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Minutes of January, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of January 27, 2000  Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: 9:05 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by the pledge to the flag.

2.     Establishing a quorum: 13 member associations were present, thereby constituting a quorum.

3.      Finalizing the agenda: There were no objections to minor changes and additions to the agenda.

4.      President’s Comments: Retiring President Dick Byrnes reviewed briefly the accomplishments of the Council in the past two years, noting that successes were due to County support and very active volunteers. He then introduced the new officers for 2000, and relinquished the meeting to President Carolyn Fisher, who presented Dick with tokens of appreciation and thanks from the Council and community.

5.     Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the December meeting were approved, following a motion by Bill Bookwalter, arid seconded by Louisa Council.

6.     Correspondence Secretary’s Report: The President referred to a letter from the Bell Rock Plaza stating that the DRO proposed was not acceptable to them arid their committee was reviewing the document arid would forward comments within 30 days.

7.     Treasurer’s Report: Expenses for the month were $91.42 and the current. balance is $428 . 22. Lloyd Marlowe moved the report be approved, seconded by Paul Reep, and unanimously approved.

The audit committee chaired, by Dick Byrnes, declared the books.for1999 to be in order, and this report was approved by unanimous vote of the Council, Dorothy Flares making the approval motion, seconded by Lloyd Marlowe.

8.     Committee Reports:

A. Transportation: Joanne Johnson reported that paving of Bell Rook Blvd. would begin Monday, then the remainder of Verde Valley School Road would be paved. Finally, the stabilization of the pedestrian lane would take place, Landscaping of the median is ongoing, Because of lack of funds, as well as the possible future problem of an estimated $2000 monthly water usage charge, plans have been revised to include drought resistant plants. This cost is estimated at $10,000.00, and donations are urgently needed. The landscape fund is listed through the Sedona/Village Business Association at The National Bank of Arizona.

B. P & Z Liaison: Joanne Johnson reporting:

1.    Lot 117: Mr. Dolan and the County have reached an agreement that is acceptable to both.

2.    The County has granted Bell Rock Plaza a permit for one year, for 12 tent shows in the year 2000.

3.    Red Rock Retreat: Russell Sease, owner of 3.78 acres in the Pine Valley area, is applying for a County permit to continue operating a counseling service with overnight accommodations in two guest houses, on a zoned R1L2A parcel. This facility has been advertised on the Internet. Lloyd Marlowe read a letter from the Board of the Pine Valley Property Owners’ Association in opposition to this facility and the granting of permits by the County. Mr. Sease stated that he thought he had the necessary permits, that there had been no complaints from neighbors, and that there were other residential businesses in the area. In response, Robert Sylvies, president of the Pine Valley Property Owners’ Association, as well as property owner Jan Lauman, spoke in opposition. The Council concluded that this usage was contrary to the Community Plan, as well as County zoning restrictions, and approval of the permit would set an unfortunate precedent in the community. Therefore, a motion was made to write a letter of opposition to the County Commissioners. The motion was made by Lloyd Marlowe, seconded by Joanne Johnson, and passed by a 12 to 1 vote.

C.    Parks & Recreation: Dorothy Hores reported the success of the roller blade demonstration on Jan. 22. This was a four hour demonstration and participation by young people, on the grounds of the Big Park Community School. Many individuals and businesses contributed to the success of the project, which was attended by an estimated 100 people.  Jim Patterson reported on the long term park project:

A class from NAU will study the sites and report on values of each site considered, ‘facilities suitable ‘for each, as well as recommendations on financing.

D.    PRO: The business community has not approved the PRO, because of concerns about the restrictions involved. They are currently studying compromise issues that would be acceptable.

8.         New Business: Dorothy Mores expressed concern that the Big Park area is not represented on the Fire District Board nor the School Board. With 30% of the area population in BigPark, she felt Council should be represented. The suggestion was made that letters be sent to those entities urging appointments from our area. Kim Sylvies volunteered to attend Fire District Board meetings inasmuch as he has had experience in that field.

9.     Information, Comments and Suggestions::

A.   Ken Anderson briefly reviewed the proposed fee program for our National Forests. He stated that all monies collected would be used in the area, and that vandalism in areas with fees had been reduced by about 80%. With a $5.00 daily fee per car, he estimated an income of 4 million dollars per year, to be used to improve our forests.

B.   Mark Kaiser, manager of the Double Tree Hotel, announced an upcoming request to the County for approval of a swimming pool with a food and drink booth on the west side of the hotel. Further, more landscaping is being added to the grounds to soften the appearance of the hotel.

10.   Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol J. Agers, Secretary






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