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Minutes of August, 2004 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August 12, 2004 Meeting of


  1. The August 12, 2004 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Don Beard at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room.  16 members were present, which is a quorum.
  2. The minutes of the July 8, 2004 meeting were approved as written.
  3. Corresponding Secretary – no new correspondence received.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Jim Trueheart reported that there were no new expenses and that the main account balance remains at $3,360, while the Recreation account is $330 including $145 earmarked for skateboard activities.  Report was approved as presented.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

1.     SR 179 Process—Joanne Johnson reported that the DAP (Design Advisory Panel) meetings for SR179 have begun with the next meeting on September 7 (will be discussing Aesthetics, crosswalks, etc) and the last meeting will be October 5th.

2.     DAP Process – Zona Fink reported that she has received a copy of a letter from SR179 project manager, Jennifer Livingston reiterating that the Charrette results won’t be reconsidered simply because someone was unhappy with the Preferred Alternative that was selected.

3.     VVTPO—Zona Fink reported that design work is beginning for the Jacks Canyon improvement project.

4.     Next meeting – due to lack of discussion topics, there will be no Transportation committee meeting in August.  The next scheduled meeting would be 8AM, September 27 @ Sedona Winds.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.     County P & Z Report

1.     Sedona Sunrise Condo Conversion – Dorothy Hores reported that a change in zoning from Commercial to PAD (Planned Area Development) is being requested to support the proposed Condo conversion behind the Outlet Mall.  This would require 25% open space to comply with the PAD ordinance & the only way it would qualify is if all the property in the hardened storm washes were counted, resulting in a bad precedent for other future development in the area.  The P&Z committee has no objection to the basic conversion – only the PAD designation -- to be continued.

2.     Bella Terra at Oak Creek – have agreed to move the waste treatment discharge out of the flood plain.

2.     County Building Height Ordinance – Carolyn Fisher reported that the County is in the process of reviewing the Building Height Ordinance to clarify the intent of the building height guidelines.  The Council’s P&Z believes strongly that the present ordinance is confusing and ambiguous.  It was suggested that Yavapai County adopt an ordinance similar to the one used in Coconino County.  A motion was approved “recommending that Yavapai County adopt the building height ordinance of Coconino County for its clear, straight forward language, and its lack of any exceptions to the height restrictions”.

Meeting Quorum - August 12, 2004

Exhibit #   A   

26 Members in the Council

Quorum Result

Legend: P=Present X=Not Present

       Dorothy Hores agreed to prepare a letter to the County with the above recommendation.


    1. Recreation Committee:

1.     No Report

  1. New Business

1.     Lt. Starin presentation: “Drug Use and Related Crimes in the Big Park area”  -- Nancy Brown passed out of a copy of a letter from Sundance HOA related to the above and then introduced Lt. Dave Starin, commander of the Eastern Operations for the Yavapai County Sheriff Department to discuss the Drug and Crime situation in the Big Park area.  Lt. Starin’s comments included:

    1. The crime frequency in the Big Park area is about the same as the remainder of Yavapai County;
    2. In the last several months, a canine unit has been added and a Sergeant and 2 deputies moved from Prescott to the Camp Verde office; 
    3. He is authorized 3 Sergeants and 15 Deputies to cover the Eastern Yavapai county area, but presently has only 10 Deputies.  In his view, a substantial (doubling) of staffing is required to effectively perform their functions;
    4. Citizens are strongly encouraged to call the Camp Verde office WHENEVER they have a relevant complaint.  The non-Emergency phone number is 567-7710 in Camp Verde.   The frequency of complaints is an important metric when it comes time to allocate County Sheriff resources.  Council members are encouraged to pass this information on to their HOA.
  2. Old Business:
    1. Future Meeting Location – after a short discussion, a motion was approved to continue the BPRCC monthly meetings in the Fire Station.  It was felt that this would provide the Council with more “perceived” independence from VOCA as well as save on room rental costs vs. other options.  Carolyn Fisher agreed to speak to the local Fire Captain regarding our options for parking near the Fire Station.
    2. Website Update – Zona Fink reported that the BPRCC website is now complete and that she is working with Yavapai County to get it directly linked into the main County website.
    3. National Scenic Area Designation – Joan McClelland reported that Congressman Rick Renzi has drafted a House Bill to get the Scenic Area designation approved in Congress.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to contact Rep. Renzi, as well as Senators McCain and Kyl to express their support for the bill.
    4. Community Golf Day – Jim Trueheart reported that this year’s Community Golf Day will be held on Sunday, September 19th at Sedona Golf Resort to support local community organizations (youth, etc.).  Applications are available to reserve a tee time or a dinner.
  3. Other:
    1. SR 179 Roundabouts – Bob Aberg reported (a source at the VVTPO) that the number of Roundabouts on the City portion of SR 179 was being reduced to three.  Subsequent investigation (from SR 179 Executive team meeting on August 13) has determined that this information was incorrect and there are presently seven Roundabouts planned for the City portion – in addition to the four Roundabouts in Big Park for a total of eleven.
    2. Louisa Connell’s last meeting – Dorothy Hores announced that this would be Louisa Connell’s final meeting as BPRCC Rep for Pinon Woods III (North).  The Council expressed its thanks for Louisa’s long dedicated service to the Community.



Meeting was adjourned at 10:20AM.


                                     John Gillam, Secretary


Approved September 9, 2004




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