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Minutes of November, 2007 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November 8, 2007 Meeting


1. The November 8, 2007 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Bert Berkshire at 9:00 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room with the Pledge of Allegiance.


2. Agenda: Additions to the agenda were as follows:

Roll Call for attendance:

Add under new Members: Firecliff and Village Estates in addition to LaBarranca and Bell Rock Plaza: LaBarranca was withdrawn due to lacking documents. Added by unanimous vote Village Estates and Bell Rock Plaza Association (Note from Secretary - Village Estates and Bell Rock Plaza had not submitted all appropriate documents.)


Steering Committee report added under Transportation.


Zona Fink added 4 subjects from P&Z Committee:



3. Secretary's Report:


The secretary stated that a quorum was present, 12 members and 3 alternates


Secretary posed question regarding June 14th meeting of additional corrections to those minutes. The subject was deferred to next meeting. October minutes approval deferred to December.

Motion was withdrawn.


4. Recording Secretary's Report - No report


5. Treasurer's Report


Jeff Dunn presented the Treasurer's Report stating that there had been some postage expenses. Addition to income from 2006 reversal. Tracking with budget is good and he expects that we will come in under budget for the year. He anticipates a couple of expenditures in December, such as rental for space and an honorary to Sedona Winds for the monthly use for the P&Z Committee. Treasurer's report submitted for Audit.


6. Presentation - Henry Reiter


Steering Committee report. District boundaries are extended to cover Pine Valley, CR Ranch and Highland Estates. Maintenance for Bell Rock median and Verde Valley School Road items were removed from consideration. Mr. Reiter discussed two attachments: Map of Scenic Byways also showing All-American Roads and an aerial photograph of the newly defined Special Improvement District from Pine Valley to Highland Estates. Joanne Johnson made a motion for the council to support the SID. After a colloquy with the President , Joanne Johnson tabled the motion.


7. President's Report Nothing to report.


8. Transportation Committee No report

9. Planning & Zoning Committee Zona Fink

1. Wild Horse Mesa - Zambrano property. Mr. Zambrano filed a request for a zoning change Friday, November 2, 2007 with a request for a PAD for 31 units on this 12 acre parcel. Mrs. Fink reported that Mrs. Barbara Miller from Las Piedras had attended the meeting of Planning & Zoning Committee on November 7, 2007. After listening to Mrs. Miller's concerns and addressing them individually, and considering the previous discussions with Mr. Zambrano which resulted in incremental changes from the initial discussion of 54 units down to 31 units, and further to the actual filing for a zoning change, the P&Z Committee voted to approve this request 7 For, 1 against and 1 abstaining due to a possible conflict. Mrs. Fink moved to approve this development and it was duly seconded by Janis Mock-Jones.

The numerous people from Las Piedras who were present restated their concerns as presented by Mrs. Miller. Mr. Reiter recommended that the entire 179 corridor be reviewed. After a lengthy discussion, the question was called and a roll-call vote was recorded: 9 For, 9 Against, 2 abstentions. The Council President Bert Berkshire cast the deciding vote Against.


2. 30 Wild Horse Mesa Zona Fink presented a recommendation for a variance regarding an as-built private gate which is 6 feet high with a center riser decorative which makes the gate in one part of the gate 8 inches to high. This will go to the Board of Adjustments - Motion made by Carolyn Fisher, duly seconded by Joanne Johnson and passed with one objection.


3. Bell Rock Blvd and Canyon Circle. In VOCA Fine System


4. 30 Wild Horse Mesa - McGahn Bed & Breakfast, Homestay. There is no prohibition against this. This is a very large area and it has only one other property nearby. Zona Fink moved to approved, seconded by Janis Mock-Jones and unanimously passed.


10. Recreation Committee No report


11. Library Committee (Ad-Hoc) Carolyn Fisher


12. Nominating Committee Al Thiele


Nominating Committee reported out the following slate of officers to be voted upon at the December meeting:


President Dorothy O'Brien

Vice President Thomas Graham

Secretary Henry Reiter

Treasurer Dave Norton


If so desired, additional nominations may be made at the December 13, 2007 meeting.


13. Virtual Office Zona Fink


Zona Fink reviewed a proposal for a Virtual Office for the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council. This proposal from Marv Stalcup is for $110 per year for 100 megabites of space for a virtual office. After some discussion Carolyn Fisher moved to approve, Henry Reiter seconded and the council unanimously approved this expenditure. A copy of said proposal is attached.


14. Announcements

1. President Berkshire announced that Sheriff Steve Waugh will hold a meeting at the VOCA Community Center on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 4 PM.

2. President Berkshire announced to the Council that Barbara Zeschke's husband passed away last evening.

3. Tom Graham will replace Bert Berkshire on the SID Steering Committee.

4. Carol Agers has resigned and will be replaced by Kathy Huffstetler. Carol was thanked for her service to the community.


15. Pinon Woods Gate.


President Berkshire added this item to the Agenda. A large number of people were present. Several people objected to the last minute item without the sufficient 10 day notice. Wayne Houghton gave a brief history of this gate. John Gillam asked that the gate be opened until the Hwy 179 construction has been complete in the Village. Dorothy O'Brien asked for a new traffic study. Steve Suter stated that in his expert opinion as a former law enforcement officer, that this was a convenience issue and not a safety issue for those opposing the gate closure and that opening the gate does in fact make it a safety issue. After much discussion, Thomas Graham moved to table any vote and Joanne Johnson seconded the motion to Table.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.


Respectfully submitted,




Peggy Dorrell, Secretary


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