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Minutes of February, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February, 2003 Meeting


  1. Meeting of February 13, 2003 called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:05AM at the VOCA Center.  16 members were present, which is a quorum.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, there was a Moment of Silence to honor the seven astronauts lost with the Space Shuttle “Columbia”.
  2. Zona Fink announced that Don Arey has been selected as the BPRCC Rep for Las Piedras and that Bob Curry will be the Alternate.
  3. Minutes of the January meeting were approved as presented.
  4. Corresponding Secretary – no communications received.
  5. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that with the receipt of dues from six members, the January balance for the Regular account is $1,648; the Recreation balance has dropped to $196.  Report was approved.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

                                               i.     Chairmen & members– 2003 Committee membership approved as follows:  Tom Hutchinson (Chairman); Vice Chair TBD; Bob Aberg; Jim Gibson; Joanne Johnson; Bert Berkshire; Richard Byrnes; Bill Stevens; Shari Walter; Jim Patterson; Gary Hoffman; Bill Kusner.

                                              ii.     Committee has received the SR179 Environmental report.  Tom Hutchinson will review and then make the report available for others to review – please contact Tom if interested in reviewing the report.  The Committee has received a draft copy of the needs assessment for management of SR 179 from the City of Sedona; people interested in serving on the SR 179 committee should contact Tom Hutchinson.  It was also announced that a preliminary approval was given for a Shuttle service to Sedona with a target implementation of approximately 12 months.  Those interested in serving on the Shuttle implementation committee should contact Tom Hutchinson or Zona Fink.  A SR 179 Beautification sub committee has been organized by Jim Gibson to advise the Transportation committee on opportunities to optimize the appearance of the “new” SR179 through The Village of Oak Creek.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

                                               i.     Chairman and Members—2003 P&Z membership approved as follows:  Judy Cooper (Chairman); Carol Agers (Vice Chair); Carolyn Fisher; Jim Gibson; Dorothy Hores; Joanne Johnson; Bill Kusner; Lloyd Marlowe; Dorothy Vandelinde.  Committee Alternates are:  Lois Doucette; Ruth Kane; Joan McClelland; Mel Rycus.

                                              ii.     The revised County zoning ordinances were effective January 16.

                                             iii.     Due to the difficulty of scheduling Big Park Council meetings consistent with the County P & Z decision timetable (would need to hold 2 BPRCC meetings per month), the BPRCC P&Z committee will alert Big Park Homeowners Associations by sending out P&Z agenda items directly to the HOAs 1 week before the regular P&Z committee meetings.  It was also announced that the County will be considering an expansion of the definition of site built homes to include certain factory built homes at its March 19 meeting.

                                            iv.      Coyote Station—The County Board of Adjustment rejected the Propane tank location proposed by the developer as well as the request for a larger monument sign than would be permitted by code (these decisions were consistent with the recommendations of the BPRCC P&Z committee).  The Propane tank will be located underground at extra expense to the developer and the monument sign will remain 64 sq. ft. but include multi advertising on the sign.

                                             v.     Shell Canopy color – There was extensive discussion about the canopy over the fuel pumps for the new Shell gasoline station, particularly with the bright yellow color that most Big Park residents find objectionable and inconsistent with the local environment.   The Council agreed that it will send a letter to the Shell Oil Company President, expressing a very strong objections.  It was also suggested that individual residents could and should also send letters to Shell and that the Shell President’s name and address would be included in the Vocalizer.  The address is:  Mr. Brian Hart; President, Shell Oil Company; 330 Bakker Cypress Rd.; Houston, TX 77094.

    1. Recreation Committee

                                               i.     Member Approval—2003 Recreation Committee membership was approved as follows:  Dorothy Hores (Chairperson);Bud Heiberger (Vice Chair); Sam Bomar; Jan Oswald; Jim Patterson; Mathew Baugh; Louisa Connell; Harvey Grady; Mark Mumaw; Cliff Roberts.

                                              ii.     Park site—Dorothy Hores announced that she had met with Supervisor Chip Davis regarding the proposed park site in the Jacks Canyon area.  It was decided that because the Forest Service requirement to have the park site contiguous with private land would require a 25-30 acre park site, that the Jacks Canyon area site be dropped from consideration.  Chip Davis suggested there may be some land in one of the flood plain areas that could be suitable and agreed that the County would work with the Rec. Committee to identify other potential park locations.

1.      Bob Carlile asked that the following statement be included in these minutes in order to correct an error in the November BPRCC meeting minutes:  The Pine Valley community has strong concerns about the park issue.  The PVPOA Board voted at its November meeting 6 for and 2 against to only explore the park issue.  However the November minutes of the Big Park Council state that the PVPOA Board voted to support the park concept, which is incorrect.   The Council agreed to include this correction in the minutes of the Feb. BPRCC meeting.

                                             iii.     Skateboarding—Bob Carlile reported that he and Dick Byrnes supervised another successful skateboarding outing in January with other  outings planned for February 15 as well as mid March.  There are typically 8 or more skateboarders at these events and a lot of enthusiasm for maintaining the outings. 

                                            iv.     The next meeting of the Rec. Committee will be February 25 at 3PM in VOCA.

  1. Old Business – Citizens Gas – Zona Fink reported that Citizens Gas is proposing to locate the gas line loop extension to Sedona under the Bell Rock Pathway after it enters the Forest from the north end of the Bell Rock Vista subdivision.  It was agreed that this issue should be discussed further and that Citizens Gas would be invited to attend a future Transportation Committee meeting.
  2. New Business
    1. BPRCC Bylaws:  Motion approved to amend Article VII, Section 4 to allow 60 days to complete the annual auditing process of the Treasurer’s records (rather than the 30 days included previously).
    2.  Mingus Mtn Land Trade—Bill Kusner, Joan McClelland and Zona Fink will represent BPRCC during the discussions beginning with a meeting on March 12, 2003.
    3. Regional Governments—Zona Fink reported that a group of Mayors and leaders of Non-incorporated areas in the Verde Valley area will be meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues of common interest.  The near term emphasis will be on Water.
    4. New VOC Publication—will be developed and mailed to all Big Park residents.  Present plan is to have the initial issue published before the end of 2003.
    5. Library—There will be a group established to discuss future library needs for the Yavapai County Library system.  It is anticipated that 3 of the 15 committee members will be Big Park residents and that anyone interested in serving should contact Jim Gibson.  The objective of the committee will be to determine and prioritize unmet library needs in the local communities, e.g., possibility of a Library satellite in Big Park.  The meeting schedule is TBA but the tentative plan is for the committee to meet 3 times in 3 months, and each meeting would last 3-4 hours.
  3. Announcements
    1. Yavapai County is sponsoring two Household/Hazardous waste pick up days:

                                               i.     Saturday, March 1 from 9am to 4pm at the Cottonwood Fire Training Facility in Cottonwood;

                                              ii.     Saturday, March 29 from 9am to 4pm in Prescott’s Pioneer Park

    1. Jim Patterson announced that the VOC Business leaders have agreed to take a very active roll in the development in the Big Park portion of SR179 and will provide a clear vision for what they’d like to see.



Meeting Adjourned at 10:25AM




                                                      John Gillam




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