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Minutes of January, 1997 Meeting





January 16, 1997


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 9:02 am by President, Craig Stromme.


2.    Role Call was read by Secretary, Bob Carlile, and a quorum was

established. Delegates and Alternates present: Bob Aberg, Bob

Wier, LLoyd Westby, Phyllis Medley, Dottie Lucas, Lloyd Marlowe,

Bob Carlile, Craig Stromme, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Joan

McClelland, Alice Musgrove, Dick Painter, John Humphery, Craig

Dible. An audience of 10 persons was in attendance.


3.    Minutes. Moved to accept the Minutes of Dec. 19, 1996 Meeting. Seconded/Approved.


4.    Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Dorothy Hores stated that a Tax ID number has not yet been assigned, nor has a bank account been established. A letter will go out to each Association member requesting payment of dues of $100 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1997. Ms. Hores requested volunteers to serve on the Budget Committee.


5.    Committee Reports.


A. Pebble Gate Committee. Joan McClelland reported on the history of the origin of the gate on Pebble Drive where it joins Pinon Woods Drive. The details are included in Attachment A to these Minutes. In summary, the Supervisors gave approval for Unit III of Pinon Woods on condition that this gate be constructed. There was a perception that the access of Pebble Drive to Pinon Woods Drive would create an unacceptable level of traffic flow through the adjacent neighborhoods, and a subsequent traffic impact analysis study showed that this was the case.


The controversies that now surround the presence of this gate appear to consist of a) safety: lack of emergency vehicle access, and b) safety: too high a traffic flow. The first item a), however, seems to be moderated by all emergency vehicle personnel having a key to the gate. Gene Chesson, HPR Investors, developers of Pinon Woods II and III, reported that every emergency vehicle staff member has a key and that a procedure is either in process or underway to have the gate open when the emergency vehicle arrives. He pointed out that the gate is not a break-a-way gate and that it will damage a car that strikes it.


Ms. McClelland stated that the options for the gate are:

1. Status quo: leave the gate locked with emergency vehicle access only;

2. Unlock the gate; a sign would state that the gate is for emergency use only and that violators will be prosecuted.

3. Open the gate and locate speed bumps on Pinon Woods Dr. (it was pointed out that this is unacceptable to County).


President Stromme stated that the role of BPRCC in this matter is to gather information and attempt to present to the Supervisors a consensus of the community, if that is possible.


B. Business Owners Meeting. On Jan. 7 this group met to discuss the feasibility of forming a Chamber of Commerce in VOC. No decision was reached.


6.    Big Park Community Plan Revision. President Stromme stated that in the wording of the Big Park Community Plan that was approved eight years ago, there is a statement that the plan should be revised “in five years.” The Supervisors will have to give approval for this plan to be revised since County staff will be involved. President Stromme is looking for volunteers for a committee to start this process.


7.    Formation of New Committees. President Stromme gave a review of the visioning meeting that was held at VOCA Community Center on Nov. 9. That meeting lead to the definition of a large number of issues that are of concern to the VOC community. These issues were prioritized at that meeting. The list of the prioritized issues has been published widely and were attached to the Minutes of the Dec. 19 meeting. There was a consensus that BPRCC should consider addressing those issues that are of the highest priority. President Stromme pointed out that approximately the top ten issues could be addressed through four Committees. After some discussion a fifth committee was added. The committees are: 1. Budget Committee; 2. Big Park Community Plan Committee; 3. Highway 179 Committee; 4. Parks and Recreation Committee; 5. Planning and Zoning Liaison Committee. A call was made to the membership and to the audience for volunteers for these committees. A list of the volunteers and temporary Chairman for each Committee is given in Attachment B. Each Committee will give a report regarding their priorities at the next BPRCC meeting.


8.    Planning and Zoning Issue. Ruth Kane, VOCA member, said that the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission was considering a resolution to allow P&Z staff to alter a current zoning plan by making minor changes in density in that plan. There was a consensus that BPRCC should strongly oppose this resolution. Bob Aberg made a motion to send a letter to P&Z and P&Z staff indicating our displeasure. After some discussion, the reworded motion by Bob Aberg was: I move that a letter be sent to P&Z and P&Z staff stating that BPRCC objects to P&Z staff being allowed to make any changes in density in current zoning in the Big Park area without review by BPRCC. Seconded by Alice Musgrove. Passed.


Joanne Johnson had left the meeting to get more information about the P&Z resolution. She returned to say that the motion was moot because the resolution had already been passed by P&Z and had been approved by the Supervisors. It was informally decided to still send a letter to P&Z indicating our displeasure.


9.    Fire Chief Report. Scott Alvord, Fire Chief, gave a report stating that two full time career personnel are now on duty to supplement the volunteers. He is looking for a new site in VOC for the fire facilities.


lO. Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.




Respectfully submitted,




Bob Carlile, Secretary








The Pebble Gate Story


When Unit 1,Pinon Woods, was approved by the County Board of Supervisors, access to that subdivision was obtained by the developer purchasing Lot 29, B.R. Vista 1 and converting it into a road. At that time, the owner of Suncliffe Estates, a proposed development abutting Pinon Woods on the south and running down to Jack’s Canyon Road, had agreed to pave a north-south road through their subdivision which would serve as a second entrance road for Pinon Woods . Subsequently, The Suncliffe property went into bankruptcy and this connector road was never built.


The county accepted the Bell Rock Vista Lot 29 road in 1984. The approval was conditioned on the premise that this road would be used as a temporary road and would be closed at some future date at which point it would be used for emergency vehicles only. In 1985 the county supervisor stated his position was that the Lot 29 road “will be limited to emergency service vehicles and personnel. A final decision on total or partial closure or perhaps allowing residential use of this traffic access will have to be determined at a later date.”


When Pinon Woods, Unit 11, was approved, the future connection of Pinon Woods Drive and Pebble Drive was included in the design. The county felt that was preferable to having the subdivision be a cul-de-sac with no emergency exit. Also, the option of opening this connection would be available when the collector road was built thru Suncliffe.


When Unit III Pinon Woods was approved, the developer was required to put in a gate at Pebble Drive and further required to provide for a connection to Suncliffe Drive and contribute monies for this future collector roadway. Also, a traffic impact analysis was to be done by an independent firm to analyze the flow of traffic from the east along Pinon woods Drive and Arrowhead Drive. This study showed there was an impact created by traffic driving through the area using the Pebble Drive access.


Because of the increase in traffic through Pinon Woods and Bell Rock Vista 1, the Board of Supervisors ordered the gate at Pebble Drive to be closed. Arrowhead Drive was never built to be a collector road. It is a narrow street with lots of curves.


To sum up, the Pebble Drive connection is for emergency vehicle use only at the present time. When the Suncliffe Road is built, Pebble Drive will be open and the Arrowhead, Bell Rock Vista road will be closed.



Possible options:

1.      Leave the gate locked for emergency vehicle use only.

2.      Unlock the gate. In an emergency, the gate could be opened.  Signage to state emergency use only. All other vehicular use will be prosecuted.

3.      Open the gate and put in speed bumps on Pinon Woods Drive.



The County is presently working with the Forest Service to see if an east-west road can be built thru the Forest north of Pinon Woods and Bell Rock Vista. There will be many objections to this route, not the least of which is whether the Forest Service will allow this so close to the Bell Rock wilderness area.



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