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Minutes of July, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

July 22, 1999


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  President Dick Byrnes called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM.  The pledge of allegiance followed.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were 10 member associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.


3.     President’s Report:  The agenda was altered to allow county representatives to brief on the status of the drainage and road projects on Verde Valley School Road and Bell Rock Blvd. following the Secretary’s report.  Also, Carol Abrahamson was allowed to speak about the Sedona Centennial.  The agenda was the returned to normal order.


4.     Secretary’s Report: 

A.    Approval of minutes.  Joan McClelland requested an amendment to the Secretary’s Report section of the June 1999 minutes to note that VOCA received a telephone call from the lot owner, not a letter.  Joan McClelland moved that the minutes be approved as amended, Dennis Parker seconded; passed. 

B.  Correspondence.  President Byrnes reported that the Board had responded to a letter from Pine Valley Property Owner requesting an opinion on the Red Rock Crossing issue.  The Board feels that such an action would be inappropriate due to the pending litigation.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  No report due to the treasurer being on vacation.


6.     Report from Yavapai County:  Byron Jaspers, project coordinator, (771-3183) provided an update of the drainage and paving project on Verde Valley School Road and Bell Rock Blvd.  The county has placed letters on doors throughout the affected neighborhoods to inform them of the pending work.  A. Miner will be the contractor, there was specific verbiage inserted in the contract about dust control and the project is scheduled to begin the first week in August and be complete in February.  There will be some work done by Citizen’s Utilities to lay gas pipeline prior to that.  There will be a county inspector constantly on site.  There was a discussion of the need for two-way communication during the project, as well as the pros and cons of trenching vs. blasting for the large drainage pipe down Bell Rock Blvd.  Mr. Jaspers requested citizens’ input.  Other points of contact for work being done in conjunction with the county’s are Rick Castro, Citizen’s Utilities (634-5555) and Bob Witty, APS (cell phone: 300-1001, office 282-7129).


7.     Upcoming Sedona Centennial:  Carol Abrahamson briefed the council on plans that are being made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the naming of Sedona postoffice on June 26, 2002.  As residents of the greater Sedona area, Big Park is represented on the steering committee and our involvement is being encouraged.


8.     Committee Reports: 

  1. P&Z Liaison and Transportation (Joanne Johnson):

1.      Voicestream Wireless Communications – Bell Rock Plaza.  Raymond and Lynne Crowe, owners of a building in Bell Rock Plaza, and Voicestream Wireless have requested a permit to construct and operate a wireless communication facility on the rooftop of the building. The facility would consist of four - six foot antennas and three - three foot by five-foot cabinets in an area fifteen by twenty feet. This facility would be screened by "RF friendly "material to allow radio signals to pass through. The P&Z Committee recommends the Council write a letter to the P&Z Commissioners and County Supervisors requesting this permit be denied because of the aesthetic impact. The facility would raise the visual height of the two-story building by ten feet, which is against the desire of the Village to limit buildings to two stories. It will impact our Red Rock Vistas and conflict with our wishes to maintain a small town atmosphere.  Following an involved discussion on both this request and anticipated future requests, Joanne Johnson moved that the council ask the P&Z Commission to postpone this matter for one month, Barb Zeschke seconded; the vote passed with 7 for, 1 against and 1 abstaining.  Dan Wills, Interim Sedona Fire Chief, offered his technical experts to assist the DRO committee plus Dennis Parker and Bob Aberg to prepare a presentation to the next meeting of the council.

2.      Verde Valley School Parking and Event Permit Renewal.  Guy Grand of VV School has requested a renewal of a five year permit to expire in August of 1999.This permit is for six events exceeding 300 participants per year and to permit parking for two events - Jazz On The Rocks and VV Music Festival in an area off Hutson Road near the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Mr. Grand is not only requesting a renewal but to make them permanent. Your P&Z Committee recommends that the Council write a letter to the County recommending that the permits be renewed for a five year period but not on a permanent basis because times and conditions change.  Bob Aberg moved the council agree with the recommendation, Carolyn Fisher seconded; passed.

3.  Temporary Sales Office in Canyon Mesa III.  Canyon Mesa has requested a temporary sales and office trailer for their Phase III development (20 units). The trailer will be on a site for approximately 9 months. The P&Z Committee recommends that the comment sheet be sent to the County stating we have no objections.  The council agreed.

B.  Youth Committee.  Dorothy Hores reported that the response to the questionnaire has been fairly good, but they are hoping for at least a 10% return.  The results to date have been strongly in favor of a county park or some venue offering the kinds of activities proposed.  Any assistance in tallying these would be very welcome.  There will be a preliminary meeting in the school board in August to discuss possibilities for the site adjacent to the Big Park School. 


9.     New Business:  Dan Wills provided a briefing on the emergency squad procedures for responding and where a patient will be taken under various scenarios.  He emphasized that if the patient is conscious, expresses a desire to be taken to a specific nearby medical facility and there is no medical reason overriding that desire, the fire department will respect the patient’s wishes.  He also stated that the fire department will bill a patient’s insurance for the cost of the ambulance, but, if the patient is a local resident (within the fire district), no other attempt will be made to collect reimbursement.


10.   Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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