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Minutes of February, 2004 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February 12, 2004 Meeting


  1. The February 12, 2004 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Don Beard at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room.  15 members were present, which is a quorum.
  2. The minutes of the January 8th meeting were approved as presented.
  3. Corresponding Secretary – no new correspondence but it was announced that Jane Petty had  agreed to become the new Corresponding Secretary.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that there were no expenses for January and that the January Month end balance for the Regular account remains at $1,286.  Also, the Recreation account balance of $772, the Skateboard account balance of $145 and the $720 balance for the Jim Patterson memorial (Village Park Recreation Inc.) remain the same as December.  Report was approved.
  5. Audit Report – the Audit Committee of Bob Carlile, Zona Fink and Carolyn Fisher reported that everything is in order with the Regular and the three recreation related accounts.  Report was approved.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

1.     SR 260 Improvements  -- Tom Hutchinson reported that Supervisor Chip Davis asked the Council to write a letter in support of the proposed SR 260 highway improvements.  Motion was approved asking Tom to write such a letter, including the Council’s desire that such a project be part of the Regional transportation analysis.

2.     SR 179 Process—Tom Hutchinson reported that Charrette #2 of the SR179 Needs Based Implementation Process (NBIP) ended on Jan. 22nd.

1.      During this Charrette, the 17 project evaluation criteria were prioritized as follows:

a.     Minimizing the disturbed area and contours within the corridor;

b.     Retain and enhance the natural appearance of the landscape and ability to enjoy the scenic views from the corridor;

c.     Minimize right away requirements;

d.     Provide safe vehicular and emergency access to, from, & across the corridor;

e.     Provide safe pedestrian crossings and circulation;

2.     These criteria will be used in conjunction with the 13 core values established during Charrette #1 and the established Project Constraints:

a.     Emergency vehicle access corridor wide;

b.     Maintaining ADOT Project schedule;

c.     Project budget;

d.     Design standards;

e.     Incorporation of environmental assessment mitigation measures;

3.     Agreed common themes from the Gaming Workshops included:

a.     Feasibility of developing Ranger/Brewer/SR179 loop near  the Y;

b.     Pedestrian facility within roadway footprint in commercial areas;

c.     Sensitively located and sized scenic pullouts;

d.     Consistent flow and no need for speed.

4.     Divergent (not agreed) themes included:

a.     Two-lane vs. four-lane sections;

b.     Roundabouts vs. signalized intersections

c.     Use of raised medians, and if so, the size;

d.     Location of bike lanes.

e.     Use of passing lanes.

Because of the huge complexity of ideas generated from Charrette #2, Charrette #3 has been delayed until May 25-27.  In the interim, there will be several opportunities for the community to input to the process as the number of design planning concepts are narrowed down from 15 to 3 prior to the start of Charrette #3.

3.     March 10 SR 179 Presentation – ADOT are scheduling a special review of the SR 179 highway design alternative concepts on Wednesday, March 10th from 7 to 9AM for members of the Council and Council Committees.

4.     Alternate Route – Representatives from CFAR, County Engineers – Mike Willet and Phil Bourdon, as well as Craig Dible (4Rs & Sierra Club member) attended the January  26 Transportation Committee. Also at the meeting, Tom Hutchinson handed out for discussion a copy of a Dibble & Associates report summarizing many of the Alternate Route proposals discussed the past several years.  Other related discussion included:

1.     ADOT sent a written statement to the committee that the SR 179 and Red Rock Crossing/Alternate route issue are not and should not be intertwined as a project.

2.     Dan Dickey presented information on House Mountain Alt B.

3.     CFAR representatives explained CFAR’s position in favor of the Red Rock Crossing route, including the fact that any new crossing would have to be a high water (bridge) one and that it would be built more than 100 yards downstream from the prior low water crossing.  In other related discussion:

a.     Yavapai County engineers said that the latest estimate for required Red Rock crossing improvements is $22 million;

b.     The required NEPA process would probably take 3 to 5 years, given the controversial nature of the proposal;

c.      After considerable discussion, CFAR’s rep. acknowledged that CFAR would consider other Alt route options

4.     People are encouraged to visit the following websites:

a.     CFARwww.cfarxing.org

b.     RRRR  www.redrockxing.org

The issue will be discussed again at the February 23 Transportation meeting                       including a plan to make a recommendation to the Big Park Council on the issue.

5.     Jacks Canyon Road – planned improvements will be delayed beyond the present 5-year plan because of County funding problems.

6.     Traffic Light at Cortez/SR179 – Due to problems in securing the necessary easement, the $300,000 estimated cost and the possibility that the SR 179 process may decide that a Roundabout is more appropriate, the proposed traffic signal will be delayed for at least one year.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.     Meeting with County Commissioners -- Judy Cooper reported that at a meeting with County P & Z Commissioners on January 21st:

1.     The Park Plaza at Las Piedras development was accepted by the Commissioners with the stipulations requested by the Council.  The suggestion that the APS wires be placed underground was taken under advisement but the outlook is not optimistic based on discussions with APS.  The request to change 24 parking spaces into a pocket park was accomplished through a compromise that grants a perpetual open space (one-half acre) easement for that property.

2.     The P&Z Commission also accepted the Council’s recommendation that the Bell Rock Plaza Association continue to have 15 art/tent shows per year and be granted a Special Use Permit for the next 2 years.  The Big Park P&Z committee will be establishing its policy committee in February.  Their task will be to address all outdoor sales activities; Committee member, Bob Johnston will be Chair.

2.     Cell Phone Antenna – After two additional meetings and a field trip to the location, it was agreed that design revisions would be possible and that the cell phone antenna at Bell Rock Plaza will not interfere with the view.   There will be more specific information next month.

3.     Helicopter pad request – Recommended that the Council request that the Board of Adjustment deny the request to park and house a helicopter in a residential zone in Big Park.  The rationale included that Helipads are not presently mentioned in zoning ordinances and that granting such a request would set a bad precedent for losing control on potential future similar requests.   Also, that Helicopters are an incompatible use in a residential area.  Motion to deny the request was approved.

4.     Shell Canopy – Yellow canopy has been removed.  New canopy will be a similar color as the buildings on the property and will be installed in the near future.

    1. Recreation Committee:

1.     Report on Collaboration Findings – Louisa Connell reported that the effort to improve collaboration between the Council, Boys & Girls Clubs, the SVBA and the Big Park School is going well.  A calendar of after school activities has been developed and special projects such as a contest to name the new VOCA park is being organized.

2.     Pocket Parks – Zona Fink reported that the County engineers visited the proposed pocket parks on narrow strips of VOCA property on both sides of SR179 and agreed that the Pocket Parks would be a good idea.   Stipulations include:

1.     There needs to be a park at another location (e.g., Park Plaza @ Las Piedras);

2.     That VOCA will be able to satisfactorily resolve its issue with a portion of its Golf Course encroaching on Forest Service property.

3.      Skateboarding – Bob Carlile reported that after the new Skateboarding park opens in Sedona in mid-March, the Recreation Committee would try to resurrect the Skateboarding activity for Big Park youth.  He, Steve Gardner & Dick Byrnes will visit 5th-8th Grade classes to publicize the effort and generate participation.

  1. Old Business:

1.     Proposed By-Law Amendment – At the January 8 BPRCC meeting the following By-Law revision was proposed for the Council’s consideration:

1.     In Article VI, Section 6, the wording would be changed to read:

a.     There shall be an Executive Board composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President of the Corporation  .   .   .   .   .  Past Presidents of the Corporation, other than the Immediate Past President, who reside in the Big Park Community, shall be entitled to serve as ex-officio members without a vote on the Executive Board.

The motion was approved unanimously by the Council

2.     Election of New Officers – Consistent with the new By-Laws, the following actions occurred:

a.     Zona Fink resigned as Vice President;

b.     Bert Berkshire was elected to fill the Vice President vacancy and subsequently resigned as Treasurer;

c.     Jim Trueheart was elected Treasurer.

3.     Policies and Procedures – The Council discussed a draft of proposed new  Council Policies and Procedures prepared by Tim Westbay in some detail.  Tim will revise per the comments at the meeting and present revisions at the March 11 Council meeting.

  1. New Business:
    1. Tom O’Halleran Rally –Joan McClelland reported on the rally in Phoenix on behalf of State Rep Tom O’Halleran.  It was well attended, including by the Mayor of Sedona.  People are encouraged to continue to keep the pressure on by writing to State House Speaker Jake Flake expressing their feelings about The Speaker’s actions.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Museum Open House – The new museum in Tequa Plaza will have an open house on Thursday, February 26 from 1:00-3:00PM and 6:30-8:00PM.
    2. Chip Davis Community Meeting:  The next Chip Davis Community meeting will be held on March 4th at 6:30 PM at the Big Park School.  All Council members are encouraged to attend in support.
    3. 10K Run – League of Women’s Voters:  Barbara Litrell from the League of Women’s Voters discussed up coming events including a 10K (6.2 mile) run named “Verde River Run” up Jacks Canyon Road to Pine Valley and return on Sunday, March 14th beginning at 9:00AM. There will also be a 2K fun run.  Proceeds from this event will be use to support the League’s “Water Awareness” activities.
    4. Rosters – Regarding making rosters of Council members available to other groups in the Community, it was decided that the Secretary would prepare a special roster without Email addresses and phone numbers that would be used at the Executive Board’s discretion.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:50AM.

                                     John Gillam, Secretary



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