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Minutes of February, 2008 Meeting



PO Box 20248, Sedona AZ 86351

FEBRUARY REGULAR MEETING - 9:00 A.M., Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 – 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351


Call to order- Pledge of Allegiance - Fire Chief Matt Shobert

1.    Determine quorum by roll call – 21 of the 25 current members were present, 4 absent – (Please see attached Exhibit A) - there were approximately 25 members of the public present.

2.    Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting – are reflected in this Agenda

(The Executive Board meeting was held at Villa Serena, one of the Las Posadas B&B’s, 26 Avenida de Piedras, on 2/11/08 at 9:30 A.M. Call Tom Graham if you need directions - 284-0671)


3.    President’s report – Dorothy O’Brien discussed upcoming presentations and introduced Fire Chief Matt Shobert and Deputy Fire Marshall Gary Johnson.

4.    Secretary’s report - Henry Reiter

(a)  Consideration and approval of minutes for 1/10/08 regular (& annual) meeting – approved as amended by a show of hands.


(b)  Report on inventory of Council Records – receipt of Council records from Peggy Dorrell was acknowledged, and an inventory will be documented and made available to Members.

5.    Treasurer’s report – Dave Norton

(a)  Monthly Report - (Please see attached Exhibit B [see Records/Treasurer's Reports on this website])


(b)  Expense Reimbursements – on motion made by John Gillam and seconded by Gary Kincaid, the following resolution was passed by a vote of 20 to 1 (Please see attached Exhibit C) as follows: “Future expenditures by Standing Committees of the Big Park Council request advance approval from the Executive Committee or the Council for expenditures excepting Postage, Stationary, Copies and the like.”


(c)  Roster Updates - (Please see attached Exhibit D)

6.    Corresponding Secretary’s report – Jane Petty – nothing to report

7.    New Members/Member Changes – consideration of CR Ranch application – on motion duly made and seconded, the application was unanimously approved. There were 4 items regarding Member changes submitted at the meeting - (Please see attached Exhibits E-1 through E-4)

8.    Visitor Presentation - Yavapai County Development Services

Boyce Macdonald, Senior Land Use Specialist, and Tammy Dewitt, Planner, made a thorough presentation on what the County Development Services Department does, including: permitting and handling variance requests, use permits, zoning map changes, and grandfathering (a legal non-conforming use). The County has a mail or complaint line for enforcement issues, but note that it does not enforce CC&R’s – these are the responsibility of the HOA’s. The County is only pro-active on enforcement of safety issues. The violation process consists of starting a file, and if there is a violation, a remedy period is specified. If violation is not remedied, the matter goes to a Hearing Officer (administrative judge) and a hearing is held in which the violator is the defendant.


Discussion concluded with the issue of notice to neighbors before an action is taken on an application. Currently, the County relies on the applicant’s representation that notice has been given pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance requirements and Development Services staff requirements, including the posting of an “orange notice” sign on the property. Several of the Member representatives and public guests expressed concern with recent apparent failures by applicants to notify affected neighbors.



9. Committee Reports

(a) Transportation Committee – John Gillam

(i)    Recommendations on Jacks Canyon Road Speed Limit and possible Crosswalk or other traffic calming "device" at Canyon Mesa main entrance: on motion made by Jane Petty and seconded by Joanne Johnson, the following resolution was passed by a vote of 21-1 (with Firecliff against) “Big Park Council to accept the recommendation of the Transportation Committee and Yavapai County to raise the speed limit on Jacks Canyon Rd. (between Lee Mountain Road and SR 179) from 25 mph to 30 mph.” A subsequent motion made by Hugh Coble and seconded by Don Beard was passed unanimously: “The Big Park Council to ask the County to consider installing signage or other traffic calming device in the area of the Canyon Mesa main entrance, in conjunction with the speed limit change.”

(ii)   Update and approval of Transportation Committee members – the list of committee members was updated and unanimously approved (Please see attached Exhibit F)

(iii)  Damage to Pinon Woods gate – the committee is working with Mike Willett at the County and Steve Suter reported on Fire Marshall’s process for opening gate in emergency - on motion made and unanimously approved, the Members voted to request a protocol from the Fire Department regarding circumstances of opening gate.

(iv)  Next Meeting Monday, 8:30am, Feb 25 @ Sedona Winds Library

(b)  Recreation Committee – Don Beard

(i)    Consideration and approval of proposed Committee members - Bob Carlile, Denis Garlan, Daring Farnsworth, and Kortney Zesinger – on motion duly made and seconded, the four committee members were approved unanimously.

(c)  P&Z Committee - Mark Mumaw

(i)    Update on McGahan B&B Homestay Special Permit application. The Planning and Zoning Committee recommended that the following communication be sent to the Yavapai County Development Services concerning the Bed and Breakfast Homestay use permit application at 25 Wild Horse Mesa Circle - “The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council wishes to retract its previous comments concerning the Bed and Breakfast Homestay use permit application at 25 Wild Horse Mesa Circle. Additional concerns and issues have been brought to the attention of the Council requiring additional research by our Planning and Zoning Committee. We will provide comments, if any, immediately following the March 13 BPRCC meeting which is prior to the public hearing set for March 19.” – on motion made by Carolyn Fisher and seconded by Dorothy Baker, this resolution was unanimously approved.

(ii)   2008 meeting schedule – the next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 5th, 8:30 AM, at Sedona Winds library. A schedule for this year’s meetings will be published soon.    

(iii)  Update on policies and procedures – committee will need time to develop

(d)   Website Committee – Jane Petty reported that the committee will be making its recommendations for web site content, which are to include Council records, roster of Council and Committee members, associated documents, helpful web links, current agendas and minutes, and a “Contact Us” section for email communication with the Council. The next step for the committee will be to work through the Executive Board to approve content before it is sent to the web master. Then, content will be posted and available to Members and the public. This same protocol will be used to add any future new information to the site.

Volunteers are needed to join the committee.

10.  Other Reports

(a)  ADOT Partnership Meeting - Zona Fink reported that executive teams met January 15th to respond to questions on ADOT’s Project II work for Highway 179.

(b)  Yavapai County Regional Planners – Joanne Johnson reported on January 16th meeting at which it seemed that representatives from the BPRCC were not expected to attend – the County advised that they will rectify the situation for the future.

(c)  Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan – there is no BPRCC representative at this time

(d)  Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization (VVTPO) – John Gillam said that he will be providing reports in the future

(e)  SID Steering Committee

(i) – Henry Reiter reported on petition signing activity that indicates over 40% of all eligible property owners have signed the SID petition in the 80 days of its availability. (Please see attached Exhibit G)

(ii) – Carolyn Fisher read a letter from Nancy Brown (Please see attached Exhibit H)

(f)   Sedona Village Business Association – no report until next month

(g)  Special District – this is a place holder section for reports from the area’s special districts, including the Sedona Fire Department, the Sedona-Oak Creek School District, and the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District.

11.  Old Business

(a)  Discussion of Arizona Open Meeting Law – led by Tom Graham, who presented his two-page summary report (Please see attached Exhibit I)


12.  New Business -  none


13.  Announcements


(a)  Senator Tom O’Halleran – legislative update 2/26/08 at Sedona Winds, 7:00 PM (Please see attached Exhibit J)

(b)  Supervisor Davis Community Meeting – 3/18/08, Hilton Tequa Ballroom 6:30 PM

(c)  Forest Service Ranger Station Grand Opening – 3/18/08, 2:30 PM

(d)  Senator Tom O’Halleran – legislative update 4/22/08, Hilton Tequa Ballroom 7:00 PM   

 14.  Adjournment

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