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Minutes of November, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

November 18, 1999


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: President Dick Byrnes called the meeting to order at 9:08 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

2.     Establishing a Quorum: There were 12 member associations represented, establishing a quorum.

3.     President’s Report: President Byrnes reminded the council about the Sedona Centennial plans, including a meeting the evening of Nov. 18 at the public library.

4.     Secretary’s Report:

A.     Approval of minutes.  Dorothy Hores moved the minutes be approved, Louisa Connell seconded.  Passed unanimously.

B.  Correspondence.

1)     Petition circulated by George Stearnes.  President Byrnes read the petition as received from Mr. Stearnes.  Following a discussion of many of the issues brought up in the petition, including whether they were controllable by county agencies (the Council has no authority over anyone), President Byrnes requested a letter be sent to Mr. Stearnes that many of the items in the petition are of a personal nature and the others are in the process of being resolved.

2)     President Byrnes introduced the subject of speed humps for the south side of Bell Rock Blvd. near the school.  A discussion of the effectiveness of various speed control measures followed.  Pres. Byrnes requested a letter be sent to Richard Straub of Yavapai County recommending the pilot project on speed humps on Bell Rock Blvd. be extended to include the south side of Bell Rock by the school.  Also that a letter be sent to the school district and to the sheriff’s department requesting help with speed control.

5.     Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Bookwalter presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Dennis Parker moved that it be accepted, Dorothy Hores seconded; passed.  Bill asked for volunteers to form a Budget Committee (to meet immediately following the Council meeting today).  Dick Byrnes, Dorothy Hores and Dennis Parker volunteered.

6.     Old Business: Suncliff Drive Access.  Norm Davis and Mark Kuhack from Yavapai County presented their exploration of development of the access road between Pinon Woods and Jacks Canyon with property owners.  Only one of the property owners responded to county letters. This owner is a property speculator who would be interested in selling part of his parcel for an access road.  The proposed cost would be in the vicinity of $130,000 (contingent on an appraisal).  The County is asking for Council guidance on whether to pursue the purchase of the land necessary for an access road.  Dorothy Hores moved that the Council continue to support the development of Suncliffs Drive as an alternate access route to serve the east side of Highway 179 in Big Park including the acquisition of property as needed for adequate access, Joanne Johnson seconded; passed.

7.     Committee Reports: 

A.     P&Z Liaison and Transportation.  Signage.  Chip Davis repeated the difficulties the county has had with zoning inspectors.  Now that there are inspectors in place the county hopes to catch up with some of the alleged violations.  The committee is continuing to pressure ADOT to follow up on violators of their signage regulations.  President Byrnes expressed his frustration over ADOT’s lack of responsiveness to complaints as well as its internal communications failures.  Bob Aberg suggested we send a letter to Don Dorman of ADOT stating what it is the Council wants in the design of Highway 179 improvements.  Joanne Johnson suggested that we re-energize our Road Committee to meet with ADOT over sound walls as well as other plans that affect our community.

Art Shows. Lynne Crowe of Bell Rock Plaza has submitted a permit request to the County asking for a change in her existing permit to allow 20 shows instead of the current permit allowing 15 shows per year. She is also asking for a two-year permit, a change from her current permit of one year, which extends from April 1999 to April 2000. Her current permit was granted with stipulations one of, which stated a sign advertising the shows could be placed on each side of the existing Monument Sign only. This stipulation has been violated at each of the weekend shows. Banners and sandwich signs on ADOT right of way were used for advertising and violate ADOT regulations. Mr. Lockard, County Planner has responded to complaints by the P&Z Committee to Mrs. Campbell and Bell Rock Plaza stating their violations. The new permit requested by Mrs. Crowe has several statements, which are not acceptable to your Committee. She states without the Craft Shows, the Village area would be economically depressed. We do not feel the economic stability of the Village depends on the existence of Art and Craft Shows. They also have requested that the new permit start in January 2000 with 20 shows per year but their current permit allows only two more shows, one in November and one in December. Their previous proposal, in January 1999, said January and February would be off months. Some businesses support these shows but others resent the outdoor sales, which unfairly compete with businesses that are conducted inside buildings as per County Ordinances. Many residents have objected to the shows because of their visual impact. The Committee recommends that the Council send a letter stating our original request, in January 1999, for 12 events per year, one per month, and that the sign stipulation should be followed. Also to restate our fear that there may be many more requests for Art and Craft Tent Shows in the future which will create a carnival atmosphere in the Village. The Factory Outlet Mall has a permit for Art and craft tent shows and the Holiday Inn has conducted tent shows this year without a County permit.    Dennis Parker moved that the Council send a letter to Yavapai County recommending 12 shows per year and asking for sign enforcement (the same recommendation the Council made before), Bob Carlile seconded; passed with Jim Patterson of the Business Association abstaining.

B.    DRO Update. The DRO draft has been given to the Village Business Association and we are waiting to hear from them. We will present the accepted draft to the Council for its consideration as soon as possible.

C.    Parks and Recreation.  Bob Carlile provided an update of the progress of the Site Committee.  He and Jim Patterson provided an overview of the decision document and selection matrix, which the committee will be using, for the site selection.  There will be a public meeting on Saturday, December 11th, at 9:30 AM to look at site options.  They are asking for a strong community turnout.  Refreshments will be served.

D.  Nominating Committee.  Bob Carlile reported the slate of officers for the year 2000 to be as follows:  President – Carolyn Fisher; Vice President – Lloyd Marlowe; Secretary – Carol Agers; and Treasurer – Bill Bookwalter.  Nominations from the floor will be taken at the December meeting. Voting on the new officers will also take place at that meeting.

8.     New Business: President Byrnes introduced a possible future issue with the bed and breakfast being built on Red Butte and the concerns of the neighbors regarding the leach field being in a wash.  The property is within VOCA and is zoned for use as a B&B.

9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:14 AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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