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Minutes July, 1997 Meeting





July 24, 1997

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.         Call to order: 9:00 am by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.         Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Rolle Call sheet: Carol Agers, Bob Aberg, John Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Lynne Crowe, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy

Hores, Joanne Johnson, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Kathleen Moore, Alice Musgrove, Craig Stromme, Joan Steninger, Jake Weber, Harry Williams, Bob Wier.


3.         Secretary’s Report. Secretary Carlile announced the formation of the Membership Committee whose function will be to review applications for membership to the Council. The members are:

Bob Carlile, Chair, Dick Byrnes, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland. The Committee has reviewed one application since the June meeting and found that it met the requirements of the By-Laws for membership: Cathedral View II. Secretary Carlile moved that this association be admitted for membership. Seconded/Passed. The Representative is John Bookwalter, Alternate is Donald Beard. The Committee has taken note that certain dates were omitted in the writing of the By-laws, and has made a proposal for what these dates should be. These dates will be discussed and voted on at the August meeting. Secretary Carlile announced that henceforth, the Minutes will no longer be mailed, but are to be picked up at the VOCA office between the second and third Thursday of the month. The Minutes of the June regular and special meetings were approved without correction. A letter from The Sedona Village Business Association objected to the recent buy—in fee increase for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Jake Weber, Alternate, stated that the Business Assn. felt the matter was handled too quickly, and that the decision to increase the buy-in fee should have been handled by the new Board of Directors rather than the Board of Supervisors.


4.         Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Hores stated that all new members joining the Council between now and Dec. 31, 1997, must pay the full $100 as required by the By-laws, and not $50 after July 1st, as stated at the last meeting. There has been a $200 donation from the Sedona Village Business Assn., for which we thank them. Deposits since Jan. 1 have been $1800 not including the SVBA donation; expenditures have been $1550.16 with a net balance of $294.84.



5.         Committee Reports.

1.   Wastewater Treatment Committee. Bob Carlile has resigned as Co-Chair and Co-Chair Ruth Kane is out of town. Dick Byrnes is acting Chair. Dick Byrnes reported that Gloria Carmichael has joined the Committee representing the Sedona Village Business Assn. On July 21, the Supervisors did approve the buy-in fee increase from $14/gpd to $23/gpd with the caveat that a hired consultant would concur that the increase is needed. Bob Wier asked when the Supervisors would appoint the new Board of Directors. Dick Byrnes said the best guess would be at the Supervisors meeting in mid-August. He said that it is critical that the Supervisors appoint the new Board so that can come up to speed by the time the Supervisors turn over control of the Plant to the District. All members of the Committee have volunteered to be candidates except Mandy Spangler and Bob Carlile (who is ineligible). After some discussion, Dick Byrnes agreed to write a letter to the Supervisors representing the Council encouraging them to advertise or do whatever is necessary to solicit good candidates for the Board.


2.   Big Park Community Plan Committee. Joan McClelland, Chair. Two copies of a draft of the Plan were given to each Representative. As background, Ms. McClelland stated that in 1980 the population of VOC was 1200; in 1990: 3024; in 1997:  4134 (based on figures from DES). From 1980 to 1990, the population increased by 9.7% and from 1990 to 1997 the increase is 4.6%. In the Big Park area, transient housing (motels, hotels, B&Bs, etc.) has gone from 2 motels with 60 units in 1980 to 365 units in 1997 plus 118 time share units with lockouts and a three story hotel with 325 rooms which are under construction. Each part of the Plan was then discussed. It was pointed out that this is a revision of the Plan formulated in 1988, so that much of the language of that Plan remains.

a.   Land Use Guidelines (pp.4-9, presented by Joan McClelland). This has the same format as the 1988 plan. No additional land is recommended to be zoned commercial, since 34% is still vacant. It is recommended that no Forest Service land should be exchanged to other ownership except for public community use.

b.   Transportation Guidelines (pp.10-12, presented by Candice Czarny). Bob Aberg said there should be emphasis on protecting children walking along the streets.

c.   Utilities and Services Guidelines (pp. 13-17, presented by Loyd Barnett). The aquifer and water supply is very adequate; it is the storage capacity that needs upgrading. Jake Weber stated that we should use effluent on the golf courses. Dick Byrnes said that effluent water from the Treatment plant is available for full bodied use.

d.   Environmental Issues Guidelines (pp 11-23, presented by Alice Musgrove). New items added from 1988 Plan: street lights, Xeriscape, all building house sites should be studied for drainage problems they might create. We want the County to encourage a consistent look to our community. This could be facilitated through a DRO (Design Review Overlay).

e.   Parks, Recreation, and Schools Guidelines (pp 24—26, presented by Jim Moore). We recommend a teen/youth center. Bob Aberg stated that a new federal program, NEXTEA, will add 10% to any budget line item, such as funds for Hwy. 179, for the purpose of getting people to use some other type of transportation besides the car, e.g., sidewalks, pathways, bike routes. This should be in our Plan. Jake Weber said that the Sedona Village Business Assn. has been pursuing this issue also. Lynne Crowe suggested that a new high school site be included.

After some discussion, the process for completing this Plan is to have the member homeowners’ assns. discuss this draft, and prepare written comments which should be submitted to the sub—committees in approximately two weeks. These can be mailed to our P0 box. These will be discussed by the Council at the August meeting, to which the public will be encouraged to attend. President Stromme said that this meeting of the Council should be advertised as the first of two public meetings. Then, a second public meeting will be held, Saturday, Sept. 13 from 9 - 12 am in the VOCA Community Center.


6.         Other Business. Alice Musgrove announced that an architect will present preliminary plans for the new fire station on July 30, 1997, at 10:00 am. This is not a public meeting. Please give your suggestions to Ms. Musgrove who will act as the Council’s representative.


7.         Adjournment: 10:40 am.


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile, Secretary








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