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Minutes of December, 2007 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of December 13, 2007 Meeting



1. The December 13, 2007 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Bert Berkshire at 9:05 a.m.  at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room. President Berkshire led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Attendence was taken by Roll Call. The secretary announced that a quorum was present with 12 members and 3 alternates.

 3. Agenda: Additions to the agenda were as follows: -- Sedona Village Lodging Association- Application for Membership

 4. Secretary's Report: The secretary re-submitted the Minutes of June 14, 2007 for approval including the additional changes requested by Carolyn Fisher and as read to the Council by the Secretary.

 Upon motion by Joanne Johnson, seconded by John Gillam, the June 14, 2007 minutes will be amended including Carolyn Fisher's changes as well as the approved changes made at the October 13, 2007 meeting. These changes were approved with 10 votes for approval 1 opposed and 5 abstentions.

 The secretary re-submitted the Minutes of October 13, 2007 for approval including a request by Jane Petty's request to have her title correctly noted as Corresponding Secretary instead of Recording Secretary.. Further, Carolyn Fisher asked that the Library Committee Report be rewritten for accuracy and readability. These changes were approved with 13 votes for approval, 3 against.

 President stated that the November 8th and November 30th meetings minutes would be postponed until the January 10th meeting.

5. Corresponding Secretary's Report -

 Jane Petty announced that she had written a letter on December 5, 2007 to Supervisor Davis for President Berkshire's signature regarding the November 30th Special Meeting for the community input about the Piñón Woods and Arrowhead Drive Gate. This letter informed the Supervisor of the Council vote to support the Joint Resolution that was submitted on this matter by 4 Council member subdivisions. That vote of the Council was 13 For, 5 Against and 4 Abstentions.

 6. Treasurer's Report

 Jeff Dunn presented the Treasurer's Report stating that there had been some postage expenses. The fees to Marv Stalcup for setting up the Virtual Office have been paid.

The financial report was submitted for audit.

 7. New Members

 LaBarranca II and the Sedona Village Lodging Association have applied for Membership to the Council. The secretary reported that all appropriate documents have been received. The Treasurer Jeff Dunn stated that all required fees had been paid. Upon motion by Carolyn Fisher to accept both applicants, seconded by Henry Reiter, the Council members voted to accept both. The vote was 16 For, 3 Abstentions.

 Dorothy Baker, alternate for the Sedona Village Lodging Association was introduced. In this new member association she represents ILX. Neil Pope was introduced as the Representative for LaBarranca II.

 8. Visitor Presentation

 President Berkshire introduced Don Harr and Craig Dible for their presentation analysis of the Sedona Fire District. A copy of the analysis material will be appended to the original of these minutes. The members were copied during the meeting.

 9. Transportation Committee No report

10. Planning & Zoning Committee No report

11 Recreation Committee No report

 12. Library Committee (Ad-Hoc) Carolyn Fisher

 13. Nominating Committee Al Thiele

 In November the Nominating Committee the following slate of offices:

 President Dorothy O'Brien

Vice President Thomas Graham

Secretary Henry Reiter

Treasurer Dave Norton

 Don Beard moved to accept the slate, with a second by Henry Reiter. The vote was unanimously passed

 14. Announcements

1. President Berkshire announced that Sheriff Steve Waugh will hold a meeting at the VOCA Community Center on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 4 PM.

 15. Upon motion by Joanne Johnson, duly seconded by Janis Mock-Jones, the members voted to support the Special Improvement District activities on a vote of 13 For, and 9 Abstentions.

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

 Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Dorrell



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