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Minutes of January, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of January, 2003 Meeting


  1. Meeting of January 9, 2003 called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:00AM at the VOCA Center.  14 members present, which is a quorum.
  2. Minutes of November meeting were approved as corrected for the name of VPR I and Presentation of the Slate of new officers.
  3. Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Fisher noted receipt of a communication from Joanne Johnson re: the Humane Society.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that the year-end balance for the Regular account is $898 and the Recreation balance is $326.  Report was approved as amended.
  5. Audit Report – Zona Fink reported that the Audit committee reviewed the financial statements and found everything in order.
  6. Election of Officers – The slate of officers for 2003 was presented and elected unanimously.  The 2003 officers are:
    1. President            Zona Fink
    2. Vice President   Bob Carlile
    3. Treasurer            Don Beard
    4. Secretary           John Gillam
  7. Committee Chairmen  & new members– Zona Fink announced that the new Transportation committee chairman will be Tom Hutchinson and the new P&Z Committee chairperson will be Judy Cooper.   Also, it was announced that Jim Gibson will be replacing Joan McClelland as the VOCA Rep to the BPRCC and that Mary Jane Cooke will serve as the Alternate Rep for Pinon Woods I.
  8. Transportation Committee – Carolyn Fisher announced that the appointment of a Design Engineer for the VOC portion of SR179 is not critical and that BPRCC would still have representation in future discussion.   Also, that ADOT promised that no action would be taken on the project without BPRCC.    In addition, after the Engineer to Engineer meeting held in Sedona last month, Sedona Mayor Dick Ellis stated that Big Park representation is welcome in the total process.
  9. P&Z Committee – Judy Cooper reported that the County Supervisors approved the new zoning ordinances as amended with BPRCC input.   The next County P&Z meeting will be on January 19, while the next BPRCC P&Z will meet on January 27.   Present plan is to discuss the Coyote Plaza update and the proposal for the 11 acre sight at Wild Horse mesa.

Carol Agers will be P&Z Vice chair.

Joanne Johnson reported:

a.     That there is a conflict on the height (160 vs 180 feet)of new electrical towers at I17 rest stop (exit 296); it was agreed  this is a Forest Service problem

    1. Villas at Oak Creek (behind Holiday Inn Express) is changing ownership and configuration from Apartments to Condos and now needs to be designated as a Subdivision.  This was approved by County Supervisors in December.
    2. Coyote Station (Rod Sheehan) is asking for modifications which are being reviewed by County Board of Adjustments.

                                               i.     SR 179 easement reduced from 25 feet to 5 feet for installation of Propane tank.   Council members expressed concerns with traffic/safety risk of the close proximity to the road.   Motion passed recommending this variance be rejected by County P& Z.

                                              ii.     Monument signage—requested to increase sign from 64 to 72 sq. ft.   BP Council members expressed concerns that there appeared to be no valid reason that would justify a variance.  Motion approved to Reject variance request to increase size of Monument sign at Coyote Station.

  1.  Recreation Committee – Dorothy Hores
    1. Skateboarding --Bob Carlile reported that he and Dick Byrnes supervised a Skateboard outing in Cottonwood with 8 local youngsters.   The next outing will be January 18th followed by excursions in mid-February and mid-March.   Sign up forms are available at the schools.  There was some concern regarding Insurance coverage for these sessions.   Bob explained that Full Coverage is purchased by the Rec. committee
    2. Park –Dorothy Hores & the Recreation Committee met with Judy Adams regarding the proposed Park location.   There are some new concerns regarding guidelines the park location vs. residential area and Forest property.   Resolution will delay further progress at least another month.  Dorothy plans to ask the Horse ranch, Canyon Ridge, and La Barancca to provide a rep to the committee, joining the present rep from Pine Valley.    This representation would be helpful to develop each area’s trust in the process.   Dick Byrnes reminded the committee that it’s critical to ensure that the Horse ranch retains its trail access to the Forest after the Park is developed.

The next meeting will be January 14 at 2 PM in VOCA.

    1. Park Promotion Committee – future meetings postponed until site issues are         “resolved”; there are presently 15 people who have volunteered to work on this committee.
  2. Membership – Nothing new.
  3. Old Business -- Museum  -- Dick Byrnes reported that the committee met this week and had 100 % attendance.  Pacific Ridge (Tequa) has informed the committee that museum is in their plans under Phase IV of Tequa development.  The Committee will continue to correspond with Pacific Ridge. and give words of encouragement for Pacific Ridge.
  4. New Business – None, but Don Beard announced that Bills are available for payment of 2003 BPRCC Dues.


Meeting Adjourned at 10:20AM



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