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Minutes August, 1997 Meeting





August 28, 1997

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 7:05 am by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Loyd Barnett, John Bookwalter, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Meg Downs, Carolyn Fisher, John

Humphery, Joanne Johnson, Dottie Lucas, Ivan Madar, Joan McClelland, Alice Musgrove, Craig Stromme, Joan Steninger, Bob Wier, Harry Williams.


3.     Secretary’s report. Since we now have more money than expected in the treasury, the minutes will henceforth be mailed. If you have read the By-Laws recently, you will have noticed a number of blanks. For example, “..the Nominating Committee shall present...candidates...to the Council in ________“. The Membership Committee took upon itself the task of filling in the blanks, and Membership Committee Chair, Bob Carlile, announced the results and after a brief discussion, he moved that the proposed months be accepted. Seconded/Passed. The Council meetings in November and December coincide with Thanksgiving and Christmas. These will have to be changed. Minutes for the July meeting were approved.


4.     Correspondence. A letter was received from the fire marshal indicating that he is researching the possibility of rezoning two of the three lots occupied by the current fire station in VOC from residential to residential services. They would like support for this from the Council. President Stromme pointed out that the Council has discussed the use of these lots for a Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Ms. McClelland stated that for the purpose of a Boys’ and Girls’ Club, no rezoning is required, but that a Use Permit must be obtained. However, Ms. McClelland stated that these lots are part of Bell Rock Vista HOA, so that this use would have to be made consistent with their CC&Rs. Regarding other efforts that have been pursued to convert the Fire Station to a Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Joe Sansing reported that Mr. Hall, regional director of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Northern Arizona, would work with us to establish such a club via a federal grant. Scott Alvord, Fire Chief, would also work with us to acquire the property. But to make this work, we would need the cooperation VOCA, Bell Rock Vista HOA, and the Council. Carolyn Fisher said that the Bell Rock Vista HOA should be approached as a top priority action. Jim Moore and Joe Sansing will work together on this issue and a report will be presented at the September meeting.


5.     Treasurer’s report. (presented by Dottie Lucas). The balance in our account is $439.84. Bob Carlile moved to accept the Treasurer’ s Report. Seconded/Passed.


6.     Wastewater Treatment Committee Report. Joanne Johnson reported that this Committee has sent a letter to the Supervisors, written by Dick Byrnes, which contained five requests. The requests are: 1) since effluent now meets “open access”, that the Supervisors renegotiate a new contract with VOCA; 2) the Supervisors initiate condemnation proceedings, if needed, to acquire land for plant expansion; 3) the new Board be held harmless for any actions taken by the Supervisors prior to the appointment of this Board; 4) Yavapai County continue to provide existing services (managerial, legal, etc.) to the District for one year; and 5) transfer of control to the District occur as soon as the above requests have all been implemented. Ms. Johnson reported that the Supervisors agreed to these five requests. She also said that the new Board of Directors which will oversee the operation of the Plant will not be appointed until a procedure is worked out by the Supervisors for choosing the appointees. This will include the submission of a resume by anyone who wishes to be considered for this Board.


7.     New Business.

A.    Las Piedras Project (formerly Santa Fe Village). About one year ago, the Supervisors amended the Big Park Community Plan to allow this subdivision to be constructed. It is located on the east side of Hwy 179, approximately across from Sedona Golf Resort. An informational presentation of this project was given by Gary Hoffman and Jim Sullivan.

B.        Big Park Community Plan (presented by Joan McClelland). At the July Council Meeting the Reps. were asked to get written comments from their HOA regarding the current draft of the Plan. All the Council members have submitted their comments, with the exception of The Ridge, Sundance, and one or two others. A version of the Plan will be submitted to Yavapai P&Z showing how the new Plan differs from the old Plan (1988). A very profitable meeting was held with Sedona Village Business Assn and some members of the Land Use Sub-Committee to review the Business Assn’s concerns. This group of 10 persons mutually agreed on several issues which included adding two paragraphs indicating the need for attracting organizations, e.g., “Think Tanks”, into areas zoned for commercial which could provide high paying jobs; also, if there are to be changes in zoning from an existing classification to commercial, this should only occur with the “review and approval” of the Council. This, and all comments received to date are subject to further review before a final version of the Plan is arrived at.


The rest of the discussion was devoted to answering questions and receiving comments from the audience consisting of about 60 persons. One speaker commented on the DRO on page 2 of the Plan. He felt that the DRO should apply to commercial and residential services throughout the greater Sedona area, and said that one already exists in the City of Sedona endorsed by KSB. Ms. McClelland pointed out that the DRO is not part of this Plan. There was considerable discussion regarding the last sentence of Part 1-a of Sec. C, Transportation, p. 11, which reads: The selected route should minimize the impact on residential homes and minimize traffic on existing residential roads” (this Section concerns an alternate route from the Village to West Sedona). One speaker requested that this sentence be deleted, and the following substituted: “The route selected shall be the most direct route from the Village to West Sedona utilizing Yavapai County roads.” Joe Sansing agreed that this sentence should be eliminated since as it stands there could be no route that would satisfy it. John Sturges pointed out that the Council can only recommend to the Supervisors, that the Supervisors cannot delegate the making of decisions to the Council. Helmet Woellmer stated that the Plan is a guideline to P&Z and the Supervisors, and they are not required to follow it.


8.     Adjourn: 8:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Carlile, Secretary







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