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Minutes of January, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


January 28, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  9:10 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to the Flag.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  15 member associations were present, thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).  President Dick Byrnes announced a change of order of the agenda as reflected below.


3.     Secretary’s report:  (Bob Carlile)  No correspondence.  Carolyn Fisher moved to accept the minutes of the meeting of December 17, 1998; seconded: Joanne Johnson; approved.  A new list of representatives and alternates was passed out.  Beverly Nelson should be added to the list as representative for Wild Turkey Townhouses.


4.     Treasurer’s Report:  (Dorothy Hores) 

  1. Chris Steffan moved to accept the treasure’s report for January 1999, seconded: Paul Reep; approved.
  2. Joan Steninger moved to accept the Budget for 1999, seconded: Dennis Parker; approved.
  3. Bill Bookwalter reported that an audit of 1998 had been conducted on January 13, 1999, and the financial records were found to be in order.


5.     Election of Officers for 1999:  Bob Carlile read the slate of officers from the Nominating Committee as follows:  President – Dick Byrnes, Vice President – Lloyd Marlowe, Recording Secretary – Carolyn Fisher, Treasurer – Bill Bookwalter, Corresponding Secretary – Joan McClelland.  There was a discussion of amending the by-laws to account for the office of Corresponding Secretary and how this officer is to be elected.  President Byrnes decided to appoint the Corresponding Secretary for the time being and by-laws changes will be proposed at the February meeting.  President Byrnes called for nominations from the floor.  There were none.  Bob Carlile moved that the slate of nominees be closed, seconded: Hal Carter, passed.  The slate of nominees as presented was approved unanimously.


6.     President’s Report:  President Byrnes recognized the outgoing officers:  Dorothy Hores, Treasurer; Joan McClelland, Vice-President; and Bob Carlile, Secretary.  A plaque was presented to each for their devoted work to the council for the last two years.  President Byrnes recognized the accomplishments of the Council over the last year and the strong relationships that have been built with governmental organizations, especially Yavapai County Planning and Zoning.  President Byrnes discussed complaints about the lighting at Bank One.  He will send a letter to Bank One with a copy of the Yavapai County Dark Skies ordinance requesting that they comply.


7.     Committee Reports: 

A.    P&Z Liaison and Transportation (Joanne Johnson)

1.     Fire District Communication Tower: The new Fire District Tower is within VOCA jurisdiction and has been accepted by the VOCA Board. The Fire District requested from VOCA a permit to build a communication tower in conjunction with the new Fire Station. VOCA gave permission for an 80-foot tower to be installed. It will be an open grill work construction to lessen the impact on the community. VOCA also gave permission for Cellular One to use the top three feet of the tower for their antenna consisting of three 3-foot tubes placed along the tower. Cellular One will pay rent to the Fire District for use of the tower. Your P&Z Committee recommends we have no objection to the Cellular One request to the County for approval to place their antenna on the Fire District Tower. Bob Carlile moved that the council approve Cellular One’s request for use of the Fire District Tower; seconded by John Fink; passed.

2.     Lot 117.  Chris Dolan and Dave Sheldon of Casa Natural Builders Inc. are owners of lot #117 on Hwy. 179 and Navajo Road in the Village of Oak Creek. They have requested a zoning change from Residential ( R1-L) to Residential Services (Village Services re: Big Park Community Plan ). They are also requesting a permit to operate a model home for two or three years, inferring that this use is a Residential Service category. After two or three years they plan to sell the home which could then be used as a business complying with the Residential Service use. They state the model home would have three to five visitors plus employees per day. Your P&Z Committee strongly objects to a Model Home, which we feel is a commercial use, on a residentially zoned lot. We are not objecting to a change of zoning to Residential Services but the applicant will be required to obtain the permission of the residents of Bell Rock Vista II in order to change the Residential Zoning under their CC&R'S. Also the home built on the lot does not appear to have sufficient parking for an RS use. Your Committee is recommending that a letter be sent to the County objecting to the change of use permit and asking that it not be granted.  Bob Carlile moved that the council recommend denial of Casa Natural’s request for a zoning change to Residential Services and that the county issue not use permit; seconded by Ray Spencer; passed unanimously.

3.  Mini-Art Fairs: Donna Campbell, who owns the Victorian Cow Girl shop across from the Circle K, has requested a Special Use Permit to operate a tent Art and Craft Show once a month for two day weekends on Saturday and Sunday. There could be at least six months in the Spring and Fall where there would be two weekends a month involved. We are now talking about 18-20 shows per year. She has held these shows illegally without a County permit in 1997 and 1998. She stated in her request that she has 30 to 40 artists using white tents. In the past there have been two Port-O-Pottys on site, trailer homes and vans belonging to the Artists. This activity uses all the parking places in the center of the Plaza. These are spaces reserved for commercial stores in the Plaza. There are signs advertising the shows on Hwy 179. There is a County ordinance that states merchandise must be sold inside a building, not in a public parking lot. We have a serious problem in the Village because other individuals wish to promote tent shows: the Factory Outlet Stores, the Holiday Inn Express parking lot and Artisans Gallery to name a few. If Ms. Campbell's request is granted, we do not have a method to control others from asking for the same type of Use Permit and this is the main problem. We will begin to look like a tent city on the weekends. We also feel that the County requirements for Plaza business parking should not be violated. Your Committee requests the Council write a letter to the County asking that this special use permit be denied because of parking and traffic problems, the visual impact on the Village and there isn't any method to control these shows if a precedent is established.  Enalo Lockhard, Yavapai P&Z, informed the council that this request has been moved to the March agenda.  In response to a question from Dick Byrnes, Enalo Lockhard stated that it would be possible to create a set of criteria for issuing a use permit that would help maintain control over these events, possibly through the DRO.  Dick Byrnes asked Gary Hofmann to get the various people involved with these shows together to work out some criteria and report at the next council meeting.

4.    Ridge Trail Closing.  Hal Carter, representative of the Ridge Home Owners Association, discussed the closing and said they were taking care of the situation.   No council action is required.

5.     Transportation Update: VVSR.  The present flood control project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week and the cleaning and patching of the roads and the re-landscaping of the Estados should be completed in the next two weeks. Extensive shallow rock formations extended the project completion date by a month.  The VVSR  Road Committee is meeting monthly with the County and consultant to complete plans for Phase II of the VVSR paving and drainage project and the upgrading of Bell Rock Blvd. North and South of VVSR. A public meeting is planned for sometime in February to inform Bell Rock Blvd. residents of the road plans.  Beaverhead Flat Road: There is a proposal by the County Planners to extend the road to Hwy 260, which would provide another way for Villagers to go to Cottonwood. This route is completely on Forest Service land and will not be developed. There is a public meeting planned for February 3 at 6:00 PM at the Sedona Airport to inform the area citizens and to obtain their input. Hwy 179: The last public meeting to review the final plans for Hwy#179 upgrade is tentatively scheduled for February 11, a firm date and the time and place will be announced.

B.    DRO (Gary Hofmann)  The committee has focused on the issue of sidewalks because of the timing for the ADOT projects along Hwy 179.  Supervisor Davis has been involved and believes there may be precedent for the county and ADOT to pay for them.  He will be at the March 3rd meeting of the Sedona Village Business Association’s meeting to discuss what can be done.  The DRO committee expects to have a draft of the proposed Design Review Overlay guidelines for the March council meeting.

C.    Youth Activities (Bob Carlile)  Bob introduced the members of his committee and provided some background on their activities and meetings with various groups and individuals, including 2 students from Red Rock High School who presented a proposal for a skateboard park.  The committee, with strong support from Supervisor Davis, is pursuing a long-range plan for a county park of 5 – 10 acres, which would include a variety of activities.  They are hoping to acquire funding through one or more grants, including Heritage funds.  Bob made an appeal for volunteers who have skills, such as art, computers, ESL training, etc. to sign up.

D.    Jacks Canyon Traffic/Access (Jim Moore)  Jim Moore reviewed the committee report and recommendations which were passed out at the December meeting.  Candace Czarny presented a case for opening the Pebble Gate.  Several residents of the Pinon Woods development spoke out in favor of keeping the Pebble Gate closed until Suncliffe Drive is built and then moving the gate to Arrowhead Drive.  John Fink moved to accept recommendation # 2 to support the building of Suncliffe Dr. as a collector drive with an amendment that Yavapai County include it in their 5 year plan; seconded by Bob Carlile; passed with 9 yes votes and zero no votes.  Bob Carlile moved to accept recommendation # 1 (Jim Moore is to correct the errors to left and right turns) to make improvements to Jacks Canyon with an amendment that Yavapai County include it in their 5 year plan; Joan Steninger seconded; passed with 11 yes votes and zero no votes.  President Byrnes requested that the committee reconvene to discuss timelines and to communicate these to the appropriate county officials.


E.  By-Laws Changes (Joan McClelland)  Tabled to the next meeting.



8.     New Business:  Lighting at Bank One was dealt with under President’s Report.  The Recycling item was deferred.


9.     Adjourn:  The annual meeting was adjourned at 12:47 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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