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Minutes of March, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


March 25, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  at 9:05 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by the pledge of allegiance.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were representatives from 11 of the 17 member associations, thus constituting a quorum.


3.     President’s Report:  President Byrnes welcomed Canyon Mesa HOA as new members of the Council.  Louisa Connell will be their representative and Mary Lou Stone and Shari Walter will be the alternates.  This year there will be a Verde Valley Forum instead of a Sedona Forum, Jun 10-12, at the Doubletree.  The Council has been asked to select 15 attendees.  President Byrnes has invited Judith Keane to attend our April 22nd meeting to report on regional planning activities statewide.  He also reported on Jim Buchanan’s activities to change from three county supervisors to five.  Expect to see more on bringing this to a countywide vote in time for the 2000 elections.


4.     Secretary’s Report: 


  1. Approval of Minutes:  Carolyn Fisher said that the “Respectfully Submitted…” had been left off.  Bob Carlile moved that the minutes be approved with that change, Beverly Nelson seconded; passed.
  2. Correspondence:  Pres. Byrnes received a copy of a letter to Tasco Corporation (Circle K) from Glenn Smith about the intensity of their outside lights and the Yavapai Dark Sky Ordnance.  He called Tasco to enquire what standards they use to determine lighting levels with no satisfactory response.  He also received a letter from Chip Davis asking for inputs to the upcoming budget process.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was passed out.  Carolyn Fisher moved that it be accepted, Joanne Johnson seconded; passed.



6.     Committee Reports: 


A.    Joanne Johnson report the following from the P&Z Liaison and Transportation Committee:

1.      Art and Craft Tent Shows Update:  The P&Z Liaison Committee attended the March 3 County P and Z meeting. Last month the BPRCC voted to send a letter to the County stating stipulations to be included in issuing a Special Use Permit for the shows. The Commissioners unanimously passed the stipulations and awarded the permit. I attended the Supervisors meeting, March 15, and all the stipulations were passed except they increased the number of shows allowed from 12 to 15. Supervisor Davis tried to help but Supervisor Feldmeier was supporting the 20 shows per year the applicant had requested. A compromise was passed allowing 15 shows per year.

2.     Lot 117 Update: The owners have submitted new plans for a re-zoning to Residential/Village Services for the home located on the lot. They plan to remove 3 feet from the East Side of the Building to allow a one way entrance to the South side (back side of the building). This will provide access to seven parallel parking spaces in the rear of the building. The County can not act on the plans until a more detailed plan is provided showing how many square feet will be used in the building. One parking space is required for every 200 square feet of floor space used. In order to help the county, the P&Z Liaison Committee is requesting that the BPRCC send a letter to the County permitting the RS/Village Services use if the County parking requirements are met and if the residents of Bell Rock Vista I allow a change in their CC&R"S to permit a change in the zoning. The Committee would also like to state in the letter that we are very concerned that the maneuvering space required to accommodate seven parallel parking spaces is not adequate and should be addressed by the County.  Because of safety, the number of parking spaces may be reduced.  After a lengthy discussion, the council decided to send a letter to Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission that we support the CC&Rs of Bell Rock Vista I with a copy sent to VOCA.

3.     Highway 179 Upgrade:  Some of the BPRCC members attended the Town Hall Meeting in the VOCA Club House last week. Don Dorman, ADOT Regional Engineer, was one of the speakers. Mr. Dorman gave a very complete picture of the status of the highway plans and the objections of the Sedona City Council stated in a letter to ADOT. They are objecting to four lanes with left hand turn lanes from Copper Cliffs Road to the "Y" They are concerned that the four lanes will affect the small town atmosphere of Sedona, impact businesses near the bridge and increase the speed of traffic going past the businesses to the Y". Mr. Dorman met with City representatives last week and he feels their concerns can be mitigated. I have attended Hwy 179 workshops since 1994. This Committee included representatives from Yavapai and Coconino Counties, the City of Sedona, the Forest Service, the Village of Oak Creek Association and private citizens. There was a considerable amount of input from professionals and citizens, especially planners from the City of Sedona. I do not understand the last minute objections by a few business owners who voiced their objections to the highway plans by radio and in the newspapers. I think it would be helpful if the BBRCC wrote a letter to ADOT and the Sedona City Council supporting the current Highway 179 plan.  After a lengthy discussion, the council decided to send a letter to the Director of Engineering for Arizona, with copies to the Director of Transportation for Arizona as well as other involved parties, supporting the Highway 179 plan.

4.     Dark Skies Ordnance:  President Byrnes recommended the council write a letter to Yavapai County, via Enalo Lockhard, requesting help in enforcing the ordnance with specific references to businesses and individuals who are currently violating it  There were no objections to sending such a letter.

5.     Beaver Head Flats Road:  President Byrnes asked that a letter be sent to county officials (Stroud and Davis, probably) urging the project to straighten and pave this road be given priority so that it can be completed prior to the Highway 179 major improvements.

B.  Youth Committee:  Bob Carlile reported on the activities of the Youth Committee.  They have identified two suitable sites for the county park and are now putting together proposals.  They also hope to have an interim program in place by this summer.



7.      Old Business:  By-Law changes:  Dorothy Hores moved that the by-law changes that were handed out to members in December and included in last month’s minutes be accepted, Bob Aberg seconded; passed unanimously.


8.     New Business:  President Byrnes requested that a DRO report be made at the next meeting.


9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjorned at 10:50 am.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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