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Minutes of July, 2005 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of July, 2005 Meeting


1.      The July 14, 2005 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by Zona Fink at 9:00 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room.  Eleven (11) members and three (3) alternates were present, which is a quorum.

2.    The agenda was amended with one item added under Planning and Zoning.

3.   The minutes of the June 9, 2005 meeting were accepted unanimously as submitted.

5.      Corresponding Secretary’s report:   A draft letter has been prepared to be sent to Win Oil and will be presented to members at the August meeting. 

5.      Treasurer’s report:  A report was submitted that showing a current balance of $3,928.90.  The Recreation Committee account has a balance of $869.08.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report.  The vote was unanimous in support. 

       Zona Fink requested that the Treasurer insure that the Directors and Officers Insurance has been paid with the Ayers and French agency.

6.      Committee Reports:

1.      Transportation Committee:

1.     Joanne Johnson reported that there has been no action to report and that there will be no July meeting.

2.    Announcements: (1.) ADOT open house July 26 and 27 at the project office from 8 – 10 a.m. and 5 – 7 p.m.; (2.) SR 179 Executive Team meeting – July 29.

2.      Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.      Proposal for Bell Rock Vista, Track B:  Bruce Miller, owner representative, presented plans for a condo complex at the June P & Z meeting.  A sub committee was formed to work with Mr. Miller on the plans.  He appeared very open to work with the committee to develop plans that enhance the community while remaining economically viable.

 2.  Lot split, Hwy 179:   Zona Fink reported that the owner’s representative had returned to the committee with plans that did not match the intent of the original discussion and were not acceptable to the committee.  He will return again in the future.

 3.  Art Center Development at Las Piedras/SR 179:  Henry Reiter, developer, attended the June P & Z meeting.  There are no new developments.

 4.  Board of Adjustments Meeting:  At the June 18th meeting, a request for a variance was denied.  The owner had wanted to enlarge an existing structure to 1380 sq. ft. to become a guest house.  The Board ruled that this was not a legal use of a variance.

 5.  The Board of Supervisors will consider the issue of multiple kitchens in a residence at their meeting on July 18, 2005.  The Council has a concern that language needs to be added covering bed and breakfasts since the proposed ordinance may allow more to be added in our community. Regarding other bed and breakfasts within the community, the P & Z committee will discuss proposed changes at the Adobe Hacienda Bed and Breakfast at its July meeting.  Concerns were raised as to legal issues related to these changes.

 6.  Helipad Report:  Joanne Johnson reported that several members of the Council had attended the court hearing regarding a summary judgment on the proposed helipad.  The judge’s decision is due within 60 days. 

7.      Old Business:

                               1.  A draft letter to Win Oil will be presented to BPRCC members at the August meeting.

                               2.   Paul Sullivan (Pinon Woods) attended the meeting and raised concerns related to the wood trucks parked on Jacks Canyon Rd.  He had done research and reported that Lt. Jay Parkison of the YSO and Bob Tate of the Public Works Dept. are hoping to be able to put up “No Parking” signs in the area to alleviate this concern.

                            3.  Mr. Sullivan also questioned the Council if any further action could be taken to remove the orange fencing at the old Wild Toucan site.  The Council members summarized past action and felt that the current fencing, although not attractive, was a welcome alternative to the past problems at the property.

8.      New Business: 

          1. The P & Z committee will follow-up with the new Farmer’s Market as items are being displayed along the highway that do not seem to fit with the original          intent of the market’s proposal. It has also been reported  that timeshare sales are being promoted at the site.

          2. Zona Fink announced that there is currently an opening on the Planning and Zoning Committee.  Interested parties should contact her.

         3. The P& Z committee will investigate if the former O’Malley property is being developed. 

9.  Announcements:  None


Meeting was adjourned at 9:58 a.m.



Jane Petty, Secretary



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