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Minutes of February, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


February 25, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  6:30 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by the pledge to the Flag.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  13 member associations were present, thereby constituting a quorum (9 or more members).


3.     President’s Report: 


4.     Secretary’s Report: 


A.     Approval of Minutes:  Section 7. A. 2. Line 12 should read “…Bell Rock Vista I…” rather than Bell Rock Vista II and the last sentence should read “…change to Residential Services and that the county not issue a use permit…”.  Ray Spenser moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected, Bob Carlile seconded, passed.

B.    Correspondence:  A letter was sent to Chip Davis about the Jack’s Canyon decision reached at the January BPRCC meeting.  A letter was sent to Bank One regarding the exterior light not meeting the Yavapai County Dark Skies Ordnance.  President Dick Byrnes read two other letters he had received:  the first about the gate in Pinon Woods from Delores Foster, which he responded to by phone;  the second a proposal about the Hwy 179 upcoming work.  This last letter was passed around for council members to read.  It will be discussed at a later meeting.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Bookwalter reported that all member associations had paid 1999 dues except Sundance Townhouses.  Dorothy Hores moved that the treasure’s report be approved, Joan Steninger seconded; passed.


6.     Committee Reports:

  1. P&Z Liaison and Transportation Committee:  Joanne Johnson reported the following:

1.     Lot 117 Update.  Casa Natural Builders Inc., owners of Lot 117 on Hwy 179 and Navajo Road applied to Yavapai County for a zoning change from Residential Single Family to Residential Services/Village Services and also to allow a model home/sales office.  The P&Z Commissioners and the Board of Supervisors refused the application at their February meetings.  No action required.

2.     Xanadu.  I want to call your attention to an article in the Red Rock News describing a proposed project for the Village by builder/developer Ken Johnson.  He has formed a new company called New Millennium Development.  He has purchased or is in the process of purchasing 5 acres across Hwy 179 from Xanadu and adjacent to the south side of Los Piedras subdivision.  Because of current zoning it is possible to build 5 homes on the acreage and Mr. Johnson has stated he plans to build domed homes on the parcel.  Mr. Johnson said he will not be presenting his project to the county for several months. Your P&Z Committee will keep you informed of developments.  There was some discussion about whether the current zoning of the parcel would accommodate the plans, but since nothing has been submitted to the county no action required.

3.     Mini Art Fairs.  As I explained at our January meeting, there are no current County regulations to control the frequency of these types of shows in the Village.  In order to prevent an uncontrolled proliferation of these shows, your P&Z Committee has developed some stipulations to be included in issuing a County Special Use Permit for Art and Craft Shows.  You have a copy of these stipulations before you and the P&Z Committee requests that the Council send a letter to the County stating their support of these stipulations.  The restrictions proposed were:

a.     Events must be limited to, two day weekends, on the first weekend of the month.

b.     Events must be limited on a specific site to 12 a year.

c.     All parking for visitors and artists must be on paved areas.  Visitors to the events may not use parking reserved for businesses open during these events.

d.     Port-O-Potties in event area should not be noticeable to the general public not involved as visitors to the event.

e.     Events must be approved by the Fire Department for access.

f.      Temporary signage to advertise the event may not be placed on any road or highway.

g.     The events must be day events only.

h.     The Special Permit for an event must be renewed yearly.

After a lengthy discussion, an amendment was proposed that events be limited to 12 per year (restriction a.).  A motion was made by Carolyn Fisher to suggest that restrictions b. through h. as listed above be sent to the county as the desires of the Big Park community.  Seconded by Dorothy Hores.  The vote was 11 in favor of, 3 against.

4.     The plans for phase 2 of the upgrading of VVSR and Bell Rock Blvd. is ongoing. The Wastewater District's part of the project, consisting of new sewer lines on VVSR to Kaibab, will be completed before the County Road work begins in July of this year.


B.     Youth Activities:  Bob Carlile reported on the recent activities of the youth activities committee, especially the work on creating a County Park to include a skateboard section.  A corporation is to be formed, probably to be called Big Park Youth Center, Inc.  They are particularly interested in creating something that will attract the teens of the community.  Ruth Kane suggested asking the county for TV cable franchise fees.

C.    By-laws:  The changes proposed are as follows.  Members will be expected to vote on these changes at the March meeting.

1.     Page 8--Article VI OFFICERS- Move proposed Section C. "the Corresponding Secretary,.," to Page 9, Article VII, Section 2B.  Re-label present Section 2 to 2A.

2.     The Executive Board shall appoint a Corresponding Secretary from the Council members or alternates.  The Corresponding Secretary shall receive all correspondence addressed to the Council and reply as authorized by the Executive Board or the Council.


D.    DRO:  In the absence of Gary Hofmann, Joanne Johnson reported that an evaluation of the needs is progressing.  She hopes they will have a revision to come to the council in a couple of months.


7.     Old Business:  A question was raised about when the Cellular One tower will be in operation.  It has gone to County P&Z, with no objection from VOCA or BPRCC.  There was no other old business.


8.     New Business:  There was a discussion about what the name identity for our area should be:  Big Park, the Village of Oak Creek, or ???? 


9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary


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