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Minutes of February, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February 24, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: 6:30 pm. by President Carolyn Fisher, followed by the pledge to the flag. The Secretary reported 11 member Associations were represented, thus establishing a quorum. (2 additional members arrived after this count.)

2.     President’s Report: The President announced the following procedural changes; that items for the agenda be requested of one of the officers prior to the 15th of the month; that speakers limit their presentations to 10 minutes and pertinent response comments to 5 minutes.

VOCA allows the use of the meeting room without charge to the Council, therefore, we are obligated to replace chairs and tables after the meetings. If necessary, volunteers will be requested for this each month. The Council expressed appreciation to VOCA for this community cooperation.

Finally, those members of the Council who have email or fax capability were requested to note those numbers opposite their name on the Council sign-in sheet.

3.    Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the January meeting were approved unanimously, following a motion by Bill Bookwalter, seconded by Dennis Parker.

4.    Corresponding Secretary’s Report: A letter has been received from KSB (Keep Sedona Beautiful) and will be read in the Landscaping report.

5.    Treasurer’s Report: Bill Bookwalter reported income for the month to be $1100.00 in membership dues for the year. Six additional Homeowners’ Associations are expected to join by March 1. Expense for the month was $44.00, the post office box rental.

6.    Committee Reports:

A.     Transportation: Joanne Johnson reported manholes have had to be reworked on Verde Valley School Road and Bell Rock Blvd. and that will be finished this week.

Landscaping: There has been a rain delay, but the spreading of granite is expected to be finished this week. A letter from KSB announced a contribution to the Landscape Fund of $2000.00, commenting that this project is a vital addition to the beauty of the Sedona area. Joanne reported the fund is now over $9000.00 and she thanked all who had contributed. The Council commended Joanne for her work on this project, as well as all of those who assisted her.

B.       P & Z Liaison, Joanne Johnson reporting:

1)   Mr. Sease withdrew his request for a special use permit for his Pine Valley property. He is negotiating with the County to comply with County ordinances.

2)   Gabriel D’Luzansky was introduced to review the request of U.S. West to be allowed to develop a wireless facility in the community.  He outlined the requirements of the County Ordinance of February, 2000, which allows for a permit to be issued by administrative approval. Therefore, his appearance was to fulfill that requirement. Letters had been sent to residents within 1000 feet of the proposed facility, and a few attendees identified themselves as being in that group. A second requirement is a public meeting where objections could be expressed, and his presentation was to fulfill that requirement. The site he presented is on the Doubletree Hotel, a “stealth” system that would appear to be part of the architectural design of the building. Engineering drawings as well as a computer enhanced picture of the hotel showing placement of the antennas was circulated. The antenna additions would be three in number, each about 6 inches by 4 inches (depth) and three feet high. These would not protrude above the current facade of the hotel, nor would other electronic equipment. Inasmuch as the County Ordinance stresses collection of wireless antennas, U.S. West did study the current locations (Fire Station and Bell Rock Plaza) but defended their hotel preference on the grounds that the added elevation of the site would allow them to place the next facility farther away, and that the hotel would welcome additional facilities providing they were equally unobtrusive. Mark Kaiser, manager of the hotel, confirmed these details.

There were no objections from the Council or the attendees to the proposal. Dennis Parker of the Council commended U.S. West for considering the desires of the community in their planning. In turn, Mr. Lockard commended the Council efforts to set the precedent at Bell Rock Plaza to require “stealth” installation wherever possible.


C.       Recreation Committee:

1)      Dennis Parker and Jim Patterson, speaking for Village Park Recreation, Inc., announced that Dr. Charles Hammersley of NAU and his study group, have toured the six possible park sites, and had set up three public meetings to present their recommendations to the community. This method was chosen as an objective way to arrive at important decisions. The meetings will be held in the cafeteria of the Big Park Community School, at 6:30 pm. on the following dates: February 29, March 24 and April 26. Flyers announcing these meetings have been sent home with the children ~ attending the school.

2)      Dorothy Hores introduced Mark Kaiser, manager of the Doubletree Hotel, who announced the proposal for limited community use of the new pool being proposed for County approval.

The pool was described as being irregular in shape, about 4500 square feet in size, with depths sloping from zero to four feet. During periods when the hotel is not fully occupied, the facility would be available without charge to community residents, as long as this privilege is not abused. Attendees questioned the possible noise and lighting problems for adjacent homeowners. Mr. Kaiser reassured them by noting that hotel rooms would overlook the pool, so this would also be of concern to management and appropriate action would be taken to insure there would be no problem.

7.    Old/New Business:

A.      The Memorandum of Understanding distributed at the February meeting was clarified by Joan McClelland. This was prepared for presentation to the Supervisors in order to qualify for funds to continue the work of the Verde Valley Regional Planning group.

B.      Dorothy Hores introduced discussion of the matter of Big Park representation on the Fire District Board, and the School Board, as initiated at the February meeting. After discussion she made the following motions:

1)     That the Council draft a letter to the School District and Fire District asking them to ensure consideration of quali­fied candidates from Big Park when Board vacancies occur so that representation from the Village will not be bypassed.

2)   That the BPRCC publicize future elections for those Districts, as well as the Wastewater Treatment District, within our community so that residents will be informed of the opportunity to serve on these Boards.

The first motion was seconded by Lloyd Marlowe and approved unanimously by the Council.

The second motion was seconded by Bill Bookwalter, and also approved unanimously by the Council.

8.   Information, Comments, Suggestions:

Ruth Kane, chairperson of the Wastewater Improvement District Board presented the following update on the work of the Board:

Effluent is being delivered to the golf course. Four problem lift stations have been eliminated and replaced with gravity feed lines. The Board continues to investigate improvements in technology with visits to Bullhead City and Anthem to study their systems, as well as having a state official visit this plant. There are three new Board members: George Stearns, Meryl Blanton, and Paul Barton. Two law suits are pending, and $50,000.00 has been allocated for legal fees.  New technology may make it possible to expand the present plant without additional land purchase.  Finally, duplicate meetings on March 7 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. and March 9 from 10:00 am. to noon, are planned to provide information to those residents who may be interested in getting on line. Both meetings will be in the VOCA Center.  The Council extended special thanks and appreciation to the Board for their outstanding work.

9.    The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Carol J. Agers




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