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Minutes of August, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August, 2003 Meeting


  1. Meeting of August 14, 2003 was called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:03AM at the VOCA Meeting Room.  13 members were present, which is a quorum.
  2. Ms. Larryetta Schall was introduced as the new BPRCC Rep for Pinon Woods II (East)
  3. The minutes of the July 10 meeting were approved as presented.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that there were no expenditures during July and the July ending balance for the Regular account remains at $1,763.  The Recreation account balance remains at $8.  Report was approved.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

                                               i.     Jim Patterson reported that the primary focus of the Transportation committee has been on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the SR 179 project.

1.     Zona Fink has copies of the latest MOU draft which removes ADOT’s Alt C as the “base” for the new highway.  

2.     The latest MOU draft will be sent out to all the stakeholders for review and approval.

3.     A kickoff meeting for the general Public will be scheduled for Sept. 15th or 16th.

4.     A public outreach (focus) group is being established as selected by a consensus of  “selected parties”.  The group will meet between the first Public meetings and the beginning of the Charrette process which is expected to commence in November.   The DAPs (Design Advisory Panels) will commence approximately March 2004.

5.     The Big Park/VOC portion of the project (Segment 1) will be the first portion of the project to commence construction – presently slated to begin in September 2005, with completion in July 2006.   Total completion of all 4 segments is scheduled by February 2008.

6.     People who which to be included on the ADOT Email list may sign up on the SR 179 website (www.scenic179.com).

                                              ii.     Gas pipeline sub-committee:  Citizen’s Gas (now UniSource Energy Services) is delaying the start of the pipeline extension for six months to a year due to shortage of building materials and other issues.  The BPRCC sub committee will continue and develop a recommendation for presentation to the BPRCC in the near future.


    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

                                               i.     Definition of a School – County Ordinance.  The new County ordinance which addresses educational institutions, supports the BPRCC’s position on both issues raised by the P&Z:

1.     Publicly funded educational institutions keep their “right” to locate in residential districts.  However, any privately funded educational institution wanting to build in the R1L residential zone must now go through the process of obtaining a special use permit.  This procedure allows for public input and reduces any potential negative impact on the community.

2.     The new ordinance also requires that overnight sleeping facilities cannot exist on their own but must be an accessory use to a school.  Also, the sleeping facilities must be located on the same lot as the educational institution.

                                              ii.     Multi Family Dwellings development – The potential developer of the 4+ acre site at the corner of SR 179 and Avenue de Piedras will meet the P&Z Committee on the next regularly scheduled meeting on August 25.  The developer will then make a presentation to the Big Park Council at the September 11 meeting.  As it stands, the proposed development is consistent with existing zoning.

                                             iii.     Enalo Lockard Presentation –Enalo Lockard will be making a presentation at the September 11 BPRCC meeting, discussing the relationship between CC&Rs to the Yavapai County Ordinances

    1. Recreation Committee:

                                               i.     Swimming Program -- Dorothy Hores reported that the swimming program at the Hilton will be ending on Labor Day weekend.  The program was extremely successful and very well supported by many volunteers.  Because of the huge response by the VOC youth (& complaints by Hilton customers), resumption of the program next summer is in doubt.

                                              ii.     Calendars – beginning in September, the school activities calendar will be coordinated with the Boys/Girls club calendar.

  1. New Business:
    1. Verde Valley Medical Center – VVMC Director, Randy Hale contacted Zona Fink expressing VVMC’s desire to establish a Medical Center facility (including a Therapy center) in the Village.
  2. Old Business:
    1. Community Clean-up day – Zona Fink reported that timing for the next Community Clean-up day has been scheduled for November 22.  Volunteers are needed to organize (LEAD) and set up the event.
    2. Continued Water Issues Discussion (Dorothy Hores) – discussion will be deferred until the September 11 meeting.  However Dorothy discussed two other Yavapai County issues that would have an impact on Verde Valley area water supplies:

                                               i.     Ruskin Land Trade – Purpose would be to consolidate Forest Service properties into fewer, larger parcels.  Offset would be opening up present Forest Service property for future development with unknown implications on future water usage requirements.  Senator McCain will be organizing a public hearing to discuss before final approval by Congress.

                                              ii.     City of Prescott Development -- Original plan was to approve a new development of 25,000 homes in the Prescott area.   That development plan was withdrawn but Prescott still wants to control the property – “to keep as open space”.   However, this could change over time and put a large burden on future Verde Valley water supplies.

  1. Announcements:
    1. BPRCC Website – still being developed.
    2. Central Basin Regional Council – Zona Fink announced that Big Park hosted this meeting at the Tara Thai restaurant in the Village.  This group has been established to deal with common Verde Valley area issues in a coordinated fashion.
    3. Meeting of Mayors & Unincorporated Leaders – Zona Fink attended the meeting and Dick Ellis (Mayor of Sedona) chaired the session.
    4. SVBA Golf Tournament – The Sedona Village Business Association will be sponsoring a golf tournament (scramble format) on September 13 at Oak Creek Country Club.  Entry fee is $110 and includes cart and box lunch and prizes; there is space available for 120 participants.  Proceeds from the event will be used to support local VOC youth groups, etc.
    5. Traffic Study – Jim Gibson requested some volunteers to help with a traffic count study being done in conjunction with the SR 179 pre-construction process.   Zona Fink & John Gillam agreed to assist Jim.
    6. Policies & Procedures – Present BPRCC Policies & Procedures are inconsistent with the BPRCC By Laws.  A volunteer is needed to review these documents and make recommendations for corrections to the Policies and Procedures.   Tim Westbay agreed to handle this request.
    7. Future BPRCC Meetings – Due to the construction of the new VOCA clubhouse, future (beginning with Sept 11 meeting)  BPRCC monthly meetings will be held in the Fire Station in Big Park (behind Webers IGA).


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 AM.


Approved September 11, 2003


John Gillam





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