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Minutes of May, 2004 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of May 13, 2004 Meeting


  1. The May 13, 2004 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Don Beard at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room.  15 members were present, which is a quorum.  
  2. The minutes of the April 8th meeting were approved as corrected.
  3. Corresponding Secretary – no new correspondence received.
  4. Membership – Don Beard announced that Frank Puccini is replacing Jim Gibson as the VOCA Rep. on the Council.  Also, that Jane Petty and Carol Agers are switching positions as Valley Vista Estate representatives with Jane Petty becoming the new Rep. and Carol the Alt.
  5. Treasurer’s report – Jim Trueheart reported that with a $10 payment for annual Arizona Corp. Commission dues the present main account balance is $3,460.  Also, the Recreation account balance remains at $768 including $145 earmarked for skateboard activities.  Report was approved as presented.  In addition a motion was approved revising the procedure for issuing checks.  The new procedure permits only one signature on checks for less than $100.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

1.     SR 179 Process—Tom Hutchinson reported that Charrette #3 will begin on May 22nd at Poco Diablo with open Exhibits and culminating with final Community input on Tuesday, May 25 to determine the final "Preferred Planning Concept" for the SR 179 highway design.  On May 26th the NBIP Executive team will review and certify the results of the community input.  These results will then be presented to the Community on Thursday, May 27th.

2.     DAP Applications – Applications are being accepted for membership on the  SR179 Design Advisory Panels (DAPs), with applications due no later than June 4th.  The DAP meetings will complete the Needs Based Implementation Process (NBIP); the engineering design work for the new highway project will then commence with construction starting on Segment 1 (Village) in early 2006. There will be one DAP for each of the Highway Segments and they will meet four times between July 26th and October 6th to provide input and feedback on conceptual designs for aesthetic treatments, median break locations, scenic pullout features and construction timing.  Specific dates for DAP meetings are:

a.     July 26th – DAP Summit (all Segments);

b.     August 10th  (Segments 1 & 2)

c.     August 11th  (Segments (3 & 4);

d.     September 7th  (Segments 1 & 2);

e.     September 8th (Segments 3 & 4);

f.      October 5th (Segments 1 & 2);

g.     October 6th (Segments 3 & 4).

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.     Bread & Breakfast special use permit  (Reference: BPRCC minutes for April 8th) Dorothy Hores reported that the Yavapai County attorney stated that approval of a Special Use Permit for the B&B would not require Zoning or Community Plan changes.  The issue will be discussed at the County P&Z meeting on May 19th.

2.     Patel Property (corner of Jacks Canyon & SR179) – there has been no new feedback from the Patels' representative.  They are still contemplating Time Shares (nothing in writing), but also considering mixed use for the property.

3.     County P&Z Meeting May 19th – in addition to discussion on the B&B kitchen, the Village Estates (Matt Cavanaugh) development and the Helipad request will be discussed at the next County P&Z meeting.

4.     Committee Membership – It was announced that Dorothy O'Brien will be replacing Lois Murphy on the BPRCC P&Z committee.  Lois is moving away from the area.

    1. Recreation Committee:

1.     Summer Swimming – Louisa Connell reported that Sedona Winds has agreed to host the Youth summer swim program, pending a review of our Insurance policy.

2.     Sedona Youth Council – The Greater Sedona Youth Council which meets at the Sedona Teen Center in West Sedona, is having a problem with declining membership, particularly youth from the Big Park area.  An effort will be made to improve the trend by adding new activities, such as a rock climbing wall.  There also remains a problem with a conflict between the City of Sedona and Yavapai County regarding who has the management authority at the Teen Center.

3.     Park Grand Opening – The Grand Opening of the new Kiwanis park will be Saturday, June 19th.  Shane Watts will attend the June 10 BPRCC meeting to provide additional details 

4.     Skateboard – Bob Carlile announced that the skateboard outings will be resumed on Saturday, May 15th from 9:30AM to 1:30PM and be continued, depending on the level of participation from Big Park youth.


  1. Old Business:
    1. Focus Future II – Zona Fink reviewed the status of the Focus Future II process which is scheduled to last for 25 months.  Based on meetings & progress to date it was agreed that the Council not directly participate in the process until more definitive progress is made. 
    2. CBRC Grant – Zona Fink also reported on the Central Basin Regional Council's (CBRC) progress in obtaining a Regional grant from the US Department of Commerce.  The CBRC included representatives from all incorporated and unincorporated areas in the Verde Valley area (including Yavapai College).  While the initial grants may be relatively small, the potential could grow over time.
  2. New Business
    1. Stop Sign in Pinon Woods – Mary Jane Cooke briefly discussed a concern regarding the desirability for making the Pinon Woods Drive/Firecliff Rd. intersection a 4-way Stop.  It was concluded that the affected HOAs should write a letter to the Council to process the concern through Transportation Committee.
    2. Vegetation on Verde Valley School Road – There have been some concerns regarding the height of some of the vegetation in the median on VV School Rd.  The plan is to trim back the problem shrubs in the fall because severe trimming in the summer could destroy the plants.
  3. Announcements:
    1. Litter Lifter Status Reports -- Barbara Zeschke again asked that individual HOAs who are performing Litter Lifter functions in their areas please write her a letter certifying that the HOA is maintaining litter control in its area and wish to continue to do so under the KSB umbrella; Barbara would then forward the letters to the County.  After at least two previous requests, only 3 HOAs have responded.
    2. Off Track Betting – The owner of Blue Moon Saloon in Tequa Plaza spoke on his plans to install off-track betting (Horse racing only).   County approval has already been received but he was presenting his proposal to the Big Park Council as a courtesy and to try to answer any questions and alleviate concerns that we might have. There was considerable discussion regarding the potential clientele and the possible impact on the Community, including other existing (comparable) locations where people could observe the betting process.  However, no Council action was proposed or taken.  
    3. Signs Ordinance Violations – Bill Kusner reported that there are some signs in Bell Rock Plaza and Eagle Pass that are out of code.  KSB is working with the County to resolve the discrepancies and will keep us posted.
    4. Summer Fires – Don Beard & Zona Fink reported that if there is a large fire in Oak Creek Canyon, SR 179 through Big Park would be a major evacuation route; Council members should be aware of this and that there are serious contingency plans being formulated in case of such a disaster.



Meeting was adjourned at 10:30AM.


                                     John Gillam, Secretary

Approved, June 10, 2004




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