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Minutes of May, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


May 27, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  Vice President Lloyd Marlowe called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were representatives from 13 of the 17 member associations, constituting a quorum.


3.     President’s Report:  Vice President Marlowe noted that there had been no communication from Pioneer Health Care about their desires for the Big Park area.


4.     Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the April meeting were approved.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer’s report was approved.


6.     Committee Reports: 

  1. Joanne Johnson reported the following from the P&Z Liaison and Transportation Committee:

1.     Leather Vendor: A peddler is applying for a Special Use Permit to sell leather good, Indian rugs and other items on private lands adjacent to Hwy. 179. Your Committee requests that the BPRCC Board write a letter to the land owner and the peddler stating they have concerns about the planned use of the land for outside sales of merchandise. We have not seen specific plans for the project but when they are presented to the County we can then address specific issues.

2.     Sewer work is proceeding.  Your Road Committee met with the County to go over the plans for Bell Rock Blvd. improvements, which are almost complete. The current plans have not been changed from the original plans presented by the County. VVSR and Bell Rock Blvd. South from VVSR will be the first phase. The flood control work will be completed first at the intersection of VVSR and Bell Rock and then East on VVSR and South on Bell Rock. The road surfacing, construction of the landscaped median and Pathways will be constructed next. Bell Rock to the North will consist of flood control, resurfacing, several speed humps and a pedestrian pathway constructed up to Pinion North of the VOCA Club House. Work is scheduled to start in July after the sewer construction work is completed and work will continue into late fall.

B.    Jack’s Canyon Road:  An update was provided for the plans for the portion of Jack’s Canyon Road from SR 179 to the trailhead.  Norm Davis and Mark Ruhac, from Yavapai County Public Works, lead the discussion.  At the completion of the full project, this road will become a 3-lane road, with one lane for each direction and a center turn lane.  An extensive discussion included issues such as rights-of-way, accommodations for non-motorized traffic, drainage and realignment of Jack’s Canyon and Lee Mountain Roads.  Beverly Nelson moved that the Council send a letter to Harvard Investments recommending a partnership with the county for the purpose of renegotiating the realignment of the intersection of Jacks Canyon Road and Lee Mountain Road to improve the safety of the intersection.  Copies should be sent to Richard Straub, Enalo Lockhard.  Joanne Johnson seconded.  Approved.  Joanne Johnson suggested that the Road Committee review pans and make recommendations to the Council, while the Public Works people continue with their preliminary work.

C.    Youth Activities.  Bob Carlile reported on the plans to develop a county park.  They have now narrowed the selection down to two sites.  One is a 5 acre, irregular shaped parcel on Verde Valley School Rd, just west of Deer Pass, owned by VOCA.  One possibility for acquiring this land would involve a three way trade of properties between the Forest Service, Yavapai County and VOCA.  This property would require a vote by the entire VOCA membership.  The other parcel is on Big Park school property, about 5 acres between the school and houses along Bell Rock Blvd/Deer Pass.  Preliminary discussions with school officials indicate a willingness to find a way to convert this parcel into a county parcel.  Dorothy Hores reported on the summer youth activities plans.  Unfortunately, there has been no one signed up for any of the classes offered at Big Park School.  The committee is now looking into offerings for the fall and possibilities for next summer.


7.     New Business:  VP Marlowe asked that all members review the rules for membership prior to the next meeting when the Bell Rock Plaza representative will plead their case for membership as a residential category.


8.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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