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Minutes November, 1997 Meeting





November 20, 1997

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 9:00 am by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Bob Aberg, Bill Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Harold Dean, Dorothy Hores, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Jim Odenkirk, Craig Stromme, Bob Wier, Harry Williams.


3.     Secretary’s Report (Bob Carlile).

1)     The Minutes of the Meeting of October 23 were corrected (incorrect first name of Rep.). 2)Director’s and Officer’s Policy has been received. 3) A letter was received from Jason Leonard, Transportation Operations Tech., of ADOT saying ADOT did not feel that the Kokopelli Motel would have a significant impact on traffic on SR 179 and so did not require a deceleration lane. Probably such a lane will be required for the proposed Lukich Motel. Dorothy Hores will phone Mr. Leonard to continue our request for a deceleration lane for the Kokopelli Motel.


4.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). 1) The balance in our account is $471.84. 2) An audit will be conducted by Bill Bookwalter and Carolyn Fisher. 3) Budget for 1998. Ms. Hores is trying to get a reduction in the Bank Service fee at Bank One. If this is not successful, another bank may be willing to waive this fee. A motion was made by Dick Byrnes to approve the 1998 budget. Seconded by Ms. Hores/Passed.


5.     Committee Reports.

A.    Nominating Committee (Dottie Lucas) The Nominating Committee has recommended a single slate of officers for 1998. These are:  President, Dick Byrnes; Vice President, Joan McClelland; Treasurer, Dorothy Hores; Secretary, Bob Carlile. The officers will be elected at the Annual Meeting in January, 1998.

B.    Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Jim Moore). 1) League of Women Voters sponsored a panel forum on Troubled Youth in Yavapai County. The panel reported that the major youth crimes in Sedona are vandalism, shoplifting, and alcohol abuse. The major causes are boredom, weak family structure, neglect and abuse. Community solutions include sports activities, organized clubs, recreation (Boys’ and Girls’ clubs) and youth involvement in the community. As an aid to getting a youth club started in VOC, the panel recommended a visioning meeting. Mr. Moore recommends that the Council schedule a visioning session where we invite leaders in the community. Ms. Agers asked if there could be an adult center. Mr. Moore stated that the Boys’ and Girls’ Club facilities could be used for such a purpose during times when youth were not using it, e.g., during school hours.

2) Specifics on Fire Station. Mike Everett of Yavapai P&Z stated that we would need a zoning variance change to allow the fire station to be used for this Club. Joan McClelland stated that in a letter from VOCA, it appears that use of the property as a Club is in accordance with the VOCA CC&Rs as long as there was absolutely no commercial use. Mr. Moore pointed out that Scott Alvord is trying to obtain a zoning change to residential services, although the success of that effort seems remote. The Council should oppose this zoning change. Mr. Moore asked for help on his Committee. Dottie Lucas and Dorothy Hores volunteered. Mr. Moore reported that he has talked to nearby residents; generally, they were supportive of the use of the Fire station as a youth club. Other properties besides the Fire Station are also being considered.

C.    Big Park Community Plan (Joan McClelland). Ms. McClelland reported that there has been no progress in moving Plan through County. Ms. McClelland will send a letter to the County saying that the Council wants to have County input by January first.


6.    New Business.

A.    Flood Control Report. Felica Terry, Project Engineer with Yavapai County Flood Control, gave a presentation showing plans for storm drains along Verde Valley School Rd. and Bell Rock Blvd. She said that the County does not perform maintenance on the washes. Dorothy Hores pointed out that many large washes in the area have trees over 6 feet high growing in their bottoms as well as tall brush and thick vegetation. She asked if the Council can work toward eliminating this growth; for example, we could pool our resources with the County to clean these washes out. Tom O’Halleran, Board of Supervisors, District 3 Assistant, thought that the County could form a cooperative program with us. He asked that a group be formed that he could liaison with. Joan McClelland, Dorothy Hores and Dick Byrnes volunteered.

B.    Safe Lane on Bell Rock Blvd (Pam Maupin, VOC resident). Ms. Maupin requested that the Council support a safe lane on Bell Rock Blvd. to allow children safe access to the Big Park School. President Stromme took a straw vote of the Council which indicated overwhelming support.


7.     Adjourned. 10:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile, Secretary







P.O. Box 20248, Sedona, AZ 86351



December 6, 1997


Dear Member Association,


This has been the first year of existence for the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that for a new organization, we have accomplished a lot.


Our significant accomplishments during the year are:


1. When it became apparent that the County intended to turn the operation of the Big Park Wastewater Treatment Plant over to the Big Park Improvement District, our Wastewater Treatment Committee, chaired by Ruth Kane, worked tirelessly with the County to understand the operation of the Treatment Plant. Subsequently, the Yavapai Board of Supervisors appointed five of the members of our Wastewater Treatment Committee to serve on the seven person Board of Directors of the District.

2. Under the guidance of Joan McClelland, we have formulated a draft revision to the Big Park Community Plan. This revision was formulated with input, not only from the Member Associations, but also from the public. It is now being reviewed by Yavapai County.

3. Currently, the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee, chaired by Jim Moore, is perusing the concept of establishing a Boys’ and Girls’ Club in the VOC area.


During this first year, I am pleased to report that the Council has sixteen Homeowners’ Associations as members including VOCA plus the newly formed Sedona Village Business Association. Thanks to seed money provided by VOCA and the Business Association, we received a total of $2000 in dues in 1997. We will try to recruit the six remaining Homeowners’ Associations year.


Expenses for the Council are minimal with one exception: we did not budget for Officers’ and Directors’ insurance last year. At a cost of $1000 per year for insurance, we will have to increase dues 10% in accordance with our By-Laws to $110 in 1998. Our proposed budget for 1998 totals $2062. Since we operate on a calendar year, I would appreciate it if you would have your Association remit a check for $110 to the Council now, care of the Council Treasurer, Dorothy Hores.






Bob Carlile, Secretary



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