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Minutes of June, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of June 22, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center

1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 pm. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. The Secretary reported 11 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.

2.    Secretary’s Report: With the correction on Page 3,7—D first paragraph last sentence of Bob Carlile (not Bob Aberg) the minutes were approved unanimously following a motion by Bob Carlile, seconded by Joan McClelland.

3.    Correspondence Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reported:

• .   . Request from Lee Christianson to review building plans for parcel north of Prime Outlets. (see 8, Comments, Suggestions etc.)

• .   .Request from owner of parcel south of Prime Outlets: for support of change in zoning from RCU2 to VSU. Referred to P & Z Committee.

4.    Treasurer’s Report: No report due to absence of Treasurer.

5.    Committee Reports:

A.   P & Z Liaison Committee: Joan McClelland reporting:

.Golden Heritage Homes is applying for a special use permit for two trailers for construction storage and administration for a period of four years. The committee recommends no objection, unanimously approved following a motion by Joan McClelland, seconded by Bob Carlile.

A rezoning hearing has been set by the Commissioners to consider changing the Cathedral Rock Ranch zoning to R1L 35. This was discussed and approved by the Council at the April meeting. Therefore, this rezoning was again approved unanimously following a motion by Barbara Zeschke, seconded by Dorothy Horas.

B.   Recreation Committee: Dorothy Horas reporting:

.The swimming program has been delayed until late July, pending the completion of the planned pool at the Doubletree Hotel.

• .  .VPR, Inc. has presented proposals to the owners of the two sites chosen for parks, with one response received. When this has been reviewed by the VPR board, this will be presented to the Council, through the P & Z Liaison Committee.

6.    Old Business:

A.   President Fisher asked the delegates to circulate the summary of the June 19 meeting on annexation, prepared by Marybeth Carlile, in preparation for a discussion of the issue at a future meeting.

The proposed ad hoc committee to study the issue is currently made up of Marybeth Carlile, Bill Bookwalter and Alan Buckley. Additional members may be appointed.  Inasmuch as a major concern of Big Park residents is the perceived inadequacy of police protection, the committee was asked to suggest alternative solutions to this, as well as any additional issues that become apparent.

.Dick Byrnes asked that the committee investigate the fate of

Forest Service lands in the event of annexation.

• .  . Ruth Kane reminded the Council that the process of annexation would take about a year, and therefore, there is time to do thorough research.

B.     Dick Byrnes asked for a report on the DRO, and when the delay was again noted as being the failure of the business community to respond, the suggestion was made that the Council request a response based on the objections that are responsible for this delay. The Correspondence Secretary was directed to write to the business association requesting a response listing specific objections.

7.    New Business: Ruth Kane announced a reduction in sewer rates of $2.16.

8.    Comments, Suggestions, Information:

Lee Christensen presented preliminary plans for the Oak Creek Professional Office Bldg. being planned for parcels to the north of the Prime Outlets. The lots total 110 feet by 450 feet and the building would be modern in design, two story, 33 feet high. Time constraints did not allow for discussion of his presentation.

9,    Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm. to be followed by Supervisor Davis’ Quarterly Town Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol J. Agers    Next meeting – July 27, 2000, 9:00 am in the VOCA Center.



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