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Minutes of April, 2000 Meeting



Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC)


April 27, 2000

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 PM., followed by the pledge to the flag. The Secretary reported 12 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.


The following changes in the agenda were announced:

Under Committee reports (5-B-2) Sedona Golf Resort amendment was eliminated.

...Addition of 5-B-5: Las Piedras construction facility permit request.

        . .Under 7, add D: Bill Kusner of KSB.

2.     Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the March 23 meeting were approved following a change in the first sentence of the P&Z Liaison Committee report: “Council” should read “County”. The motion to approve was made by Dorothy Hores, seconded by Jean Ray, and unanimously approved.


3.     Correspondence Secretary’s Report: There was a reminder to write letters to the School Board, Fire District etc. regarding a representative from the Big Park area on these Boards, as provided by a motion in the February meeting.


4.     Treasurer’s Report: President Fisher reported for the Treasurer that the income for the month was $110.00 in dues, with no expenses, for a balance for the year of $2,177.58. The report was unanimously approved following a motion by Joan McClelland, seconded by Dennis Parker.


5.     Committee Reports:


A.     Transportation: The lane stripe on Verde Valley School Road will be widened to eight inches dividing the road from the bike path. The bike path will be marked with diamonds, indicating no motorized traffic in that strip.

B.     P & Z Liaison Committee: Joan McClelland reporting for Joanne John­son:

Director Rozicki (County Building & Zoning) is drafting a change in the County ordinance related to short term rentals in residential areas. This will be discussed at the joint meeting .of the Commissioners and Supervisors in May, and then in a public meeting before final action on the amendment by the Supervisors. .Jim Sullivan, agent for the owners, is asking for approval of a preliminary plat on 123 acres west on Verde Valley School Road at Sunset Pass Road. Current zoning would allow 360 units, while this plat will have only 88 lots of one acre or more, with 25% of the area in roads. Called Cathedral Rock Ranch it will be a gated community with alternate septic systems on each lot. Joan McClelland made the motion to support this preliminary plat, seconded by Jean Ray and unanimously approved by the Council.

Alamosa Communications is requesting permission to add 20 feet to an existing flagpole at the Sedona Pines Resort in West Sedona. While this is outside Big Park, the referral is a courtesy, and there will be a follow—up request to add to the Fire Station antenna in the Village. Joan McClelland moved the Council have no objection to the West Sedona installation, and this was unanimously approved by the Council, after a second by Bob Carlile.

Las Piedras has requested a special use permit for a temporary construction office in a garage at one of their model homes, for a period not to exceed 36 months. Joan McClelland moved the Council have no objection to this. The motion was passed unanimously, after a second by Jean Ray.


C.  Recreation Committee: Jim Patterson announced a successful meeting on April 26, with a discussion of site and budget led by Dr. Hammersley of NAU. Within a month the Village Park Recreation, Inc. will have a report on costs for the 5 acre planned activity park.


6.     New/Old Business: Attendee Alice Musgrove questioned the status of the DRO. Jim Patterson apologized for the delay, and promised a report next month.


7.     Information, Comments, Suggestions:

A •     Dr. Zaretzky announced plans for the Oak Creek Family Medical Clinic to be built in the Bell Rock Plaza. This facility will be open about September 1, 2000, have week day hours of 7 to 7 and some Saturday hours. Included will be a walk-in clinic, a full time internist, as well as 20 specialists on a weekly basis.

B.      Rick Castro of Citizens Utilities Company, reviewed the time line for natural gas availability in the Village:

• . .Phase 1: late 2000 for the area west of 179, south of VVSR.

• .  Phase 2: early 2001 for the area west of 179, north of VVSR.

• . .Phase 3:      late 2001, east of 179 and north and west of Jacks Canyon Road.

C.      Jack Calderini, President of Canyon Mesa Homeowners Association, expressed dissatisfaction with the recommendation of the P & Z Committee last month, inasmuch as they were not notified of the Committee’s preliminary consideration of Mr. Tyo’s special use permit request.

D.      Bill Kusner of KSB, reporting on the Dark Skies issue, noted that Bank 1 had changed their lighting, that Uptown lighting would soon be changed, but that Circle K, Mobil and Chevron had not been willing to do this. Next attempts will be made to improve lighting at Kachina and the Golden Heritage homes.

He also noted the KSB position on Hwy 179 improvements, opposing the drastic changes to a 4 or 5 lane highway, but would agree to some improvements to the road.

E.      Barbara Zeschke asked for consideration of the community for an Earth Day Clean-up program in our neighborhoods. The bags of debris can be taken to Weber’s IGA or other locations in Sedona.


Prior to adjournment at 7:40 pm. the President requested that delegates consider a change in the hours of evening meetings to begin at 7:00 pm. rather than 6:30 pm. and continue to 8:30 pm. This change would then be voted on at the May meeting.


8. Adjournment.



Respectfully submitted,



Carol J. Agers






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