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Minutes of August, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August 24, 2000

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher, at 6:35 P.M., followed by the Pledge to the Flag. The Secretary reported 12 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum.


2.    Secretary’s Report: There were no corrections to the July minutes, so the Council voted unanimously to approve them, following a motion by Dennis Parker, seconded by Lorraine Dean.


3.    Correspondence Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reporting:

• . .Response from Richard Straub agreeing to have speed humps repainted where needed, as well as to investigate the need for an additional speed hump as requested on Deer Pass Drive.

• . .Response from Don Dorman (ADOT) to the Council’s request for input on Hwy 179 improvements and the intention to include a member of the Council on the committee to make the final decision on these improvements.


4.    Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Treasurer Bill Bookwalter, the President stated there were no expenses this month, and a two month report would be distributed in September.


5.    Committee Reports:

A.   Transportation and Highway Signage: Joanne Johnson reported the objections to the two large blue signs, south and north of the Village, as contrary to the Community Plan, unnecessary in our limited commercial area, and contrary to County ordinances relative to off site signage. A letter has been sent to Larz Garcia, State Scenic Road Coordinator in Flagstaff, requesting the signs be removed. The Committee now requested the Council send a letter to County Public Works Dept. requesting the signs be removed. The Council approved this action.

B. P & Z Liaison Committee: Joanne Johnson reported the Committee has no objection to the preliminary plans for the Suncliffe development as presented by Gary Hofmann. Mr. Hofmann was available for questions, and briefly reviewed the plan as presented at the July meeting: 150 lots (61 single family, 89 multi family) with density equal to or less than current R1L 10 zoning. He also noted that due to roughly 96 encroachments the area for development is reduced to 57.76 acres from the reported 59 acres. These encroachments will be allowed. Several residents from adjoining properties expressed objections to the development and were encouraged to discuss these with Mr. Hofmann. The schematic plan presented was not opposed by the majority of the Council, although two members (Pinon Woods I and Pinon Woods East) withheld support pending additional information.

C    Hwy 179 update, Joanne Johnson reporting: The road committee is acting with ADCIP to mitigate objections to the plans that are under consideration

D.   Recreation: Dorothy Hores reported that the pool at the Doubletree Hotel will be finished in early September, and is expected to be available about September 17 for community family swim, at no charge. Steve Miller is the new manager, and is very cooperative.


6.    Old Business:

• The Sedona Centennial Committee has asked for a representative of the Council to join them in planning. President Fisher asked that anyone interested in this, contact her for further information.

• .    . The President again asked that members survey their homeowners relative to the future of Big Park and report the majority choice for annexation to Sedona, incorporation or maintaining the status quo. .The DRO Committee of the Council and the Sedona/Village Association will meet in October to discuss compromises in proposals.


7.    New Business:

• .          .Within the next year, the DMV may be moved to Cottonwood, and then would close the office in the Village. The Council recommended a letter to DMV stating our preference to continue the office in the Village, rather than move it to Cottonwood.

• .          .A reminder that Chip Davis’ Quarterly Town Meeting will be held September 5, at 6:30 P.M. in the VOCA Community Center.

• .          . Dennis Parker has been the representative to the Quiet Skies group, and asks for a volunteer to replace him. There are two meetings a month, and are important in trying to control aviation noise in the area. Lloyd Marlowe agreed to consider this assignment. The commu­nity is urged to register any complaints with Mr. McCall at the Sedona Airport.

• .   . Joanne Johnson requested that all members pick up prepared information of the County proposed Citizens Participation Procedure conforming to Growing Smarter legislation, and send comments to her prior to September 5.

     • Dick Byrnes asked if the Council had continued representation at Supervisor Davis’ committee concerned with Countywide problems.

Inasmuch as the Council no longer is represented, the Correspondence Secretary was authorized to request current information on this Committee


8.     Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M.



Carol J. Agers, Secretary


The next meeting will be September 28, 2000 at 9:00 A•M.

in the VOCA Center.


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