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Minutes of July, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of July 27, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:05 A.M., followed by the Pledge to the flag. The Secretary reported 14 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.

2.     Secretary’s Report: The Secretary requested the following correction in the June minutes: the second item in the Correspondence Secretary’s Report should read:

“the owners of the parcel south of the Outlet Mall asked the P & Z Committee to recommend acceptable development on this parcel, under the VS zoning classification.”

The Council then approved the minutes unanimously, following a motion by Joan McClelland, seconded by Bill Bookwalter.

3.     Correspondence Secretary’s Report: President Fisher asked that a letter to ADOT that she had prepared, be read, relative to the Council’s approval of a plan for Hwy 179, written in March, 1999. After a brief discussion, a motion was made by Barbara Zeschke, seconded by Dennis Parker, to delay further consideration until after the Voice of Choice presentation. The motion passed with one dissenting vote.

4.     Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported for June and July: expenses of $1075.20, resulting in a balance of $1045.00. The large expense item included the liability insurance premium of $1000.00. The report was unanimously accepted by the Council, following a motion by Barbara Zeschke, seconded by Dennis Parker.

5.     Committee Reports:

A.  P & Z Liaison Committee, Joanne Johnson reporting:

1) Suncliffe Pad Preliminary: Gary Hoffman introduced members of P & K Development, and referred to the preliminary site plan for development of Suncliffe. This would involve from 132 to 150 lots comprising multi and single family residences, in appearance similar to Las Piedras. The County proposed condemnation and purchase of two lots on Jacks Canyon Road to provide access to the development was questioned. P& K responded that this is a legal question which is being negotiated.

2)  Oak Creek Professional Plaza: Architect Lee Christensen and owner Clara Mak, who are planning this project on a parcel north of the Outlet Mall, have responded to Council concerns and redesigned the exterior of the building to better reflect the desires of the community to maintain the Village Southwest atmosphere.

The Council expressed appreciation for their cooperation. As de­signed, the building will accommodate 40 offices with 117 parking spaces. The architectural sketches were displayed for Council’s viewing.

While this group was in accord with the purpose of the DPI “to maintain a unique small town village atmosphere in our area” the property owners are generally opposed to approving further restrictions on the use of their properties. There will be another combined meeting of this com­mittee with the DRO committee in the near future, to search for compromises.

7.     New Business: In response to questions raised previously, regarding maintenance of areas adjacent to Verde Valley School Road to the south, Joan McClelland reported that ownership of the property extends to the right-of-way from the individual lots. Therefore, the owners would be requested to remove weeds and debris from their lots.

8.     Comments, Suggestions, Information:

A.  The President drew attention to upcoming selections for vacancies on both the School Board and Fire District Board, and indicated a hope that individuals in the Big Park area would step forward to express interest in such community service.

B.  Voice of Choice presentation: Dick Ellis and Bill Kusner spoke on behalf of this organization, to outline a more sensible plan for improvements to Hwy 179. Rather than the four or five lane highway currently proposed by ADOT, this organization favors right and left turn lanes, widened shoulders and more turn-out parking areas. A descriptive brochure describing their organization and position on the highway improvements was made available to Council members.

C.  The pertinent letter to ADOT from the Council was discussed (referred to in Section 3 above). The letter makes clear that approval of ADCY proposals for the highway that were supported by the Council in March, 1999, have been changed drastically, and therefore, the Council can not approve current proposals until a concise written review of these proposals is made available to the Council. The Correspondence Secretary was authorized to send the approved letter to all ADOT officials concerned, by unanimous vote of the Council.



9.     Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol J. Agers, Secretary



The next meeting will be August 24, 2000, at 6:30 p.m. in the VOCA Center.




P.O. Box 20248

Sedona, Arizona 86341





July 18, 2000


Mr. Larz Garcia

State Scenic Roads Coordinator

205 S. l7thAvenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85007


Dear Mr. Garcia,


Recently two large, blue signs were erected on State Highway 179 on either end of the community known as Village of Oak Creek. These are the same kind of signs found prior to Interstate exits that identify facilities available at that exit. Since Hwy 179 is not an interstate and all the commercial facilities are located along the highway with their own signage, we request that these signs be removed. They are definitely not in keeping with a road that has been designated a scenic highway or a small community that has all its commercial activity in plain view of the highway.



Sincerely yours,

Carolyn Fisher



Cc:        D. Dorman, ADOT Regional Engineer,  Chip Davis, Yavapai County Supervisor


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