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Minutes of August, 2005 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August, 2005 Meeting


1.  The Aug. 11, 2005 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President, Don Beard, at 9:00 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room.  Twelve (12) members and six (6) alternates were present, which is a quorum.

2.    The agenda was amended with two items added under Planning and Zoning.

3.  Mike Willett was not able to be present, but Zona Fink reported with information regarding the SR 179 enhancement grant proposal.  Mike met with ADOT on 8/10/05.  The grant is due 8/24/05.  There is a question regarding how the regular maintenance will be paid for once enhancements are added.  Zona has done a financial statement for the 501C3 account that is already in existence.  This account might be a possibility and an approval for the creation of a subcommittee within the BPRCC Transportation Committee was given earlier.  Zona will attempt to set up a meeting with Mike prior to the grant’s submission.

4.  The minutes of the July 14, 2005 meeting were accepted unanimously with one correction under item 6.2.6. (30 days changed to 60 days)

5.  Corresponding Secretary’s report:   None. 

6.  Treasurer’s report:  A report was submitted showing a current balance of $3,928.90.  The Recreation Committee account has a balance of $869.08.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report.  The vote was unanimous in support. 

       The Treasurer reported that the bill for BPRCC’s liability coverage was just received and will be paid and reflected in the August statement.

7.  Committee Reports:

1.  Transportation Committee:

1.     Joanne Johnson reported that there has been no action to report and that there will be no August meeting.

2.    Executive Team Report:  Zona Fink reported that the quarterly meeting was held.  ADOT reported in April that it was $13.5m short on funds to build the new SR 179.  Since then, Sedona has loaned $6m to ADOT and the remainder of the shortfall has been switched from other ADOT projects to this one.

2.  Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.  Board of Supervisors Meeting Report:  Action regarding property within VOCA (Ross) was taken by the Supervisors.  A 1997 use permit had allowed for a studio to be used as a guest home.  No records remain and the owner had been misled by a realtor.  The matter went back to VOCA and a compromise was reached.  The owner won’t rent the unit and it will be used only a few times per year.  The kitchen will also be removed..

 2.  Adobe Hacienda B & B Report:   The current owner and prospective owner of this property attended the July meeting of the P & Z committee.  The owner wanted to convert a current “storage” unit to a sixth room for rental.  The unit had originally been constructed without benefit of permits.  It would now be connected to the main structure by a breezeway which the owner said had been approved by the County.  The owner and prospective owner met with County staff following the P & Z meeting.  The owner was told that the proposed changes could not be made and that all facilities must be removed and the structure returned to a storage unit. The County can check the structure now for non-compliance.

 3.  Farmer’s Market:   The Committee reviewed the original permit granted the Market.  The permit limited sales to only produce typical of a roadside market.  The Committee will continue to work with the County and the owners to insure compliance.

 4.  Bell Rock Vista Track B Report:  A sub committee is currently working with the builder.  A second set of plans has been proposed following discussions with the Committee.  The plans have been taken to VOCA for review to insure that the project meets their restrictions.  After this step, it will come back to the Council.

 5.  The Egg House (Zanadu):   The owner of this property went to the County to request a special use permit allowing him to open his home as a “tour house.”  He was sent back to the P & Z Committee.  He went to neighboring homeowners and support wasn’t given.  No response has been received by P & Z.  This is a similar request to one made in the past.

6.  Zoning Variance Comment Sheet:  A comment sheet was received by the Committee too late for action regarding a variance requested for the Visitor Center Sign.  This sign was grandfathered and doesn’t meet current rules.  The owner has requested a change to 12 ft. so that the sign can have improved visibility.  The owner will go to the Board of Adjustment on Aug. 18, 2005 and ask for the change since he feels a hardship has been created since signs from neighboring businesses block the view of his sign.  Members were encouraged to attend the meeting.


8.  Old Business:

            1.  A draft letter to Win Oil was presented to the members for consideration.  A motion to send the letter was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

            2.  Paul Sullivan (Pinon Woods) has continued to work with the County to remove the “wood trucks” on Jacks Canyon Road.  The issue will be on the Sept. agenda for the Board of Supervisors.  No parking signs will be proposed.

9.  New Business:  None 

10.  Announcements:

       1.  Supervisor, Chip Davis, will hold the next community meeting on Oct. 24, 2005 at 6:30.  The location here in VOC will be announced at a later time.

       2.  Carolyn Fisher reported that the Board of Supervisors voted to provide $22,000/year for the first three years to support the library annex in VOC.  This money is available if the community raises the balance needed ($23,000) by January 2006.  The annex will begin with the first level of proposed service – pick-up and drop-off of books with a computer station – unless added funds are raised.  A fundraiser will take place at the Fine Arts Event held on Sept. 17 at the VOCA clubhouse.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:54 a.m.


Jane Petty, Secretary


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