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Minutes of December, 1997 Meeting





December 18, 1997

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 7:00 pm by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Loyd Barnett, Bill Bookwalter, Bob Brandin, Dick Byrnes, Harold Dean, Craig Dible, Dorothy Hores, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Ivan Madar, Lloyd Marlowe, Joan McClelland, Craig Stromme, Bob Wier.


3.     Secretary’s Report. The minutes of the meeting of November 20, 1997 were approved.


4.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). Dorothy Hores reported that there is currently a balance of $537.28 in our account, with some bills outstanding. There was further discussion of keeping our checking account in a bank with a low monthly fee. Dick Byrnes checked with banks in the Sedona area and the lowest he found was at State Savings in Sedona which has a $5/mo fee with a minimum balance of $500. A guest suggested the Arizona Credit Union in Flagstaff.


5.     New Business.

A.      Our next meeting will be the Annual Meeting of the Council on January 22, 1998, at 9:00am. President Stromme asked Committee Chairman to be prepared to make a report.

B.      Questions were asked about newspaper accounts which stated that the new Improvement District Board had denied the expenditure of funds for larger sewer lines. Dick Byrnes, Dorothy Hores, and Loyd Barnett (Board member) answered these questions. In summary, the Supervisors had asked for bids to install large size sewer pipes in connection with improvements on Bell Rock Blvd. prior to the appointment of the Improvement District Board. Ultimately, the low bid for this project was $131,000. The Supervisors then made commitments to contractors to purchase sewer pipe and begin installation, even though funds for this project had not been budgeted. On Dec. 2, the Supervisors asked the Improvement District Board to approve the payment of bills for accumulated costs of $59,000 for this project. The Board then voted to not approve the installation of the new sewer lines on the grounds that the project had not been budgeted and there was no money available. As an additional issue, the County had failed to get ADEQ approval to change the sewer lines. The following motion was made, seconded, passed: The Council authorizes President Stromme to write a letter to Yavapai County Supervisors expressing the concerns of our community over the failure of the County to live up to the promises made when the control  of  the  Big Park  Improvement  District Wastewater Treatment Plant was turned over to the local Board. Craig Stromme, Dorothy Hores, and Dick Byrnes will work together on this letter which should be sent out as soon as possible.


C.          New Fire Station. Mr. Scott Alvord, Fire Chief for the Sedona Fire District, made a presentation in which he showed plans for the new Fire District building to be built in VOC. He showed elevations of the building as well as colors (earth tones) and samples of building materials that will be used. The communications tower must be 75 feet tall in order to function properly. It will be a lattice structure to make it less visible. Other than this tower, the highest point on the building will be 35.5 feet which is within the County height limitation. A Use Permit will be needed to build the Fire District building. The Council has received a request from Yavapai Planning and Building to comment on the Use Permit. The following motion made, seconded, and passed: The Big Park Council supports the granting of the Use Permit for construction of the new fire station. The content of this motion has been sent to Yavapai Planning and Building. Regarding the sale of the Fire Station in VOC, Mr. Alvord stated that his interest is in maximizing sale proceeds which will be applied against the cost of the new facilities. In that way, the cost of the new facilities to the community is minimized. He stated that he has considered getting a rezoning of the property to residential services (never commercial!) but he recognizes the political problems involved. He said he may just sell it with its existing residential zoning.

D.          Forest Service Facilities. Mr. Ken Anderson, Forest Service District Ranger, informed the Council that the Forest Service facilities on Brewer Road near the “Y” may be sold. Legislation to allow this has been introduced in Congress by Senator Jon Kyl and Rep. Bob Stump. If the legislation passes a new location for the facilities will be selected. Presently, the Forest Service is looking at a site near Bell Rock as well as sites south of Jacks Canyon Rd. on Hwy. 179. The point was made that the community would like to see the site south of Jacks Canyon Rd. chosen. Mr. Anderson said there will be public input on site location. The Forest Service hopes to set up three welcome centers for visitors in the Sedona area, one to the north of Oak Creek Canyon, another to the west at the Cultural Center, and the third in the VOC area.

E.          Community Name. At the October meeting of the Council, Ivan Madar, representing the Sedona Village Business Assn., had indicated that this organization was interested in changing the name of our community from Village of Oak Creek to Sedona Village. Mr. Madar now stated that this idea had created much controversy. He suggested other names such as Village of Bell Rock. The consensus of the Council was that any name change for the community should be on a ballot. The Council voted (yes:8, no:6) to form a committee to look into the matter. Committee members are: Dick Byrnes, Dottie Lucas, Lloyd Marlowe, and Ivan Madar.

F.           Highway 179 Issues. Ivan Madar showed plans for the proposed improvements to Hwy. 179 by ADOT in the VOC area. At the last meeting of the Sedona Village Business Assn. in early December, several representatives from ADOT and consulting companies were in attendance to discuss these proposed improvements. Mr. Madar said that some of the members of the Assn. have already offered to landscape and maintain medians in front of their businesses. No definite date has been set for the beginning of construction.

G.          Deceleration Lanes. Dorothy Hores stated that she has written ADOT and the County concerning the lack of any turn lanes at the Kokopelli Motel and asked if there will be deceleration lanes at the proposed Lukich Motel. She pointed out that these are dangerous intersections. She will send out a letter requesting that a meeting be set up among ADOT and developers and community members to resolve these issues. It is proposed that this meeting occur in January.


6.     Adjourn. The meeting was adjourned with the Council members enjoying cookies and juice while having a look at the Hwy. 179 proposed plans.


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Carlile,  Secretary


(These Minutes are based on notes prepared by Joan McClelland to whom the Secretary is much indebted)





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