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Minutes of October, 2005 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of October, 2005 Meeting


1.      The October 13, 2005 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Don Beard at 9:03 a.m. at the Big Park Fire Station meeting room.  Eleven (11) members and five (5) alternates were present, which is a quorum.

2.    One announcement was added to the agenda.

3.  A donation was presented to the Council by the Fine Arts Committee (Joan Roberts, Judy Classen and Zona Fink).  The donation of $720.00 was raised at the September art show held at VOCA.  Local Village artists participated and chose the BPRCC as the recipient of their funds with directions that it should be used to support the monthly calendar prepared for students at Big Park School. A letter of thanks from the committee was read by the Council’s Corresponding Secretary.  It is hoped that this event will be repeated in the future and that community support for the event will be possible again.    

4.   The minutes of the Sept. 8, 2005 meeting were accepted unanimously as submitted.

5.      Corresponding Secretary’s report:   No correspondence was reported, but the secretary will send a note of thanks for the donation from the arts committee.

6.      Treasurer’s report:  A report was submitted showing a current balance of $2,803.90.  The Recreation Committee account has a balance of $869.08.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report.  The vote was unanimous in support. 

7.      Committee Reports:

A.      Transportation Committee:

1.  Report:  Executive Committee – SR 179:  Zona Fink reported on the quarterly meeting.  The Geo-Tech investigation is on-going and visible to drivers along SR 179.  During Phase I of the construction, five (5) intergovernmental agreements will be put in place to coordinate work during construction.  The committee is waiting to hear results regarding the potential grant from NACOG for road enhancements.  Zona said that the Executive Committee is a place where people can come to voice construction concerns.  This process has already been used.

2.  Report:  All American Road:  Bill Kusner reported on the trip to Washington, D.C. where members of the local nominating committee were on hand to receive the award and attend workshops.  Next steps for our area include:  new signage; ribbon cutting ceremony (date to be determined); work on the infrastructure steps for SR 179.  Zona Fink told the Council that a proposed change to BPRCC Policies and Procedures will be on the Nov. agenda.  The change would create a permanent committee to work on All American Road issues, rather than have it a part of the current Transportation Committee.  The proposal would then go back to all homeowners’ associations for review prior to a vote by the Council.

3.  John Gillam brought up a concern related to maintenance of the 8 ft. shoulder planned for SR 179.  ADOT will stripe this and put on decals to designate it as a bike lane.  The City of Sedona has contracted with a firm to sweep their sections from Back o’ Beyond into the City and it is hoped that there will be support for similar maintenance by the County or ADOT.


B.      Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.  Revision of PAD ordinances:  The P & Z Committee will review the proposed changes on Oct. 24th and submit comments to the County. 

2.  Condo Conversion:  BPRCC has learned that an existing rental apartment building on Bell Rock Blvd. has requested a change to condos.  A public meeting has been held, but the Committee received no notification.

3.  Lighting Ordinance:  Keep Sedona Beautiful has requested the Council’s support in their effort to enforce lighting ordinances.  Currently a home on Pinto Lane is being reviewed for compliance.

              C.      Recreation Committee:   No report


8.   Old Business:  A question was raised regarding the new paint colors on the Zanadu residence.  No permits are required and colors are the choice of the owner.

9.      New Business:  A letter was received by the Council from the homeowners’ association of Casa de Piedras.  The group wishes to join the Council.  A motion was made and seconded to send a letter to the association requesting copies of the documents required by the Council’s Bylaws prior to voting on their request for membership.  The motion carried unanimously.

     A discussion followed regarding the size of various homeowners’ associations and the Council’s current policy that each association has one vote, regardless of the number of members it represents.

10.  Announcements:

            A.  A nominating committee has been appointed by the president.  Members are:  Bob Carlisle, Carolyn Fisher and Nancy Brown.

            2.  Carolyn Fisher reported that the branch library in the Village will be located at 56 Cortez.  The group is approximately $4,000 short of its matching target.

            3.  Don Beard gave a summary of the meeting sponsored on Oct. 12 by the Sedona City Council and the Fire District.  The agenda topic was the exploration and consideration of alternative routes. Discussion centered on Red Rock Crossing.  BPRCC was invited to the meeting and President, Don Beard, spoke.  No action was taken at the meeting.    


Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.


Jane Petty, Secretary


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