A.      Transportation Committee:

1.  Joanne Johnson discussed the proposed enhancements to SR 179 and referred to a drawing showing the road through the Village as it would appear after enhancements.

2.   Zona Fink told Council members that an email from ADOT would be forwarded to them with all details about the “trees” along the roadway in Sedona.

B.      Planning and Zoning Committee:

1. Camp Soaring Eagle:  The Bd. of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the plans presented with no changes in stipulations.

2.  Variance on APN 405-28-011:  This property on Deer Pass Dr. is asking for a variance as regulations have changed since purchase making it impossible to build without the variance. 

      A motion was made, seconded and carried to support this variance based upon hardship.

3.  Thunderbird Sedona Condo conversion:  The former “Biltmore” property is being converted to condos of various sizes.  The committee will be attending the County meeting and will suggest stipulations on the length of rentals, planning for a future addition and lighting.

4.  Notation on Vistella development:  A correction was noted that this development was not part of the original PAD.  This error was made since the committee didn’t have access to its original records. 

     Since the retention of adequate records has been an ongoing concern of Council members, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to create a committee to investigate the possibility of creating a “virtual” office.  The committee will report to the Council at its October meeting.  Members are Jane Petty, Zona Fink, Carolyn Fisher and Peggy Dorrell.

C.   Recreation Committee:  Currently, the events calendar is not being produced.  If anyone is willing to assume this responsibility, please contact Carolyn Fisher.

D.   Ad Hoc Library Committee:  Carolyn Fisher expressed a concern regarding future funding for the Village facility as it needs support from the Library Board.

E.   Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee:  Copies of the latest bylaws draft with changes approved by the Council were distributed.  Voting will occur at the Oct. meeting.


11.     Old Business:  none

12.    New Business: 

1.  Members were encouraged to attend the meeting of the Fire Board on Sept 26 at 3:30.  
This is the first meeting to be held in the Village.

2.  A motion was made to direct the BPRCC Executive Board to select a minimum of two representatives to the Steering Committee organizing to work on a proposed Special Improvement District by Sept. 21, 2007.  The motion was seconded and passed with one “no” vote.

13.  Announcements;

1.    Supervisor Davis’ Community meeting will be held 10/22/07.

2.    A letter was sent to the Forest Service from the Council supporting proposed changes.

3.    The AZ Dept. of Water Resources has proposed changes that would put some limits on building based on available water sources.  A meeting will be held on Sept. 27 at 10:00 in Cottonwood. 

4.    A ribbon cutting will be held on Oct. 19th at 3:30 for a new business, Village Fitness (35 Bell Rock Plaza, Ste. B).  Council members are invited to attend.

14. The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Jane Petty, Corresponding Secretary - BPRCC



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