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Minutes of July, 2003 Meeting


Minutes of January 2003 Meeting of Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of July, 2003 Meeting of Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

  1. Meeting of July 10, 2003 called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:05AM at the VOCA Meeting Room. 12 members were present, which is a quorum.

  2. The minutes of the June 12 meeting were approved as corrected.

  3. Corresponding Secretary – Correspondence was received regarding the Citizens Gas proposal to extend the gas pipeline into Sedona. The correspondence was in favor of delaying any action by Citizens until the path of the new SR 179 is resolved.

  4. Treasurer’s report – Bob Carlile reported (for Don Beard) that after payment of the annual liability insurance bill ($1,035 vs. a budget of $1,300), the June ending balance for the Regular account is $1,763. The Recreation account balance is now down to $8. Report was approved.

  5. Village Community News – Gail Shaw reported:

    1. A Public Outreach Team has been formed with Jim Gibson representing Yavapai County, Gale Shaw representing Big Park and Susan Soloman representing the City of Sedona;

    2. SR 179 – a draft of the plan to establish the “Needs Based” implementation process for the project has been written but will require additional changes before it becomes official. Public meetings related to the project will commence in the fall;

    3. Village Newsletter – the deadline for submitting material for the newsletter is the 20th of each month. The next issue will be published next week.

  6. Committee Reports:

    1. Transportation Committee:

      1. Jim Patterson reported that the primary focus of the Transportation committee has been SR 179. ADOT believe that the project is presently a little behind schedule but not seriously so. Formation of the DAPs presently is planned for the fall.

      2. Gas pipeline sub-committee: Will continue to sort out the issues related to the proposed pipeline extension and make every effort to have a recommendation for the BPRCC to discuss at the August 14 BPRCC meeting.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

      1. Variance by Capite family-- Judy Cooper reported the P&Z recommends approval of the zoning variance requested by the Capite family at 1440 Verde Valley School Road. The recommendation was approved by the Council.

      2. Multi Family Dwellings development: Coldwell Banker is proposing a new 50 unit multiple family development near the entrance to Las Piedras. The P&Z committee has some reservations regarding the proposal related to density and conformance with zoning ordinances. The proposal is still in preliminary stages, however.

      3. Definition of a School – A subcommittee of the P&Z was been formed to develop a recommendation for possible ordinance changes related to the definition of a School. Some of the concerns are:

        1. The County’s proposal may encourage “misuse” of a facility designated as a “school”.

        2. The County is not in the Curriculum business so it needs to limit the scope of its proposed definition.

        3. Recommend that the County set up a Special Use Permit system in order to minimize the risk of misuse of a “school” facility and protect Community interests. Such a system would require public hearings and head off potential conflicts.

      4. Joan McClelland Resignation – it was announced that Joan McClelland will be resigning from the BPRCC P&Z committee to become a member of the Yavapai County P&Z Commission. The Council approved the appointment of Bob Johnston to replace Mrs. McClelland.

    2. Recreation Committee:

      1. Park Improvement Update – Dorothy Hores reported that the new playground equipment for the park has been ordered at a cost of more than $34,000 and should be delivered within a couple of weeks. In support of the park improvements, Yavapai County has agreed to:

        1. Install the new equipment (approximately $6,000 savings to the project);

        2. Add restroom facilities;

        3. Rebuilding the Ramada;

        4. Construct a par course.

      2. A motion was approved by the Council authorizing a letter from BPRCC thanking Supervisor Chip Davis and the County for their generous and enthusiastic support of the project.

      3. Swimming Program Update—Dorothy Hores reported that the summer swim program has been extremely successful. The only problem so far is that some Hotel customers have complained that the pool is too crowded.

  1. New Business:

    1. Noise Abatement – Lloyd Marlowe reported from the recent Noise Abatement meeting that the discussion centered on the proposed new air traffic control tower for the Sedona airport. The project would cost approximately $1 million, 90% of which would be funded by the Federal Government. There have been some local funding commitments, but there is still presently a shortfall of approximately $50,000 to complete the project.

    2. Verde Valley Land Preservation Institute – Marybeth Carlile reported that the goal of the Institute is to preserve undeveloped Open space in the Verde Valley. The Institute has concentrated on two main efforts so far:

      1. Establishment of a planning council to begin (this fall) to perform a science based investigation of Verde Valley conditions;

      2. Work with developers who have land and show them the potential advantages of having open space to enhance their development.

The Institute wants to ensure that future projects are economically viable. The board will have representatives from all areas in the Verde Valley, including the Yavapai Apache Nation. The group grew out of the March, 2002 Open Space forum and the perceived need to coordinate Regional open space needs and committing to responsible development of the region. New Members are welcome (& encouraged).

c. Community Clean-up day – Zona Fink reported that timing for the next Community Clean-up day has not been determined and that Volunteers are needed to organize and set up the event. The Council agreed that this should be pursued.

  1. Old Business:

    1. Verde Valley Water Issues: Due to the length of the meeting, Dorothy Hores’ discussion on VV Water Issues will be deferred to the August meeting.

  2. Announcements:

    1. Central Basin Regional Council -- Zona Fink announced that Big Park will be hosting this group which has been established to deal with “common” Verde Valley area issues in a coordinated fashion.

    2. September BPRCC Meeting – Beginning with the September meeting, BPRCC monthly meetings will be held in the Fire Station in Big Park (behind Webers IGA).

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.

John Gillam


Minutes approved August 14,2003

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