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Minutes of December, 1996 FIRST MEETING





December 19, 1996

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: at 9:00am by temporary chairman, Dick Byrnes.


2.     Articles of Incorporation. Dick Byrnes will send in the paperwork necessary to incorporate our organization according to Arizona Statues by Christmas.


3.     By-Laws. The draft By-Laws were discussed. The following technical changes involving redundancy were approved and noted by Dottie Lucas for the final draft: omission of Article X in entirety (redundant with IV, Sec. 7); omit second sentence of Art. VI, Sec. 1 (redundant with IV, Sec. 7). There was considerable discussion about changing the wording of Article V1 Sec. 2 (page 7) to read: two-thirds vote. The chair moved the question. More discussion. Then a motion was made to adopt the By-laws as written. The chair ruled that this motion took precedence. The motion was approved.


4.     Election of Officers. The By-Laws state that all officers must be Council members. This necessitated changing the slate of officers presented at the previous meeting. The following officers were elected:


President:                                 Craig Stromme

Vice President:                          Joan McClelland

Secretary:                                 Bob Carlile

Treasurer:                                  Dorothy Horse


Three Executive Board members were elected: Ron Tanner, Dottie Lucas, and Dick Byrnes. After the election of officers, the meeting was chaired by Craig Stromme.


5.     Big Park Community Plan. Letters have been sent to Yavapai County Supervisors and the Planning and Zoning Commission by Dick Byrnes to initiate the procedure of updating our community plan. The present plan was intended to span 5 years, and yet it has been in existence for 8 years. Supervisor Chip Davis has agreed to help expedite this matter.


6.     Pebble Drive Gate. Candace Czarny presented her reasons for favoring opening this gate. The past president of Pinon Woods Homeowners Assn. presented the opposite view, favoring only opening it for emergency traffic. A committee consisting of Dick Byrnes, Ron Tanner, Joanne Johnson, and Joan McClelland was appointed by Craig Stromme will study the question and report back at the next meeting (Jan. 16).


7.     Dues. Each member organization should bring a check for $100 for 1997 dues to the next meeting (Jan. 16). This is the amount due according to the By—Laws.


8.     Next Meeting of BPRCC: Jan. 16, 1997 at 9 am in Village of Oak Creek Community Center.



Respectfully submitted,




Robert N. Carlile Secretary, with thanks to Joan McClelland and Lloyd Marlowe.




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