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Minutes of March, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of March 23, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: 9:00 am. by President Carolyn Fisher, followed by the pledge to the flag. The Secretary reported 11 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum. (3 additional members arrived after this count)

2.     President’s Report: There were no comments.

3.     Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the February meeting were approved unanimously, following a motion by Bill Bookwalter, seconded by Joanne Johnson.

4.     Correspondence Secretary’s Report: There was no correspondence to report.

5.     Treasurer’s Report: Bill Bookwalter reported income for the month of $660.00, expenses of $76.64, for a balance of $2067.68. The report was approved unanimously, following a motion by Dorothy Hores, seconded by Geraldine Gains.

6.     Committee Reports:

A.   Transportation: Joanne Johnson reported work on Verde Valley School Road and Bell Rock Blvd. is nearing completion with speed humps in place and road side path areas stabilized. Work on the medians continues: 340 cubic yards of red granite has been spread, and planting will begin. The goal of $10,000.00 for this has been surpassed, and the community was thanked for this support.  The County has asked the Council to recommend speed limits on these roads, as decided by the community. The committee recommended 30 mph on VVSR from Hwy 179 to the old cattle guard, and 25 mph on Bell Rock Blvd. except for 15 mph in front of the VOCA Center, and in the school area. A vote of the member Associations indicated support for these limits by 12 Associations, with one additional agreeing to report after consulting with the appropriate homeowners’ Association.

B.   P & Z Liaison: Canyon Mesa County Club PAD have requested that the Council consider a hearing application for a special use permit filed by an  agent for the Canyon Mesa Phase III Associates. The application requests the approval of a sales trailer for rental activity for Phases I and II, as an addition to the approval for Phase III already in place. Mr. Tyo contended that the sales and rental facilities were tied, and since this was allowed for Phase III, there should be no concern with extending this to the two earlier Phases.

Speaking as a homeowner, Patrick Sexton reviewed the problems he perceived in connection with this, inasmuch as the rental activity has been in effect without the proper permits. He questioned this as be­ing a commercial activity with short term rental the norm. He cited this as being in violation of the C.C. & Re, the adverse effect of this activity from lenders’ view, as well as questioning whether the proper taxes had been paid on such rentals. Several homeowners responded that Pat Newlee handled rentals in an efficient manner, and the activity was desirable. Pat Newlee defended her work, saying all taxes were paid, and rentals were handled in an orderly fashion. She stated that as a Coldwell Banker agent, the Canyon Mesa Association was paid for the use of the trailer space for this sales and rental office.

The P & Z Committee recommended the Council request the County to deny this request as this appears to be commercial activity in a residential community, and is a violation of the Big Park Community Plan. In response to questions on the definition of commercial activity in this instance, Enalo Lockard said he had not had the legal opinion he has requested from the County Attorney, but it would be forthcoming. Therefore, Bob Carlile placed the following motion before the Council:

That the Council support the special use permit providing the Commissioners deem it a residential operation, and deny it if it is deemed to be commercial.

The motion was seconded by Rob Underwood and passed by a vote of 12 to 1, with 1 abstention.


C.   Recreation Committee: Jim Patterson, reporting for the VPR, Inc., announced the recommendations from the NAU study group led by Dr. Hammersley. Two sites were chosen: one a passive or pocket park in the Suncliffe area, and the second an active park on five acres off Wild Horse Mesa Road. The passive park would include picnic areas as well as trails, while the active park was designed with baseball and soccer fields, skate board area, and an activities building location. The area should be low maintenance with a new type of artificial turf that has a 25 year expected life span. The Boys & Girls Club would probably be a partner in the activity building. The final meeting with the NAU group is scheduled for April 26, 6:30 PM. at the Big Park School.


7.   Old/New Business: Dick Byrnes reported that the Sedona Centennial Committee had become aware that the scheduled road work on Hwy 179 would be in progress and hamper the celebration. Therefore, the Committee had contacted ADOT to ask if the work could be delayed until 2003, after the Celebration. The Council was asked to support this with a letter to ADOT. The President asked for a motion to take that action, but no motion was forthcoming.


8.   Information, Comments, Suggestions:


A.     Tom Hutchinson, representing the noise abatement group concerned with airport noise, reported the main focus of this group is to get an air traffic control tower at the airport since this would involve the FAA in setting up a radius of control (either 2 or 5 miles) to control altitude and flight patterns in that area. He asked individuals to use forms he distributed to register reports of low flying aircraft. The noise of helicopter traffic into the Resort was again noted.


B.     Jim Patterson invited the community to attend a meeting of the Sedona/ Village Business Association where the program will be an Introduction of the Candidates. The meeting is on April 5, at 6:00 pa. at the Doubletree Hotel.


C.     A question was raised concerning the DRO approval delay. Mr. Patterson again reported that a response would be forthcoming within 30 days.


9.      Adjournment at 10:40 am.



Respectfully submitted,




Carol J. Agers






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