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Minutes of March, 1997 Meeting





March 27, 1997

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 9:00 am by Vice President Joan McClelland, acting in the absence of President Craig Stromme


2.    Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Gerald Collins, Harold Dean, Craig Dibble, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Phyllis Medley, Kathleen Moore, Alice Musgrove, Robert Wier, John Humphery.


3.    New Members. Bob Carlile moved that Pinon Woods East, consisting of Pinon Woods #2 and #3, be recognized as a voting member of BPRCC, since it meets all requirements for membership as defined by our By-Laws. Seconded/Passed. The Representative is Harold Dean; the Alternates are Chris Steffen and Joan Steninger. It was moved that Oak Creek Country Club Estates, #1, be accepted into membership. Seconded/Passed. The Representative is Carolyn Fisher; the Alternates are George Stearns and Loyd Barnett.


4.    Minutes. Minutes of the Meetings of Feb. 27 and March 13 approved.


5.    Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Dorothy Hores passed out a summary of income (deposits) and expenses. Twelve members have paid their dues for total deposits of $1195. Expenses to data total $965.90.


6.    Supervisor Chip Davis announced that he will hold a meeting with residents of VOC. The purpose is to provide area residents with an opportunity to meet with him and to discuss issues of mutual concern. The meeting will occur at the VOC Community Center, 690 Bell Rock Blvd., Thursday, April 17, 1997, at 6:30 pm.


7.    Committee Reports.

A.     Pebble Gate. Dick Byrnes reported that this issue is nearly impossible to resolve. We would like to refer it to the Transportation Subcommittee of the Big Park Community Plan Committee.


B.     Budget Committee. Treasurer Dorothy Hores passed out a Report of the Budget Committee. An issue that needs attention is the timetable for the payment of dues. The By-Laws states that the fiscal year starts in July; however, we have been collecting dues starting in January. The Budget Committee recommended that we amend the By-Laws to have the fiscal year coincide with the calendar year. Carolyn Fisher made a motion to that effect. Seconded/Passed by 12 affirmative votes, which satisfies the By-Law requirement of a 2/3 vote of members to amend the By-Laws. An addendum page for the By-Laws stating this amendment will be passed out at the next regular meeting.


C.     Big Park Community Plan Committee. Chair Joan McClelland passed out the minutes of the last Committee meeting on March 17, 1997. This Committee has established five subcommittees with chairpersons. These are: 1) Land Use (Joan McClelland); 2) Transportation (Candy Czarny); 3) Public Facilities (Ruth Kane); 4. Parks and Recreation (Jim Moore); 5. Environmental Issues (Alice Musgrove). Next meeting of the main Committee will be at 7 pm on April 14. The degree of publicity that should be given to these meetings will be ascertained from the County.


D.     179 Committee. Acting Chair John Humphery displayed a map of the proposed revisions in Highway 179. There will be a workshop meeting in May followed by a public meeting. Dates for these meetings have not been established at this time.


E.     Parks and Recreation Committee. Co—chair Bob Aberg reported that there had been no meeting.


F.     Planning and Zoning Liaison. Chair Joanne Johnson requested that this Committee be combined with the Planning, Utilities, and Transportation Committee (PUT) of VOCA since they have the same objectives. There were no objections. This Committee will then meet at 9:00 am on the fourth Monday of the month at VOCA Community Center.


G.     Wastewater Treatment Facility Committee. Joanne

Johnson reported that this Committee has been meeting every

Tuesday with administrators of the Big Park Wastewater Treatment

Plant. Dick Byrne reported that this facility appears to be run

quite well at the operations level.


8.    Report from Fire Chief, Scott Alvord. The Fire District provides a variety of services: fire prevention, ambulance service, emergency medical services including paramedics. We have been responding to VOC with paramedics from Uptown Sedona, which isn’t satisfactory. We now have two full time paramedics in VOC. We own the fire station and the home adjacent to it. However, we have outgrown these facilities. There has been established a Facilities Committee consisting of people internal to the Fire District, who are doing a study whose purpose it is to determine what will be needed in the VOC area in the future. So far, this Committee has determined that a 10,000 sq. ft. facility, costing about $1 million, is needed. The Facility Committee has also put together a site study to determine where a suitable site for the new facilities should be located (Site Study booklet passed out). A requirement for the new site is that it be within one mile of Hwy. 179. There have been 15 possible sites proposed which are described in the Site Study booklet; however, the Committee has eliminated all but four, those numbered 1-4 in the Site Study booklet.


These four sites were discussed by BPRCC, and there were several comments from members particularly regarding site 3. Mr. Alvord pointed out that a Fire Dept. doesn’t have to conform to zoning requirements. The Fire District is 120 sq. miles, and revenue for the new facilities comes from property tax throughout the entire District. The Fire Board, consisting of five elected members, will make the decisions about moving forward with these plans. There will be an open house at the firehouse on April 10 at 10:00 am, which will include a visit to the four sites. A decision on the optimum site should be made by the first part of May.


Mr. Alvord agreed that there should be two persons from BPRCC on the Facility Committee. These are: Carolyn Fisher and Alice Musgrove.


9.    Carolyn Fisher moved that we have alternating evening and morning meetings of BPRCC. Seconded/Passed. Regular meetings will occur on the fourth Thursday on the month alternating between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.


10. Meeting Adjourned approximately 11:10 am.


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile









Minutes of Big Park Community Plan Committee


The Big Park Community Plan revision committee met on March 17 at 7p.m. at the VOCA community center. Present were: Martha Nohowec, Alice Musgrove, Jim Moore, Norm Cavanaugh, Candace Czarny, Howard Hawk, Dorothy Vandelinde, Ruth Kane, Joanne Johnson and Joan McClelland.


Howard Hawk is a County Planning and Zoning Commissioner and has offered to assist the volunteers and staff in work on the plan revision.


Joan McClelland was elected as chair. We decided to split the study of the plan into five committees and each group will meet as needed to determine what corrections/additions might be con­sidered in bringing the plan up to date. The five committees are:


1.Land Use-Joan McClelland, Helmut Woellmer, Martha Nohowec, Dorothy Hores and Lloyd Barnett.


2.Transportation—Candy Czarny, Jim Moore, Dick Byrnes, Joanne Johnson and Dorothy Vandelinde.


3.Public facilities—Ruth Kane, Dorothy Vandelinde, Dick Byrnes, Joanne Johnson and Martha Nohowec.


4.Parks and Recreation-Jim Moore, Alice Musgrove and Craig Stroinme.


5. Environmental Issues-Alice Musgrove, Candy Czarny and Joe Dick.


The first named person in each group has volunteered to be a chair for the group.


Any Big Park resident is welcome to be a member of the one of the committees. The whole group will meet again in four weeks, April 14, at VOCA center at 7p.m. to report on their progress. We have been asked by the County to come up with the following:


Firs: Identify which parts of the Plan we would like to see updated and for changed.

Second: Identify and provide information regarding the changes that have occurred in the community in land uses, transportation and related issues since 1988.


We plan to get the first part done as soon as possible and give this information to the Supervisors and Commissioners.






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