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Minutes of August, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

August 26, 1999


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  President Dick Byrnes called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were 12 member associations represented, constituting a quorum.  The agenda was altered to include Old Business, then was declared fixed.

3.     President’s Report:  President Byrnes read a statement from him in support of a community park.

4.     Secretary’s Report: 

  1.  Approval of minutes:  Joanne Johnson noted that 8.A.1. last sentence should read P&Z committee instead of DRO committee.  Dorothy Hores moved that the minutes be approved as corrected, Mary Boerschinger seconded, passed.
  2. Correspondence:  There was correspondence regarding the Deer Pass Ranch Resort and the community Park, which will be discussed under Committee Reports.

5.     Treasurer’s Report:  The only activity over the past three months has been payment of the bank service charge.  Joan McClelland moved the report been accepted, second by Jean Ray, passed.

6.     Committee Reports:

  1.  P&Z Liaison and Transportation (Joanne Johnson):

1. Update - Verde Valley School Parking and event permit renewal

The county P&Z and Supervisors agreed with our recommendations to allow the Parking and Use Permit for six events over 300 persons for VVS to run concurrently. Also they will be required to bring before the Council any requests for parking for more than the three events that currently permitted at the Sewer Treatment Plant.

2. Update - Canyon Mesa III - Temporary Sales Office

Our agreement to allow the Sales/ Office Trailer to be on site approximately nine months was passed by P&Z and the Supervisors. A limit of three months was placed on using a Banner Sign advertising Phase III of their development

3. Update - Peddler Permit

Mr. Steven Rodwin has reinstated his request to be permitted to sell his leather goods from a van adjacent to the Eastside of Hwy.179 South of the Kokopelli Inn and North of Cortez on the Cantu property. Mr. Cantu has vacillated, alternately refusing and granting permission for this activity. The council sent a letter of objection to the County concerning this activity in June. Your Committee asks that the Council send another letter of objection because of the aesthetics, safety and the opinion of many residents and businesses that this activity should be conducted at the Art and Craft Shows or in established indoor gifts shops.  The Council will send another letter to the P&Z opposing this, along the same lines as was sent previously but in stronger terms.

4. Village Signs

Your P&Z Committee has been working for several months on solving various sign issues on Hwy. 179 right of way and County right of way. We have excellent cooperation with the County concerning current problems and establishing a procedure for future sigh permits and enforcement. It is much more difficult to work ADOT in Flagstaff because they have guidelines from Phoenix and the Flagstaff jurisdiction is so large. We have to be patient and I am sure the ADOT right of way sign issue will be addressed.

5. Tourism

The P&Z Committee and the BPRCC Board members have been working on another sign issue, which involves tourism. We have seen a proliferation of tourist information signs which are coupled with Time Share information which does not seem appropriate. Tourist information and coupled with commercial establishments which my or not be advantageous to tourists. The Council has invited Tom Kelley, the new President of the Sedona CC, to speak to us at our 9:00 AM September meeting. He will address tourism and its effect on the Village.

6. Deer Pass Ranch Resort

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council has been asked to review this plan by the county because it adjoins our community plan.  President Byrnes wants the council to develop a position about this project for the next meeting.

7.  Verde Valley School Road update.  The median is being created and plans progressing.  Expect ongoing TV cable outages due to the erroneous marking of the cable location.

8.  Dennis Parker provided an update on the request before the P&Z Commission for VoiceStream antennas in Bell Rock Plaza.  The council group formed at the last council meeting met 3 times, but were not successful in getting a mock-up of the installation from VoiceStream.  Lynn Crowe told the council that the Bell Rock Plaza Association had voted against the currently submitted plan.  Since then VoiceStream has submitted a modification on the plan.  Dennis Parker moved that the council recommend the county deny the permit as currently submitted, Joan McClelland seconded; passed with 11 votes in favor of the motion.  Dennis’ group will evaluate a modified plan prior to the P&Z meeting if the Bell Rock Plaza Assn. approves the modification.

B.  Youth Committee:  In the absence of Bob Carlisle, Dick Byrnes reported on the School Board meeting which discussed the possibility of using the 5 acre parcel adjacent to Big Park School for a community park.  Several residents from the Big Park area were present at the school board meeting and the council meeting to protest the location of a park there.  Dick Byrnes requested that several of the most vocal of them work with the Village Park Recreation (VPR) Inc. on a suitable location for such a park.  Carol Agers moved that the Big Park Council recommend that VPR hold a public meeting concerning pans for a park as soon as a plan is available.  Dennis Parker seconded and following a lively discussion, the motion was passed.

6.     Old Business:  Carolyn Fisher reminded both council members and other visitors of the effort to develop a clear identity for this area.  She urged people to discuss this with friends, neighbors and business owners in the area and to provide feedback to the council either verbally or in writing.

7.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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