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Minutes of October, 2007 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of October 11, 2007 Meeting


FINAL approved by BPRCC @ Dec 13. 2007 meeting



1.      The October 11, 2007 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Bert Berkshire at 9:00 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room.

2.   Agenda:  Additions to the agenda were as follows:

      * Supervisor Chip Davis is present at the meeting and the Agenda will be suspended for his comments.

       Supervisor Davis stated that he is concerned with the recent lack of unanimity of the Big Park Council.  This Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was started approximately 12 years ago to provide a voice for Big Park so that decisions affecting Big Park wound not continue to be made by other parts of the county and that decisions would not be inflicted upon Big Park. Big Park has received the Governor’s Award for Leadership in Arizona for unincorporated area.  In addition Big Park has been a consultant to Cornville Community Association, Lake Montezuma/Beaver Creek/McGuireville, Bridgeport and Verde Village.  There has been mutual respect and Big Park has a seat at the table with Yavapai County.  Supervisor Davis feels that the relationship has been fantastic.

       Recently there has been a chaotic approach to the Pinon Woods Gate issue unlike the manner in which Big Park has previously handled issues.  He has seen an implosion of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council regarding work on SR179 and on implementation of the Special Improvement District. It is healthy to have different opinions, but there is a need to come together with respect.  Yavapai County is dedicated to working with Big Park but there needs to be a consensus.


3.  Secretary’s Report:  


        The secretary stated that a quorum was present, 12 members and 3 alternates


      Corresponding Secretary Jane Petty presented the minutes of the September 11th meeting which she took.  She announced that a handout at that meeting listed Yavapai County as a member of the Steering Committee.  Supervisor Davis sent a letter to the Council indicating that was in error and asked that our minutes reflect a correction.  The SID is a community effort. and Yavapai County is a supporting resource


  .  She added that she had a request from Dorothy O’Brien to correct the minutes to reflect Sept 29th at 3:30 for the Fire Board meeting.  The comment was made that everyone got that information wrong but there was a good turnout at the meeting anyway at 3:00 PM on September 26th, 2007.

       Dorothy O’Brien also requested a change regarding the charge to the Executive Committee meet to select at least 2 members for the Steering Committee item under New Business be changed to add Steering Committee organizing to work on a proposed Special Improvement District by September 21, 2007


  .  Dorothy O’Brien stated that Rules and formation were barely touched on and that the Steering Committee will investigate and bring this information to the community.  The full discussion was not had or given by Supervisor Davis.  She asked that the minutes be changed to reflect Supervisor Davis’ emphasis on “choice” he stressed “educated decision making”.  She further requested that the minutes be changed “The charge and mission of this Steering Committee is to gather information about our alternatives so that Choices can be understood by the whole community and then an educated decision-making process can be brought about by Leadership,, thereby creating a clear message to the County and ADOT as to the community’s wishes.


        A discussion ensued by members.  The membership understood that the charge to the Steering Committee was that it was charged with determining how to educate the community about the Special Improvement District inasmuch as other alternatives had been eliminated. The membership voted 14 to 1 to leave the minutes as originally presented.   


        The membership voted unanimously to add in item 5 that Supervisor Davis stressed that the Steering Committee would use an  educated decision making process as  requested by Dorothy O’Brien.


               A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made, seconded and carried unanimously.


.      A discussion was held regarding distribution of Minutes.  New procedure for Minutes will be for Secretary to prepare Minutes and circulate them as Draft Minutes along with a date for people to respond to Secretary with any requested changes.  Secretary will make a list of all requested changes and will also submit the list to the Membership at the next meeting.  Membership shall vote each suggested change up or down and then approve minutes.  The Secretary shall modify Minutes and distribute Minutes as Final..


4.    Corresponding Secretary’s Report


       Jane Petty, Corresponding Secretary reported that she had prepared a letter for President Bert Berkshire’s signature in response to VOCA’s submission of a letter for representation which did not fit within the Council’s Bylaws. Zona Fink presented the secretary with a letter which had been received just before the meeting.  The secretary will handle the letter during the month.


5.    Treasurer’s Report


        Jeff Dunn presented the Treasurer’s Report stating that there had been no changes from the previous meeting.  Tracking with budget is good and he expects that we will come in under budget for the year.  Treasurer’s report submitted for Audit.


6.  Presentation


        Kim Randall, Superintendent of the Sedona-OakCreek Joint Unified School District made a presentation to the Council of their Capital Improvement Plan.  Additionally Dr. Randall provided a Bond Project Information by Site Breakout of expected expenditures should the Bond election pass.  This information was presented to the Council so that its members would have accurate information.  She discussed with the Council the method by which schools are funded. Power Point presentation along with Excel spreadsheet attached.  (Submitted electronically to Members)


7.    President’s Report           Nothing to report.


        The President appointed Al Thiele to Chair Nominating Committee with members Richard Howland and Barbara Miller.  They are charged with presenting to the Membership a slate of officers for the subsequent year at the November 8th meeting.


8.    Transportation Committee                          No Report

9.    Planning & Zoning Committee      No activity, October meeting cancelled.

10. Recreation Committee                                No report

11. Library Committee (Ad-Hoc)         Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher has asked that the library issues for Big Park be discussed at Supervisor Davis’s October 22nd Community meeting.  The Fine Arts Show, for the past two years, has made a donation of its profits to the Library to fund books for children under 6 which can be “borrowed” on an Honor system.  We have been paying a library tax to the county for 20 years, but have only received $22,000/year for the last two years in direct support for our Community.  Carolyn Fisher had an e-mail from Michael Wade – a member of the Sedona Public Library’s Board of Trustees and chair of its subcommittee on the Village/Big Park library efforts – which talked about their efforts to extend the current level of library services beyond 2008.  Carolyn urged residents to let the county know that we want support for a library in the Big Park Community.


12. Bylaw Committee                          Don Beard


       Don Beard moved to approve the newly revised Bylaws, duly seconded and passed with one abstention.


13. SID Steering Committee  Bert Berkshire


       President Berkshire announced that progress was being made and he had a handout regarding the 2 separate groups.  Henry Reiter Chairs the Town Meeting Group and Ruth Kane Chairs the Technical process of the SID.



     Respectfully submitted,




       Peggy Dorrell, Secretary



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