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Minutes of December, 2004 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of December 9, 2004 Meeting


  1. The December 9, 2004 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Don Beard at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room.  14 members were present, which is a quorum.
  2. Committee Chairpersons:
    1. Recreation Committee – Don Beard announced that Matthew Baugh has agreed to become the Recreation Committee Chairperson.  Motion approved designating Matthew as Chairperson.
    2. P & Z Committee – Zona Fink has agreed to replace Dorothy Hores as Chairperson of the P&Z Committee.  Motion approved designating Zona as P&Z Chairperson.


  1. The minutes of the November 11, 2004 meeting were approved as corrected.
  2. Corresponding Secretary – Jane Petty reported that Judy Cooper was recuperating from surgery and a get-well card will be sent to Judy on behalf of BRRCC.  Also, Zona Fink reported that Jim Patterson’s sister had sent a letter of thanks for receiving pictures regarding the remembrance of Jim during the dedication of the new Kiwanis Park.
  3. Treasurer’s report – John Gillam, in Jim Trueheart’s absence, reported that there was no new activity in November and that the main account balance remains at $2,095. The Recreation account received $250 in donations as a base for matching funds from the Village Business Association.  After expenses of $37, the Recreation account balance is $431 including $145 earmarked for skateboard activities.  Report was approved as presented.
    1. Budget Committee – Bob Carlile, Jim Trueheart and John Gillam met and agreed on the draft Budget for 2005 which was distributed to members for review prior to approval at the January 13th BRPCC meeting.  The proposed budget included a provision to support BRPCC Committee activities.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

1.     Improvement Districts – Bev Staddon, from Yavapai County, made a presentation on the process for establishing Improvement Districts that may be required to fully fund desired enhancements for the SR 179 project.  Handouts were provided and an extensive discussion occurred regarding what kinds of things may be covered and the process for getting Community approval.

2.     National Scenic Byway update – Dave Benore led a discussion about the need to seek a “National Scenic Byway” designation for SR179 between Mile Posts 302.5 and 310, which includes the Village portion of the Highway.  This portion of the highway (ending at the City of Sedona City limits) is presently designated as a “State Scenic Highway” which is a prerequisite for seeking the National Scenic Highway designation.  Other key points included:

1.     “National Scenic Highway” designation will open up significant additional funding sources that are anticipated to be required to complete desired Highway enhancements.  This would cover only the SR179 right of way and is not related to the effort to achieve “National Scenic Area” designation;

2.     The application must come from a “Grass Roots collaborative effort” and that a group has been organized to lead the effort to complete the application by the March 18th deadline.  An “Executive” committee; including Dave Benore, Bob Carlile, Zona Fink, Jim Gibson, Joanne Johnson & Bill Kusner is taking the lead in this process;

3.     The committee is also investigating the possibility of achieving an “All American Highway” designation that would provide additional advantages;

4.     Supervisor Chip Davis was in attendance and stated that Yavapai County would be pleased & willing to help in any way it can to help the Committee complete the application on a timely basis.

3.     SR179 Executive Team – Zona Fink reported that the Needs Based Implementation Process (NBIP) has now been completed and that a draft of it was on the back table for review.   A celebration event was being held on December 14th to commemorate this milestone.

4.     Jacks Canyon Rd – County Report – Mike Willett provided an update on the plans for improving Jacks Canyon Rd between SR179 and the intersection with Lee Mountain Rd.  Anticipated improvements include:

1.     Changing the “profile” of the road to improve driver sight distances;

2.     Improve drainage, including adding curbs and gutters;

3.     Add pedestrian path;

4.     Improve egress for residents with direct access on Jacks Canyon Rd.;

5.     Improve Lee Mountain Road intersection.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed changes and an additional public meeting will be scheduled in early 2005 to solicit such feedback. It is anticipated that the construction timing will coincide with present plans for SR179 improvements that are anticipated to begin in a March/April 2006 timeframe.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.     Zona Fink reported that there were no P&Z “action” items this month.

2.     Joanne Johnson is still working on solving the Mobil Station sign issue;

3.     SR179/Wild Horse Mesa – Zona Fink reported that the Developer for 11.5 acres on this corner has presented a verbal proposal to build 40 Condo units there.  The P& Z has appointed a sub-committee (Dorothy Hores, Bob Johnson & Carolyn Fisher) to work with the Developer and solicit his proposal in writing.  Preliminary discussions suggest that the project would be build in a style similar to Tlaquepaque.

4.     December meeting – will be on December 7th at Sedona Winds.

    1. Recreation Committee – No Report


  1. New Business
    1. Bylaw Change – An amendment to Article VI, Section 1 of the By Laws was presented for consideration and approval at the January 13 Annual Meeting.
    2. Sedona Winds Donation – approved in appreciation for use of rooms for Committee meetings;
    3. Nominating Committee – John Gillam reported that the following are presented for consideration and election at the January 13 meeting:

1.     President – Don Beard;

2.     Vice President – Bert Berkshire;

3.     Secretary—Jane Petty;

4.     Treasurer – John Gillam.

    1. January 13 Annual Meeting Mixer – Members are encouraged are encouraged to bring “goodies” to the January 13th meeting, where immediately following the meeting, we will enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:52 AM.


                                                             John Gillam, Secretary

Approved January 13, 2005



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