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Minutes of June, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


June 24, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  Meeting was called to order by President Dick Byrnes at 6:33 PM.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  A quorum was established with representatives from 12 member associations.


3.     President’s Report:  President Byrnes mentioned that the Verde Valley Forum on Regional Planning was held in early June, was considered productive and was looking closely at the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council as a possible model for a regional council.  He also announced that there were plans in the works for a Greater Sedona Centennial in 2002, which would include the Big Park area.  More information will be forthcoming as it gets closer.


4.     Secretary’s Report:  A motion was made by Bill Bookwalter to approve the minutes of the May meeting.  Dorothy Hores seconded and it was approved.  Joan McClelland reported that she had sent a letter to the owner of the property where the leather vendor had been setting up.  She received one in reply that he was withdrawing his permission for the property to be used for that purpose.  There was an involved discussion about whether the report had been sent to the county about the road committee’s recommendations about Jack’s Canyon Road.  It was finally decided that the letter to the county had not been sent, but that the decisions had been reached by the committee.  Dick Byrnes received a fax from Supervisor Davis’ office requesting help for the 2000 census, but when he called they were not clear on exactly what they wanted help with.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  The insurance bill for liability was paid.  Carolyn Fisher moved that the report be accepted.  Joan McClelland seconded and the motion passed.


6.     Committee Reports: 

  1. Planning and Zoning (Joanne Johnson):  No report due to Joanne’s absence.
  2. Youth Committee (Bob Carlile):  The two sites near Big Park School are still being considered, leaning toward the site adjacent to the school.  Some preliminary ideas have been sketched by a county architect out to include a large grassy area, 45 parking spaces, a swimming pool, a bath house, and a building to house a sheriff’s substation as well as other users.  Doug West has offered to hold a fund raiser associated with Jazz on the Rocks for the park.  The committee is now asking for community response on the idea for the park, as well as what facilities they would like to have included.  A survey was passed out for the BPRCC members to distribute throughout their associations to gather that information.  A discussion of initial funding, as well as ongoing funding, was conducted.  According to Dick Byrnes, the county has accepted a role in the ongoing funding issue, as well as the initial funding.  Ruth Kane reminded the council that the community should expect at least a five figure amount that would represent a return of the cable franchise fees.


7.     New Business: 

  1. Judith Keane addressed the council.  She provided an update on the activities of the Growing Smarter Commission, appointed by Gov. Hull.  This commission dealt with rural and regional issues, which are quite different from those of the urban areas of Phoenix and Tucson.  There is a draft summary available for anyone to view on the Internet (www.azplanning.org).  There will be a meeting on July 20th for public comment and input on the work that has been done.  The meeting will be at Red Rock High School, tentative time at 4 PM.  She also mentioned the accomplishments of the recent Verde Valley Forum which focused on regional planning.
  2. Ruth Kane and Jennifer Bartos from the Big Park Sewer Improvement District briefed the group on the sewer rate increase, as well as the income and expenses of the past year and the budget for the upcoming year.  Residents on the sewer system will have an increase in their rates from $60.75 per quarter to $67.59 per quarter.


8.     New Business: 

  1. Lynn Crowe requested the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council reconsider the application of Bell Rock Plaza for membership.  She argued that their application was made as property owners not owners of commercial businesses.  After a detailed discussion of whether the Bell Rock Plaza owners are primarily a business association or a homeowners association, Joan McClelland moved that the Bell Rock Plaza Association be denied membership since there is a provision for Bell Rock Plaza business owners to have representation through the Village Business Association.  Bob Carlile seconded the motion and it was passed.
  2. Carolyn Fisher requested that representatives communicate with residents throughout Big Park the idea of developing an identity for our community.  Most Verde Valley communities can be identified with just a few words, for example Camp Verde is the pioneer settlers, Cornville is rural and agricultural, Sedona is cultural and spiritual.  Having a clear identity will help direct future growth that reflects the wishes of the community. 


9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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