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Minutes of December, 1999 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)

December 15, 1999


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Dick Byrnes at 5:37 PM.


2.     Establishing a Quorum:  There were 11 representatives at the beginning of the meeting with 2 additional ones arriving shortly thereafter, thus establishing a quorum.


3.     President’s Report:  Due to the short council meeting, President Byrnes skipped his report.


4.     Secretary’s Report: 

A.     Approval of minutes – The minutes of the November meeting were corrected to read “…outside VOCA…” in the last sentence under New Business.  Joan McClelland moved the minutes be approved as corrected, Bob Carlile seconded; passed.

B.  Correspondence – President Byrnes reported that Chip Davis sent a letter to Pam Maupin stating that a speed hump would be installed on Bell Rock Blvd south, between Verde Valley School Road and Saddlehorn.  The Council letter to Nancy Alexander about the traffic danger around the school was responded to by Russ Snider, Principal of Big Park School.  He listed the various actions he takes as ongoing measures to remind students and their parents of the traffic dangers.  Byrnes also mentioned the Council’s response to George Stearnes’ petition.


5.     Treasurer’s Report:  Dick Byrnes presented the Treasurer’s Report for December 1999, in Bill Bookwalter’s absence.  Dennis Parker moved that it be accepted, Bob Carlile seconded; passed.  The Budget for 2000 was presented.  Carol Agers moved that the surplus for 1999 remain in the treasury and not be donated, there was no second; the discussion was tabled until the January meeting.


6.     Committee Reports: 

A.     P&Z Report – Joanne Johnson told the council about a special use permit request that was coming up before the county in the near future that involved a property in the Pine Valley area.  The Pine Valley Homeowners Association is asking the Council to oppose the special use permit for Russell Sease, which asks permission to use his home for counseling and occasional overnight lodging.  Carolyn Fisher moved the council send a letter stating that we support the CC&Rs of our members (which prohibits this kind of operation), seconded by Joan McClelland; passed.

  1. DRO – The draft has been given to the business association for review and comments. 
  2. Village Services – Joan McClelland reported that this is to be fine-tuned at a meeting with Enalo Lockhart and five other people who were involved with the Community Plan.
  3. Parks and Recreation – Bob Carlile reported on the meeting held on December 11th to discuss possible sites.  The meeting was attended by over 70 people and the six candidate sites were prioritized based on select and defined criteria.  The top site was 10 acres of forest land south of the “egg” house and west of 179 and second was 5 acres of private land between Verde Valley School Road and the school’s “field of dreams” site.  The third site was 5 acres of private land next to the sewer plant, fourth was 10 – 20 acres of forest land on Jacks Canyon Road near the Jacks Canyon Trailhead, fifth was 5 acres next to Big Park School, and sixth was 5 acres of private land in the Suncliff area.  The organization will now get professional, as well as community, help to design facilities suitable for each of these sites.


7.     Old Business: 

  1. Dick Byrnes mentioned that the Executive Board voted to send a letter to Enalo Lockhart restating our support of member associations CC&Rs, especially in regards to the closure of the road through the Ridge townhomes, which is a private road.
  2. Barbara Zeschke inquired about the progress on the Dark Skies Ordinance violations.  Bank One was noted in violation by Tom Nickerson, Yavapai County inspector, and they are making plans to change that.  The Chevron station was not found in violation.   Bill Kusner, Keep Sedona Beautiful president, said they are contacting corporate presidents to note that, although some may within the letter of the law, many do not meet the intent of the law.
  3. Arizona Department of Transportation officials, Dan Dorman, Jim Confer and Chuck Gillick, were questioned about the signs which encroach on the right of way.  They have now surveyed, contacted the owner and expect the sign at Cortez Drive to be removed or moved out of their right of way.  Once the sign is out of ADOT right of way, it is an issue between the owner and Yavapai County.  Hal Carter from the Ridge Homeowners asked about the progress on the traffic signal on 179 at the entrance to the Sedona Golf Resort and Las Piedras.  The parts, which are non-standard, are on order and it is expected to go in sometime during late spring/early summer 2000.


8.     New Business: 

  1.  The slate of officers for 2000 was read.  President Byrnes called for nominations from the floor.  There were none.  He moved we vote by acclamation for the slate as presented, Louisa Connell seconded; passed.  Officers for 2000 will be:  President – Carolyn Fisher; Vice President – Lloyd Marlowe; Secretary – Carol Agers; and Treasurer – Bill Bookwalter. 
  2. Joanne Johnson announced the start of fundraising for the landscaping for the medians along Verde Valley School Road.  The project is being sponsored by the Sedona Village Business Association with an account being set up by the National Bank of Arizona in Bell Rock Plaza.  The work is estimated to cost $17,000.  Donations should be made to SVBA – Landscape Fund at National Bank of Arizona, 50 Bell Rock Plaza, Sedona AZ 86351.  


9.     Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:37 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Carolyn W. Fisher, Recording Secretary



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