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Minutes of January, 2008 Meeting



MINUTES – January 10, 2008


Thursday 9:00 A.M., Sedona Fire Station #3; 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351


1.     Call to order- Pledge of AllegiancePast President Bert Berkshire


2.     New Officers - elected at 13 December 2007 Meeting of the Council, Assume Duties

              Dorothy O’Brien               President (Las Piedras)

              Tom Graham                   Vice President (Casa de Piedras)

              Henry Reiter                    Secretary (Sedona Village Business Association)

              Dave Norton                    Treasurer (Village Estates)

              Bert Berkshire                 Immediate Past President (Sedona Golf Resort)   


3.  Determine quorum – 21 of the 24 Members were present and constituted a Quorum


Absent Members were: Canyon Mesa, Oak Creek Estates III, and Sundance HOA

(Note that a 25th Member, La Barranca I, was elected to the Council during the meeting, which brought attendance to 22 out of 25 Members)


4.  Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting - The Executive Board meeting was held this month on 7 January 2008 at 9:30 A.M, and attended by Bert Berkshire, Don Beard, Dorothy O’Brien, John Gillam, Tom Graham, Dave Norton, Henry Reiter, Zona Fink, Mark Mumaw, Joanne Johnson, and Carolyn Fisher – at the request of Zona Fink, a P&Z Committee Report was added to the agenda.


5.     Introductory Remarks by incoming President Dorothy O’Brien - The new President noted the significance of the community’s current growth and transition, developments that typically are accompanied by uncertainty. The new Council Officers will work for open and transparent community-wide communications and participation, continuing the work President Berkshire started.


The Council needs more input from our diverse neighborhoods, and as much as possible, Standing Committees should be comprised of geographically diverse community members. The Council’s Officers should speak with one clear voice from the Council, reflecting the wishes of the entire community to State, County and local leadership, including the media.


President O’Brien pointed to the great American volunteer spirit that keeps our community strong, healthy, and growing. She proposed a sense of succession planning, where more experienced Council Representatives and committee members are actively searching for and mentoring their successors. There should be an orientation session for all Representatives and Committee Members; there should be better press distribution of Council activities and agendas; community information reports will be increased, with presentations from such entities as state and county leadership, and service districts.


The new Council Officers hope that timely information widely available and distributed will give confidence to community members to participate in the process. The introduction of the use of a projector to show the meeting Agenda, meeting Minutes, live vote tallies, and other matters under consideration, is just one example of the Council’s commitment to provide information and involve the community.


President O’Brien presented Community Service Awards to Immediate Past President Bert Berkshire, Past P&Z Committee Chair Zona Fink, and Past Chair of the Transportation Committee Joanne Johnson.


6.  Visitor Presentation - Dick Ellis, former Sedona Mayor and Councilman couldn’t be present because of a death in the family. His presentation will be rescheduled for a future meeting.


7.  Secretary’s report - Henry Reiter

(a)  The minutes for the 8 November 2007 regular meeting were approved without change – see vote tally attached as Exhibit A [see Records/Archived Minutes on this website]

(b)  The minutes for the 30 November 2007 special meeting were approved with edits as marked in the attached Exhibit B [see Records/Archived Minutes on this website]

(c)  The minutes for the 13 December 2007 regular meeting were approved with edits as marked in the attached Exhibit C [see Records/Archived Minutes on this website]

(d)  Several Representatives advised of corrections to the Council Roster – a revised Roster will be sent out before the next Council meeting

(e) Outgoing Secretary Peggy Dorrell provided two boxes of Council records, which will be inventoried with a report submitted at the next Council meeting.


8.  Treasurer’s report – Jeff Dunn, outgoing Treasurer, presented the 2007 Treasurer’s Report, 2008 Proposed Budget, and the Recreation Account/Proposed Budget – see attached Exhibit D [see Records/Treasurer's Reports on this website]. Both the 2008 Budget and the Recreation Budget were unanimously adopted by the Council. Incoming Treasurer Dave Norton advised that he expects to provide his first report at the February meeting of the Council.


9.   Corresponding Secretary’s report – President O’Brien reported that the Executive Board is working on the issue of Corresponding Secretary. Jane Petty agreed to act as Corresponding Secretary Pro-tem until there is a resolution. Two letters were received: (1) Supervisor Chip Davis’ letter dated 18 December 2007 advising that the proposed traffic study recommended by the Council would be considered by the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on 22 January 2008, 9:00 AM in Cottonwood; and (2) an undated Board of Directors communication from Firecliff regarding the Pinon Woods gate and speeding on Suncliffe Drive. Copies of both communications are attached to these minutes as Exhibits E and F.


10.  New Members – La Barranca I’s membership status was raised before Agenda item #7 (consideration of previous meeting minutes) so all the Representatives agreed to hold a vote for admission. La Barranca I’s membership was approved by a show of hands.


11.  Appointment of Standing Committee Chairs Approved by the Executive Board (Bylaws ARTICLE VII, Section 2)   

(a)   Parks & Recreation Committee Chair – Past President Don Beard

(b)   Planning and Zoning Committee Chair – Mark Mumaw

(c)   Transportation Committee Chair – John Gillam

12.  Approval of Standing Committee Members by Council (Bylaws ARTICLE VII, Section 2)

(a)  Parks & Recreation Committee – Chair Don Beard will name members later. He advised that for the time being he has given up on securing a park site and decided to focus on activities. He advised the Council that parent involvement is needed and is looking for community volunteers

(b)  Planning and Zoning Committee – Chair Mark Mumaw named 9 members (Carolyn Fisher, Jane Petty, Joanne Johnson, Bert Berkshire, Peggy Dorrell, Bill Kusner, Craig Dible, Phil Shuper, and Bob Carabell) plus 5 alternates (Don Beard, Neil Pope, Ruth Kane, Mel Rycus, and Jim Gibson) – special thanks to Carolyn Fisher and Zona Fink for assisting Mark in the transition

(c) Transportation Committee – Chair John Gillam named 6 members (Sheri Walter, Steve Suter, Norm Murdock, Joanne Johnson, Bob Herring, and Jim Gibson) ; he advised that Committee meetings will be held on the 4th Monday of the month, at 9:00 AM, though the January 28th meeting will be at 8:30 AM.


All of the above committee members were approved unanimously by the Council.


13. Committee Reports

(a)   Ad Hoc Website Committee - Jane Petty – the Council approved a website expenditure at its 8 November 2007 meeting (see approved Minutes, paragraph 13) – motion was made and passed to form ad hoc committee headed by Jane Petty, who will recommend a chair at the next Council meeting

(b)   P&Z Committee – Past Chair Zona Fink presented two Zoning Ordinance modifications under consideration by the County Board of Supervisors (see 8-page PDF sent on 7 January 2008)

(1)   H7179 is a proposed modification intended to conform with state law to allow restaurant patio facilities under certain conditions – the P&Z Committee recommended “no comment” and the Council passed a motion with one abstention to accept the recommendation to make no comment to the County on this proposal.

(2)   H7174 is a proposed modification intended to eliminate the requirement of maximum building height in stories as long as structures did not exceed the maximum building height in feet – the P&Z Committee recommended “no comment”. After some discussion, it became clear that the 40 and 50 foot maximum building heights in Districts C-1 and C-2 would affect Red Rock view sheds along Highway 179 in the village. Motion was made that the Council recommend keeping the 2-story maximum building height – that motion did not pass by a vote of 8 yes, 11 no, and 2 abstentions – see Exhibit H. Another motion to accept the P&Z Committee recommendation passed by a vote of 14 yes, 4 no, and 3 abstentions; see vote tally in attached Exhibit G. Several speakers, including Bill Kusner of Keep Sedona Beautiful, Ruth Kane of the All-American Road Committee, and Henry Reiter of the Sedona Village Business Association, indicated that they would advise the County Board of Supervisors of their concerns regarding Red Rock view sheds along Highway 179 in the village.


14.  Old Business - Report from Carolyn Fisher, BPRCC representatives on SID Steering Committee - this committee consists of 5 community associations - Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (Janis Mock-Jones, Carolyn Fisher, and Tom Graham), the Sedona Village Business Association (Henry Reiter, with Doug McDaniel as alternate), Village Park Recreation, Inc. – “VPRI” - (Zona Fink, Bill Kusner and Bob Carabell), Village Oak Creek Association (Gary Kincaid, Joanne Johnson and Noel Smith) and the All American Road Committee (Ruth Kane, Jim Gibson and Dave Benore). The committee has met almost every week since its formation in September, and sometimes more often. Three Town Hall meetings were held, flyers were mailed to property owners in the proposed district; a website was established to provide information and access to the petition; volunteers were organized to canvass for signatures. Funding for the efforts, mostly for mailings, has been provided by VPRI from their donated funds. VPRI, Inc. has received, after this past Christmas, some reimbursement funds for that work from their ADOT "seed grant", which was applied for in 2006.


As of January 3, 2008, approximately 1,463 property signatures have been collected. This represents about 35% of the 4,177 property owners in the proposed district, and almost 60% of the 2,507 signatures for the majority typically required by the County. Members of the Steering Committee have been in contact with officials of Yavapai County and ADOT over the possibility of acceptance of signatures into 2008, given the short lead time for organizing this effort, the holidays and cold weather that made contacts difficult. A decision from the County is expected soon.


15.  New Business - Report from Kathy Nelms, Chair of the Main Street Revitalization Committee, Sedona Village Business Association – “SVBA” - advised of the business community’s current dire straits and her Committee’s plan to address numerous issues facing community businesses. One of the first goals is to obtain state “Main Street” designation for the commercial area of 179 which will provide a basis to bring our community together with a common vision.


The Committee is also concerned about the current situation of the Red Rock Enhancement Maintenance District petition drive. The SVBA enthusiastically supports the goal of creating a source of maintenance funding for the Hwy 179 enhancements and also supports creation of the District.


The SVBA has decided that there is too much at risk for our community and local businesses to lose the grant enhancements. And, if it appears that the requisite majority of property owners will not approve the creation of the District, the SVBA will take such further reasonable and necessary steps to assist in the development of a safety net to preserve the enhancement grant funding.


16. Announcements – President O’Brien read an email from the Yavapai County Trails Coordinator Kyle Birkemeier, who advised of a meeting that they were hosting on January 24th at 10:00 AM in the Jerome Town Hall. The meeting will focus on creating a Master Trails Plan for the Verde Valley and will feature speakers and presentations as well as a work session and is expected to last 3 to 4 hours. Kyle can be reached at (928) 442-5687.


17. Adjournment – the meeting adjourned approximately 11:25 AM





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