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Minutes of October, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

October 28, 1999

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Byrnes at 6:35 PM.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  10 representatives or alternates were present, thereby establishing a quorum.


3.     President’s Report:  President Byrnes reminded everyone that one of the reasons that the council was formed was to provide cooperation between the community and county without incorporating.  He stated that he feels incorporation will be a topic for future discussions.


4.     Secretary’s Report: 


  1.  Minutes:  It was requested that the minutes (Section 6.B.5.) be changed to reflect that the Council’s P&Z Committee also approved the VoiceStream revised proposal.  Bob Carlile moved the minutes be accepted as changed, Dennis Parker seconded, passed.
  2. Correspondence:  President Byrnes received a letter from Chip Davis requesting that the community designate locations for the trailers for recycled goods.  Following a discussion of possible locations,  it was decided to reply to Chip’s letter suggesting the current location behind Big Park School, the delivery area behind Weber’s IGA, the Fire Station and/or the lower parking lot area behind the Outlet stores. 


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Bookwalter reminded the Council that we would be required to pay taxes to the IRS on any monies over $ 100 that is carried forward from one year to the next.  He requested the Council consider alternatives to deal with this situation and vote at the December meeting.  Carolyn Fisher moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted, Louisa Connell seconded, passed.

6.     Committee Reports: 

A.  Planning & Zoning: Village Baptist Church.  The Village Baptist church has requested a special use permit form the County to locate a lighted sign, advertising the Church, 15 feet on to a residentially zoned parcel on a landscaped green space under VOCA CC&R'S adjacent to Hwy. 179. This sign placement would require a County off-site permit and under County code, this can only occur on property zoned commercial C-3.There is not any C-3 zoning in our Big Park area.  This request is similar to the request, several months ago, by LaBarranca to place an off-site sign on a parcel adjacent to Hwy. 179 and Jack's Canyon Road.  The Council wrote a letter objecting to this sign and supporting the County sign ordinance, which prohibited this type of off-site signage. Your P&Z Committee recommends that the Council send a letter to the County requesting that this sign placement be denied.  The VOCA Board gave permission for this sign placement because of a special situation affecting VOCA only.  Following discussion, including comments by the Pastor of Village Baptist Church, Bob Carlile moved that the Council support the committee’s recommendation that the county deny the permit for the off-site sign, Barbara Zeschke seconded, motion was passed with 10 for and 1 abstaining. 

Lot 117.  Chris Dolan, of Casa Natural Builders Inc., is re-applying for a zoning change from R1L-10 (residential) to RS/Village Services in Bell Rock Vista I, located on the Southeast corner of Hwy. 179 and Navajo Road. VOCA helped the Bell Rock Vista subdivision to amend their CC&R'S to allow this change but any construction will be subject to the Architectural Control Committee criteria. In March of 1999 the Council sent a letter to the County asking for a reduction in the planned parking spaces because there was not sufficient turning area for automobiles. P&Z and the Supervisors turned down the proposed plan. The number of spaces allowed is important because they will designate which type of low traffic generating Village Services business can be accommodated. The new zoning change request and parking plans submitted have not changed from the previous plans. The P&Z Committee requests that the Council send a letter to the County accepting the Village Services designation with a stipulation reducing the planned parking by two spaces to allow for a safe turning area for automobiles.  Following extensive discussion, the decision was tabled until the November meeting to allow the P&Z committee to edit the County’s list of acceptable Residential Services for what is acceptable as Village Services.  

ack's Canyon Ridge - MSP Companies.
  This property is zoned R1L - 35 on 2.5 acres located on Jack's Canyon just North of  Kachina on the West side of Jack's canyon and East of Cathedral View, which is zoned R1L-10. They are requesting a zoning change from R1L-35 to R1L-18 to allow five units instead of the permitted 3 units. They will not build any driveway entrances on Jack's Canyon but will have two roads entering Jack's canyon from cul-de-sacs. Your committee feels that this is a good transitional project from the neighboring R1L - 10 zoning and commercial (Kachina) to R1-18.  We recommend the Council send a letter to the County stating we have no objections to this project.  Bob Carlile moved the Council support the committee recommendation, Dorothy seconded, passed unanimously.

B  DRO:  The DRO Committee, Dorothy Vandelinde, Alice Musgrove and myself have finished revising the former DRO, which was written several years ago. It was accepted by Yavapai County but never adopted by Big Park residents. We will be presenting the draft revision to the Village Business Association in November to enable their Board to review and discuss any changes with the Committee. The draft will then be presented to the Business Association to be voted on in December. The Committee will present the draft to be voted on by the Council and after the draft is accepted by the Council, it will be sent to the County.

C  VVSR and Bell Rock Blvd. - up date.  This project is on going.  The first layer of paving has been finished and the last layer will be completed soon. There is still some shoulder work to be done and there is more work to be completed on Bell Rock South such as additional storm drains. The intersection of VVSR and Bell Rock is completed and work is beginning on Bell Rock North. The project completion date is scheduled for the last of March. VOCA will have a curbed median and re-landscape their area in front of the Clubhouse. The VVSR Landscape Committee is being formed and anyone is welcome to participate, contact Joanne Johnson. We are setting up a procedure to receive donations for the project called VVSR Landscaping Project, in the National Bank of Arizona, 50 Bell Rock Plaza, in the Village - telephone 284-9350.

D.  Dark Skies violations.  President Dick Byrnes reported some progress on the lighting violations.  Tom Nickerson, the senior inspector for Yavapai County, visited our area during the evening to observe the situation and has sent Bank One’s new lighting plans to Dick to remove the lights that shine into the Estados.  KSB President Bill Kusner reported that they have been successful in getting the City of Sedona to agree to replace the lights in Uptown with a shoebox style that shines down.  Dick reported that the following were out of compliance:  Chevron, Red Rock Inn, Circle K is borderline.

E.  Parks and Recreation:  Dorothy Hores reported that the Recreation Program is continuing to provide activities for children who live in the Village.  Bob Carlile reported that the Park Committee met with Tod Grey, Director of Parks and Recreation for Coconino County, who has offered to be a resource for us as we try to establish a community park.  He said that parks are considered very desirable features by prospective residential buyers, that transients are not something you find in rural parks and that there are several ways to mitigate noise issues with things such as berms.  Jim Patterson has been very active as chair of the Site Committee and is hoping to submit write-ups on 7 sites to the Park Committee soon.  The next meeting of the Park Committee to look at the write-ups will be 9:30 AM November 17th at the Fire Station.  The public is invited, but requested to contact Bob Carlile if planning to attend so he can get materials to them ahead of the meeting.  Ruth Kane brought up the subject of the cable franchise fees that we are paying for parks.  She is pursuing where those fees are currently going and how we can get those monies funneled to the Big Park area. 


7.     New Business: Carolyn Fisher announced three upcoming community events:

  1. Halloween “Dance with your Kids” at Big Park School on October 29th.
  2. Harvest Festival on October 31st at Bell Rock Plaza.
  3. A tree trimming at Weber’s on December 3rd and 4th.  Details will be announced later.
  4. Dorothy Hores announced the availability of a booklet titled “This is the Verde Valley” about the history of the Valley.  Copies can be purchased for $3 each.


8.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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