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Minutes of May, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of May 25, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center

1.    Call to Order: by Vice-President Lloyd Marlowe at 9:05 am., followed by the Pledge to the Flag. The Secretary reported 14 member Associations represented, thereby establishing a quorum.

2.    Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the April 27 meeting were approved after two corrections: the month of the meeting minutes should read April (rather than March) and the Circle K had changed lighting. The corrected minutes were approved unanimously following a motion by Dennis Parker, seconded by Paul Reep.

3.    Correspondence Secretary’s Report: A letter from the owner of the parcel at the corner of Hwy 179 and Jacks Canyon Road has requested consideration of a zoning change, as well as a definition of Village Services Usage. The Council concurred a zoning change on the parcel should be permitted, as shown in the Community Plan, and that VSU is recommended. VSU zoning has been defined in a recent ordinance.

4.    Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Bookwalter reported the expenses for the month were $59.38 in postage and printing, resulting in a balance for the year to date of $2118.20. The liability insurance premium will be due in the near future • Bob Carlile moved to accept the report, and this was unanimously approved by the Council.

5.    Committee Reports:

A. Transportation: Joanne Johnson reported that the dedication of the medians on Verde Valley School Road will take place on June 3, 2000, in front of Weber’s IGA, from 11:30 am. to noon. The County officials and volunteers involved in this project will be honored. This will also be a 2nd anniversary of the Weber store, and hamburgers and hot dogs will be available at cost to members of the community, from Jake Weber.

B. P & Z Liaison Committee: Joanne Johnson reporting:

The Sedona Golf Resort developer has requested an amendment to the previously approved plan, to allow the current model homes to become single family timeshares when the need for model homes ceases, several years in the future. The request includes permission to build a sixth timeshare on the current parking lot. The Committee recommended approval of the request providing the County considers the parking adequate. There followed discussion of the precedence set with the approval of a change from single family residence to timeshare in an area zoned single family residence.

Assistant Director Enalo Lockard pointed out that with these additional timeshares, the number of timeshares allowed by the original PAD plan, would not be exceeded. He furthered stated that any permit request for a change from residence to timeshare in a zoned residential area would be refused by County. as well as probably being contrary to C.C. & Rs of subdivisions. The Council concurred in agreement to support the application with the following stipulations: that other residences in the PAD would not become timeshares, that the six model homes would always be single family timeshares, and that the buildings would not be replaced with larger timeshare facilities.

• .  .Golden Heritage Homes is requesting a use permit to allow a temporary sales office in a model home, for a three year period to market homes in Phase II. The Committee had no objection to this, since the County has assured that this will be in a model home, not a trailer. The Council concurred.

• .  .The Horse Mesa Ranch Equestrian Facility has requested a renewal of their use permit to operate an equestrian facility on 11 acres off Jacks Canyon Road, and that this permit be permanent. The Committee has no objection to the request since the facility has been operating successfully without neighbor complaints since 1979, under the present owner, Elizabeth Gordon. However, the Committee recommended the permanent permit be issued only for the present owner. After discussion the Council concurred with that recommendation.

.Update on Commission actions:

1.       The Cathedral Rock Ranch preliminary plat was approved with

19 stipulations.

2.     The flag pole extension for Alamosa Communications at Sedona Pines Resort was deferred pending more information.

3.     The Las Piedras construction office in the garage of a model home was approved

4.     The Commissioners approved a new ordinance defining transient housing rentals as less than 30 days, and prohibiting these in areas zoned residential. This will be heard in a combined Commissioner/Supervisor meeting June 7, at 9:30 am, in Clarkdale.

C.     Recreation Committee: Jim Patterson reporting:

Village Park Recreation, Inc. is analyzing the two recommended sites:

Suncliffe 5 acres as well as 5 acres off Wild Horse Mesa. The owners of the properties are being contacted with the aim of negotiating availability of the sites.

Dorothy Hores reported on summer programs: a tennis program in place at the VOCA Center; and a tentative swim program of “learn to swim” for children as well as a family swim night on some Sundays. The swim programs are dependent upon completion of the Doubletree Hotel pool now delayed until July.

6.    Old Business: Jim Patterson reviewed the problems in getting positive responses from the business community on approval of the proposed Design Review Overlay. He cited such elements as the cost to business of implementing such a system, both in time involved in another layer of government, as well as maintaining personnel to handle requests. Further, some owners are reluctant to agree to restrictions on size and type of building allowed, when there were not restrictions when investment in the properties was made. He suggested allowing time for discussion of benefits would result in a more positive response. The business community has had the proposed DRC since November, 1999.

7.    New Business:

A.       In response to concerns about transients camping in an area off Wild Horse Mesa, there was discussion of what agency has the legal right to investigate, to determine ownership of the parcel(s), and the possible response. Enalo Lockard suggested a letter to his office, to the attention of Boyce McDonald, requesting inspection of the site, for camping on land zoned residential is a violation of County ordinances. This would allow for determination of parcel number, ownership, and give possible reason for Health Department investigation. The Council authorized such a letter be written.

B.        Dennis Parker provided an update on the work of the “Quite Skies” Committee, asking again for residents to be alert to low flying air­craft, and filing a report with airport personnel when appropriate. He also pointed out that if the FAA would get involved, the control of altitudes could be expanded out as far as five miles, which could put more planes over our area.

C.        Carol Keefer asked if the Council was able to suggest any action to control beggers in the area of the intersection of 1-17 and Hwy 179. Norm Danoff responded for the VIP, stating that action was being taken to remove this problem since begging and loitering on this site are violations of Arizona law. Hopefully, action of the VIP and the Sheriff’s Department will discourage this activity.

D.   Vice President Marlowe expressed the concern of the Executive Board of the Council, with the ongoing activity raising questions of annexation to Sedona and/or incorporation, particularly since the announcement of the public meeting June 19, by those in favor. The recommendation was to organize an ad hoc committee of residents “without prejudice” to collect facts on these issues. After discussion the following motion was made:

“that the Council set-up a non-political fact-finding ad hoc committee to investigate annexation/incorporation issues for the Village.”

Bill Bookwalter seconded the motion and the Council approved unanimously. Vice President Marlowe then asked any resident interested in acting on this committee to write a brief resume of interest and or experience in similar situations, and send it to the Council, before the June meeting of the Council.


8.    Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.


Respectfully submitted,



Carol J. Agers




The next meeting will be June 22, 2000, at 6:30 pm in the

VOCA Center. Please note the time change. Supervisor

Davis will conduct a Quarterly Town Hall meeting immediately

following the Council meeting.


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