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Minutes of March, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of March, 2003 Meeting


  1. Meeting of March 13, 2003 called to order by Vice President Bob Carlile at 9:00AM at the VOCA Center.  16 members were present, which is a quorum. 
  2. Bob Carlile announced that Charlene Wilkinson will be the new BPRCC Alt Rep from Oakcreek Estados.
  3. Minutes of the February 13 meeting were approved as presented.
  4. Corresponding Secretary – communication received regarding the yellow Shell sign on SR 179.
  5. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that with the receipt of dues from seven members, the February balance for the Regular account is $2,452.  With the subsequent receipt of dues from two members, only two dues payments remain outstanding; the Recreation balance has dropped to $151 through February, but Kiwanis has recently contributed an additional $250 to the Rec. account.  Report was approved.
  6. New SR 179 Development Concepts – Zona Fink presented an update on the SR179 scoping meetings presently being held between ADOT and representatives from the City of Sedona, Big Park, Coconino & Yavapai Counties, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Forest Service, hereinafter referred to as “Stakeholders”.  It was reported that ADOT has joined in the discussions with a “new attitude” of flexibility and that the process will be part of a needs based implementation plan.  One of the primary purposes of the scoping meetings is to establish criteria for the hiring of a Corridor Design Manager (design consultant).

A meeting has been set up to inform the public about the progress of these meetings on Wednesday, March 26 at 5 pm in the VOCA Community Center.  At that meeting, people will have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on one of the Design Advisory Panels that will be organized for each of the segments of the project.   The present plan is to divide the project into four segments and the VOC segment of the highway to be the first portion to be constructed.

To support the scoping meeting process, a small budget outlay may be required from BPRCC for travel to Phoenix for meetings with ADOT.

  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

                                               i.     A schematic proposal for the VOC portion of SR 179 was presented at the February Trans. Committee meeting and will be presented again later in this meeting to all BPRCC members and the audience.

                                              ii.     Vice Chairmen – Joanne Johnson and Jim Patterson have agreed to be Co- Vice Chairpersons of the Transportation committee.  A confirming motion was approved.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

                                               i.     Junk Car Ordinance—Judy Cooper reported that the present ordinance specified no limit in the number of Junk vehicles, while the proposed new County ordinance specifies a limit of 2.  The present definition of junk car is “a vehicle in such a state that it can’t be profitably restored or sold for parts”.  The BPRCC P&Z committee supports the proposed ordinance with the stipulation that:

1.     Provisions be added to require storage within the side & rear setbacks of property;

2.     Junk vehicle definition be modified to state that “any vehicle that is not currently licensed and/or cannot operate under its own power”.

The recommendation was approved by the BPRCC.

                                              ii.     Factory built homes – County Zoning Ordinance amendment would allow factory built homes in the R1L zone.   The definition of Factory Built Home is “a dwelling unit or habitable room mostly made offsite and assembled on site and that meets local Building Codes”.  The Committee recommendation was that the Council not oppose the proposed amendment as long as County controls and public input are maintained.  This would require adding a provision for an administrative review process including a comment period to the ordinance.   The recommendation was approved by the Council.

                                             iii.     Coyote Station—Nothing new to report.

    1. Recreation Committee

                                               i.     Announcements—Dorothy Hores announced that Bud Heiberger has agreed to serve as Committee Vice Chair. This recommendation was approved by the BPRCC.  It was also announced that Kiwanis has contributed $250 for the Recreation Committee’s activities.

                                              ii.     Park site—The three potential park sites identified by Chip Davis were found to be unsuitable.   There are an additional eight sites identified by the NAU study that will be reviewed.  Chip Davis will attend the March 25th Committee meeting where potential park sites will be the primary item of discussion.

  1. SR 179 Beautification Report – Dave Benore was introduced to present the report from the Citizens Beautification committee for the Village of Oakcreek portion of SR 179.  The report had previously been reviewed at the February 24 Transportation Committee meeting and was developed with substantial Artistic support from Joan Andrew.

The focus of the presentation was to outline the potential for maximizing the visual appeal and controlled, orderly, & efficient traffic patterns for SR 179 through the Village.   Dave mentioned that we (VOC) have a unique opportunity to influence the design and, in effect, choose our destiny.  Some of the specific alternatives discussed included:

    1. Slower moving, safer 2 lane traffic vs. fast moving 4 lane traffic;
    2. Meandering pathways (sidewalks) on both sides;
    3. Landscaped medians;
    4. Roundabouts (NOT Traffic Circles) at Jacks Canyon & Bell Rock Blvd. vs. Traffic lights;

Implementing such a plan would significantly contribute to the positive image of the VOC and make it appear more inviting for the many visitors.  Local citizens will have an opportunity to volunteer to assist in the design process through participation in the Design Advisory Panels (DAPs) that will be organized for each of the planned SR 179 Design Segments.





Meeting Adjourned at 10:45AM




                                                      John Gillam




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