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Minutes of September, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

September 23, 1999


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  President Dick Byrnes opened the meeting at 9:07 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were 13 member associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.

3.     President’s Report:  Verde Valley School Road should be paved by December.  Bell Rock Blvd. will be a bit longer.

4.     Secretary’s Report:  Joan McClelland moved that the minutes be approved, Dorothy Hores seconded; passed.  Joan McClelland, the Corresponding Secretary, reported there was no correspondence.

5.     Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Bookwalter presented a copy of the Treasurer’s Report for September.  The Council may be able to save some money on liability insurance by changing insurance companies.  The report was passed without changes.

6.     Committee Reports: 

A..Parks and Recreation (Bob Carlile):  Bob reported that Village Park Recreation (VPR), Inc. is now a corporation with a Board of Directors, which Bob Carlile chairs.  VPR now has a Statement of Purpose and two goals.  The Statement of Purpose is VPR will provide recreation activities directed toward youth in the Big Park community.  The goals are (1) to make available positive recreational experiences for young people of school age in the Big Park area and (2) make available park space for all members of the Big Park area to enjoy.  To implement the first goal they have created a Recreation Committee, which Dorothy Hores chairs.  They are sponsoring two programs at Big Park Community School, one is a tennis instructional program (in cooperation with VOCA) and the other two dance classes.  They are asking other members of the community who could offer after-school programs to get in touch.  The PTSA is also interested in recreation activities as well as a park.  VPR is reopening the issue of sites for the park.  They have formed a Site Committee, with Jim Patterson as chair, and will hold their first meeting September 24th.  This meeting will establish a goal and look at immediately available sites.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  The Park Committee will meet on October 5th at 9:30 AM at the Doubltree’s Ironwood Suite and is open to all who are interested.

B. P&Z Liaison and Transportation (Joanne Johnson):

1.      Signage - Your P&Z Committee has scheduled a combined meeting of Committee members; Yavapai Co. and ADOT sign officials at the Village Fire Station #3 on September 30, 1999 at 1:00PM. . We have received excellent cooperation from the County on sign issues and we are working with ADOT. We will report on this subject at the next Council meeting. There has been a request by Harvard Investments Inc. to place a large off premise sign advertising La Barranca on private property located at the corner of Hwy. 179and Jacks Canyon Road. This type of off site advertising signage and its large size will violate the new DRO sign stipulations. Although the DRO is not completed or approved, I would like the Council to allow the P&Z Committee to respond to Harvard Investments Inc. and the owner of the property stating our objections to the sign.   After some discussion, including Joan McClelland’s request to table the decision until members can consult their HOA’s,  a motion was made to send Harvard Investments a friendly letter stating that what they are proposing appears to violate county ordinances and we would like to discuss this with them.  The motion passed with 12 out of 13 in favor.

2.   Peddler Permit - On September 8, the County P&Z Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the special use permit requested by Mr. Stephen Rodwin to permit outside sales of his leather goods and other merchandise. The site location was on the East Side of Hwy. 179 and South of the Kokopelli Inn on property owned by Mr. Ruben Cantu of Escondido California. Through the efforts of your Committee and the objections and letters from various business owners in the community, the VOCA Board and BBRCC, the permit request was defeated. The County Commissioners suggested that artist and peddlers could sell their products at established gift stores or at the Art and Craft Tents shows, which are already permitted The P&Z vote was upheld by the County Supervisors and the permit was denied.

3.   DRO Update - Your DRO Committee has completed the first phase of revising the former DRO which was never voted on by the Community. We have also used information from Flagstaff and Sedona plans. Thanks to Carolyn Fisher, we are in the process of re-typing the document with its additions. We hope to have the re-written copy by the middle of October. It will be presented to the business community for their comments and then presented to the Council for their comments and approval. The final step will be to submit the document to the County for their approval.

4.   Transportation - As everyone is aware, Phase II of VVSR and Bell Rock Blvd. is well underway. The County, Miner Construction and you Road Committee are trying to expedite this huge 1.6 million-dollar project and realize the impact on residents of the area is considerable. One of the largest problems this project has faced has been the combination of upgrading many other utilities so it will not be necessary to tear up the new roads in the future. The roads, with new medians, will be much more attractive. VOCA made the decision to impact our median with dirt from the trenching instead of placing the dirt on the West Side of the road that would have been a greater aesthetic impact on the golf course. The other utilities involved in the project were the sewer line upgrade, new APS wiring, Citizens Gas lines (Capped for the present) and most important a huge flood control project. After all these projects are completed the new road surfacing with stripped shoulders for bicycles and a pedestrian pathway will be built.  Dennis Parker suggested that, at the end of this project, letters be sent to both the county and the contractor commending them on the cooperation that has taken place during the project to minimize the negative effects on the neighborhood.

5.   VoiceStream Antenna Update (Dennis Parker) – After the August Council meeting, VoiceStream presented a modified proposal for their antennas on the building in Bell Rock Plaza which would only require raising the parapet around the building 2 to 4 feet.  This revised proposal was approved by the Bell Rock Plaza Association, the County P & Z Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  The Supervisors commended the collective group working on the issue on their ability to reverse the situation from the previous month when there was no agreement.

7.     Old Business:  Dark Sky Ordinance:  There was a discussion of the various violations in the Big Park area, as well as in Sedona, with businesses that violate the Dark Sky Ordinance.  Bill Kusner provided an update on the actions being taken by Keep Sedona Beautiful.  It was suggested that we communicate directly with parent corporations for better response to our concerns.

8.     New Business: 

  1.  The Centennial Committee requested the Council send a letter of support for the Centennial Celebration for the Greater Sedona area. 
  2. Fred Bales, the principal owner of the Biltmore at Oak Creek on Canyon Diablo, presented some ideas for expanded use by local residents (not in residence at the Biltmore) of their facilities. Any of these would require an amendment to their use permit from the county.  After some discussion, the council decided that they could not take a position without more specific details of what the change in use request would contain.  It will be considered by our P&Z Committee when it is placed on the County P&Z calendar.
  3. President Dick Byrnes requested volunteers (current officers are not eligible) for a Nominating Committee and an Audit Committee.  Bob Carlile, Bob Aberg and Carol Agers will form the Nominating Committee for officers for 2000.  Dennis Parker and Dick Byrnes will be on the Audit Committee.
  4. Upcoming meetings:  The November meeting will be the 18th at 9 AM to avoid Thanksgiving.  The December meeting will be held in conjunction with the county’s update meeting on Dec 15th at 5:30 PM.

9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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