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Minutes of November, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November, 2003 Meeting


  1. The November 13, 2003 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room.  16 members were present, which is a quorum.
  2. Zona Fink announced the passing of Council member Mary Lou Stone after a lengthy illness.  Several members spoke, remembering Mary Lou as:
    1. An enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of the Big Park Council who was instrumental in securing Canyon Mesa’s active participation in the Council;
    2. A community minded team player who will be greatly missed her many friends as well as the Council.
  3. New Council Members:  Zona Fink announced that Las Piedras has appointed two new BPRCC reps at their recent HOA meeting.  New BPRCC members from Las Piedras will be Barbara Sigall and Dorothy O’Brien.  Also, that Norm Murdock will replace Mary Lou Stone as Canyon Mesa’s rep.
  4. The minutes of the October 9 meeting were approved as corrected.
  5. Correspondence—Carolyn Fisher reported that donations to Jim Patterson’s memorial have been acknowledged, including notification of Jim’s family.
  6. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that there were no new expenses for October that the balance for the Regular account is remains at $1,419.  The Recreation account balance remains at $8, excluding a payable of $120 and $125 in donations received for the skateboard program.  In addition there is a $420 balance in a separate account (Village Park Recreation Inc) for the Jim Patterson Memorial.  Report was approved.
  7. Sundance Alt Rep to BPRCC – Ariann Thomas was introduced as the new alt representative from the “Sundance” HOA.
  8. Guest Speaker – Tim Herdt from the Museum of the Red Rocks was introduced and explained that the Museum was closed at its Tlaquepaque location in October and is presently relocating to Tequa Plaza in the Village.  The museum space is still being prepared (painted, etc.) with a planned opening in early December.  The Museum organizers are interested in opening up the museum to make it interactive with the local community as well as visitors to the area.  They are looking for input from the community to create and build up the museum and that now is a great opportunity for interested parties to shape the direction of the facility.  The Museum phone number is (928) 282-5932 and it is located in Suites 116 & 118 in Tequa.
  9. Library Report – Mary Jane Cooke and Larryetta Schall reported on their discussions with David Keeber, Director of the Sedona Library.  Discussions centered on needs and dreams of a Library branch in the Big Park area.  It was agreed that the area needs more than a drop off facility.  One idea under discussion is to combine the Library branch with a museum facility and link to the County’s library computer facilities.  The Library has identified 13 basic service responses (for example, Information literacy, Current topics & titles, etc.) four of these will be chosen for special focus.   Additional reports will be presented at future Council meetings.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

                                               i.     SR 179 Charrette #1—Tom Hutchinson reported that the first Charrette of the SR 179 Needs Based Implementation Process (NBIP) was held and enthusiastically supported by the Sedona and Big Park communities.  After 5 days of intensive discussions, 12 core values were established and prioritized to provide the framework for future NBIP activities.  The top five rated values were:  1. Public Safety; 2. Scenic Beauty; 3. Environmental Preservation; 4. Roadway Footprint; 5. Character.  A more complete list of the values as well as vision statements can be obtained at the ADOT office in Bell Rock Plaza or by visiting the website @ www.scenic179.com.   Charrette #2 will be held in mid January and Charrette #3 in mid March.

                                              ii.     Traffic Lights – Traffic signal at Cortez and SR179 will be installed in January, 2004.

                                             iii.     Town Hall  -- A Town-hall meeting for the Big Park area will be held on Thursday, November 20 at 5:30PM in the Hilton Ballroom at the rear of Tequa Plaza.  The meeting is being organized by the Village Business Association to seek input from the Big Park community regarding the desired future image of the community, including the aesthetics of the SR179 project itself.  ADOT will attend the meeting.

                                            iv.     Alternate Route – Present status will be discussed at the December Transportation Committee meeting.


    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:  Judy Cooper reported that the road through the new Firecliff subdivision is now open and is the new single access point from SR179 to the Pinon Woods area; also, that the plan for a new color on the Shell Station canopy is moving forward.

                                               i.     Political sign ordinance and second hand sales ordinance – the P&Z Committee is supportive of the County’s plans to:

1.     Bring its rules for political signs into compliance with size limitations for incorporated areas within the county and,

2.     Allow the sale of second hand merchandise to be permitted in the C1 commercial zone.

The council approved motions in support of both P&Z recommendations

                                              ii.     Proposed communication towers

1.     The VIPs have asked to place an addition to the Fire Station communication tower.  This could improve cellular communication in the Village and eliminate dead spots.  The P&Z recommends approval of this request as long as the addition does not add to the height of the tower; Recommendation approved.

2.     Proposed new cell phone tower on a building in Bell Rock Plaza was discussed.  The P&Z committee does not oppose the location, but objects to the fact that part of the antenna would be visible.  Because of this objection, there will now be a public hearing by the County.

                                             iii.     Update on Development at SR179/Avenue des Piedras – The developer of the property has made major revisions in the proposed plan for the site.  It will no longer be residential but will fall within the Residential Services part of the zoning regulations.  The proposal will, therefore, not go the County Commissioners until at least January.  Further discussion will take place at the November P&Z Committee meeting.


    1. Recreation Committee:

                                               i.     Update on Community Park—Dorothy Hores reported that all of the new park equipment is in place.  Opening and formal dedication of the Park will be delayed until Yavapai County has time to complete the extensive public works improvements at the VOCA park site, including: restrooms, sewer hookup, 3 Ramadas, exercise/fitness walking course.

                                              ii.     New Officers – Consistent with the 4 year term limit for Committee chairpersons, Louisa Connell and Jan Oswald were nominated as new Co-chairs of the BPRCC Recreation Committee.  This recommendation was approved by the Council. 

                                             iii.     Report on Skateboarding Trips—Bob Carlile reported that the response to the skateboarding outings has been very poor this year.  No one can say why this is the case, but the program will be put on hold until next spring.  It is felt that since Skateboarding will be an Experimental Sport at the 2004 Athens Olympics, more interest may surface in the spring. 


  1. Old Business:
    1. Slate of Officers for 2004 – The nominating committee (Jeff Dunn, Dorothy Hores, and Jeanne Ray) are proposing the following as BPRCC officers for 2004:

                                               i.     President – Don Beard

                                              ii.     Vice President – Zona Fink

                                             iii.     Treasurer – Bert Berkshire

                                            iv.     Secretary – John Gillam

                       The election for these positions will be held at the December 11 meeting.

                      In addition, the nominating committee recommended that consideration be given to modify the By-laws to permit expansion of the scope of the BPRCC Board to permit desired coverage for the expanding number of area-wide committees -- adding a second Vice President, for example.

    1. Policies & Procedures Revision – discussion delayed until the December meeting.
    2. Update of Clean-up day – Bob Carlile reported that the County will deliver 15 dumpsters at the property on the SE corner of Jacks Canyon Rd/SR179 on Friday November 21st in support of the collections of discards which will be held from 9AM to 4PM on Saturday, the 22nd.  Four volunteers will be needed to supervise the collections during the day and Carolyn Fisher will coordinate the scheduling of the Volunteers.
    3. Scenic Area Designation – Joan McClelland summarized the proposal to pursue designation of the National Forest Land in the Greater Sedona Area as Sedona-Red Rock National Scenic Area.   The Council approved a motion to support the plan; although not opposed to the idea, Canyon Mesa HOA abstained from the motion because of their unfamiliarity with the proposal.
    4. Holiday Mixer – In order to determine the format of next month’s Holiday mixer, Zona Fink asked that everyone fill out the survey form and return to her at the end of the meeting.

  2. Announcements/Comments
    1. Jacks Canyon Road Improvements:  The County will work through the Transportation Committee and that construction on the improvements would begin approximately December 2004 or January 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.


John Gillam,


Approved Dec. 11, 2003



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