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Minutes of April, 1997 Meeting



April 24, 1997
Village of Oak Creek Community Center

1.   Call to order: 7:00 pm by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.

2.   Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Role Call sheet: Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Lynne Crowe, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Kathleen Moore, Jim Odenkirk, Craig Stromme, Ron Tanner, Carol Agers, Joan Steninger.

3.   Secretary’s Report (Bob Carlile, Secretary). Minutes of Meeting of March 27, 1997, approved. Carol Agers will replace Phyllis Medley as Alternative of Valley Vista Estates Homeowners Assn. An application for membership from Pinon Valley Estates has been received.

4.   Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores, Treasurer). Dues received from 14 Homeowners’ Assns. Total deposits currently are $1395.00; total expenditures are $129.10, for a current balance of $1265.90.

5.   President’s Report (Craig Stromme, President). President Stromme made some comments about the functioning of BPRCC. We should strive for openness and disclosure. It is important to keep the right attitude as members of the Council. We’re here for service. Our function is to serve the neighborhood, community, and County. We might apply rules of Rotary: Is it the truth, is it fair, is it beneficial? We should strive to get our message out. We might have an information officer who can get notices of meetings and other relevant information in the local papers, Red Rock News and Villager. Some possible ideas for generating interest might be: a ‘WANTED’ poster saying ‘We want you to join BPRCC’; a membership drive; run adds on the KAZM; post notices on billboards around the Village. It was suggested that the other Homeowners’ Assns. could be contacted directly. Carol Agers volunteered to act as an information officer and President Stromme agreed to help. Joan McClelland moved that we spend $100 for the purpose of furthering membership. Seconded/Passed. How do we receive input? Some ideas: through our Committees; a special meeting analogous to the Visioning Meeting; put up a notice that would say ‘Got a beef?’ and state a phone number where people can call. What are the rules? Should our Committees be open to anyone who wishes to join? President Stromme said that we have one committee which has been closed to new members. Is this acceptable? Bob Carlile stated that the committee to which President Stromme is referring is the Wastewater Treatment Committee, of which he is the co-chair, and that he closed it to new membership. He asked the Council if they considered this acceptable? It was suggested from the audience that for a committee to operate effectively, the chair should be able to select the members of the committee, subject to the approval of the main board. If, on the other hand, the committee is left open to anyone who wishes to join, the committee may become ineffective. Dorothy Hores, who stated that she favored openness, said that when a committee had progressed to the point where it has gathered the information it needs to prepare a report, that the committee may then be closed to new members. However, meetings of the committee should be open to the public. She drew the distinction between membership and attendance. Joan McClelland suggested that not every committee meeting needs to be open to the public. Ron Tanner suggested that for the purpose of getting the work of the committee done, that many committee meetings should be closed to the public, and that input from non-committee members could be obtained at special committee meetings held for that purpose or at general Council meetings. Joan McClelland said that on the particular issue of closing the Wastewater Treatment Committee, there seems to be a consensus that it should be closed to new members. She moved that this committee is closed. Dick Bryne seconded. Carolyn Fisher then pointed out that the By-Laws already covered the question of closing committees to new members. Article VII, Section 6 states: “Committee chairpersons shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Council of Representatives, members of their committees, . ..“ Joan McClelland withdrew her motion, and the discussion ended. President Stromme suggested that we may wish to obtain Directors and Officers Insurance to protect the Council of Representatives from liability. Carolyn Fisher moved that we investigate this type of insurance. Seconded/Passed. Bob Carlile will investigate costs and extent of coverage.

6.   New Business.
A. Fire Department Location. There was a consensus that Site #1, of the Sedona Fire District Site Study, located near the new post office, was the best choice. Wild Turkey Townhouses and VOCA had voted as members for this choice. Ron Tanner moved that the Council endorse Site #1. Seconded/Passed. Secretary Carlile will write a letter to Fire Chief Alvord informing him of the Council’s endorsement of Site #1.

B. Big Park Plan Revisions (Joan McClelland, Chair). The sub-committees are: Land Use, Transportation, Public Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Environmental Issues, have broad community representation. There was then discussion about the procedure to be followed to complete the revision. It was suggested that the five sub-committees each produce a document stating what the new plan should look like in their respective domains. This should be done with interaction among the subcommittees. President Stromme suggested the following: he would work out a schedule showing when each sub-committee expected to have its work completed; the final documents from the subcommittees would then be brought to the Council; the sub-committees would take Council input back and revise their documents; revisions would be returned to the Council; we could have a Saturday morning public meeting for last comments. Dorothy Hores emphasized that the Representatives should given the opportunity to provide significant input from their Association members. A timetable for completion of about six months was suggested.

C. Other Committee Reports. 179 Committee (Jim Moore represented John Humphery, Chair): Jim reported that our input must be provided to ADOT on an accelerated schedule to have any impact. Alternate Routes (Dick Byrnes, Chair): Chip Davis is forming groups to study transportation. President Stromme is on his task force. Parks and Recreation (Bob Wier and Bob Aberg, co—chair): Ken Anderson will attend the next general meeting of BPRCC. P&Z Liaison (Joanne Johnson, chair): There will be a combined meeting of P&Z Liaison and VOCA PUT Monday, April 28. Wastewater Treatment (Bob Carlile, Ruth Kane, co-chair): HB 2079 did pass so authority to operate Big Park Wastewater Treatment Plant will be transferred from the County to the District. We welcome input from members about your concerns.

7.   Adjournment. About 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Carlile,



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