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Minutes of September, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of September 2000 Meeting [date unknown]

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.      Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:03 A.M., followed by the Pledge to the flag.

2.      The President introduced Supervisor Chip Davis who presented the Governor’s Honorable Mention award to the Community for the Verde Valley School Road median project. He characterized the project as an outstanding example of Community and Government cooperation for the good of the Community and was pleased that the Governor recognized the project with this award. President Fisher accepted the Award Trophy on behalf of the Community but noted that this was not a Council project and, therefore, the trophy would be more appropriately presented to Joanne Johnson, who is responsible for the success of the project. Joanne responded that about 35 people worked on the project, and a total of $11,000.00 was donated by the Community to make the median possible. She also reported that $7,000.00 of that amount is allocated for the fall planting of Xeriscape plants that will complete the project.

3.      Secretary’s Report: The Secretary reported a total of 15 member Associations represented, thus establishing a quorum. Since there were no corrections to the minutes of the August meeting, Bill Bookwalter moved these minutes be approved, seconded by Dennis Parker, and approved unanimously by the Council.

4.      Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reported a letter had been sent to the County requesting the removal of the blue signs on Hwy 179, as authorized at the August meeting. Enalo Lockard responded that the request had been in turn made to the State, since the signs are on State right of way. Joan also reported that inquiries have been made to two committees active in the Verde Valley, requesting representation on those committees or information on the activities of the committees in the event the Council is not eligible for membership. Responses have been received: the County Quarterly planning meet­ings are informal, and the Council will be notified of the dates as the meetings are scheduled, and representation will be expected. Likewise, a planners’ meeting of the Building and Zoning Department under Enalo Lockard, will notify the Council of the next meeting and expect a representative from our organization to attend.

5.      Treasurer’s Report: Bill Bookwalter presented a combined report for August and September, showing no expenses or income for those months. The balance is $1043.00.

6.      Committee Reports:

A.    Transportation: Joanne Johnson reporting:

.ADOT is still working on the plan for Hwy 179. Currently in the Village area, 4 lanes, 30 mph, rubberized asphalt are being requested.

..  .Beaverhead Fled Road work will be started early in October, and it is expected to take 4 .to 5 months, with the final cost about 4.5 million.

B.  Planning and Zoning Liaison: Joanne Johnson reporting:

   . .Adobe Hacienda Bed & Breakfast is in the process of changing hands, necessitating a new Special Use Permit. The committee has no objection to this with the following stipulations;

1.    that the 1900 square foot addition will comply with County restrictions that only 15% of the total property will be utilized.

2.    that only 5 bedrooms will be available for guests.

3.    that the septic system be adequate for the increased family as well as the guests.

4.    that one kitchen and common area be used.

A motion was made by Dorothy Hores, seconded by Joan McClelland, that the Council notify the County of no objections providing the above recommendations be in place. The motion passed unanimously. Deer Pass Ranch update: The applicant has changed the plans in that the timeshares have been eliminated. There will be 52 single family homes, with amenities. The plans are available for those who are interested in specifics.

Suncliffe: Residents of Pinon Woods are concerned about the increase in traffic that will result from this development. Developer Gary Hofmann responded -that roads are the domain of the County, and he has met with the residents and tried to mitigate their concerns. He hopes to be able to limit 2 story buildings, and to place duplexes and clusters as far from existing homes as possible. When revised plans are completed, the Council will be given the information.

C.  Recreation: The President reed a letter from VPR, Inc., announcing that group will be on inactive status. Bob Carlile asked to comment on the letter, to explain that VPR, Inc. had worked for almost three years, without being able to get land for a park. There are many in the Community who wish to work for a park, but the problem is a need for a large block donation to purchase land. He asked that the Council reinstate the Recreation Committee, to develop programs for children in the area. The Corporation will continue to exist, so if a change occurs relative to land acquisition, the group will be -able to act.

Dorothy Hores announced the Community Family swim program at the Doubletree Hotel beginning Sept. 24. A bulletin was made available to the Council. She also announced the preparation of a monthly calendar of events from all organizations that could provide information on programs for young people.

Joan McClelland moved that the Council reinstate the Youth Activity Committee, seconded by Bob Carlile, and unanimously approved by the Council.

D.  Annexation/Incorporation Ad Hoc Committee: Bill Bookwalter reported on the status of the research into this subject, and expects to - have a written report presented to the Council in November. This report will include 4 general divisions:

1.  impact of annexation on VOC/Big Park

    2.  impact of incorporation on VOC/Big Park

3.  impact of status quo on the area

4.  costs and issues involved in a higher level of police protection.

He emphasized this would be a factual report, without recommendation.


7.      Old Business: The park report was discussed under the Recreation Committee report

8.      New Business: Lorraine Dean, speaking for Pinon Woods 1, 2 and 3, pre­sented a resolution from those groups requesting limitation of use of roads within subdivisions, for construction traffic into Suncliffe development. This included a request that the Council approve the resolution to be forwarded to County. The motion to comply with this request was made by Zona Fink, seconded by Louisa Connell. After dis­cussion, the Council voted to approve the motion. with four abstentions.

9.    Comments, Suggestions and Information -

A.     President Fisher reviewed the Bylaws relative to committees, and announced the Executive Board and the Council will, in the future, follow the rule of the Bylaws. The Executive Board will develop a


B.     Alice Musgrove reported on the failure of the DRO Committee to reach any agreement with the Sedona Village Business Association. The Association reports the business group does not want to be restricted in any way, and will not discuss any items for compromise, though the DRO Committee has reduced set-back restrictions. No compromise, or acceptance by the business community makes a DRO impossible.

Dennis Parker made a motion that the Council write a letter to the Business Association asking that they be more cooperative in at least discussing - some of the issues. The motion was seconded by Dorothy Hares, but failed to carry. Direct contact with the Business Community was favored.




P.O. Box20248

Sedona, Arizona 86341


October 9, 2000


Dear Members of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council;


At an Executive Board meeting on October 6, 2000, we voted to present a draft Policies and Procedures (see reverse side) to the Council at the October meeting. This document is intended to spell out the policies and procedures on things such as: agenda development; standing committees, their purposes and goals, number of members, etc. It is our belief that some of this information is not widely known now. We have formed an ad hoc committee to iron out the details, using input from the current standing committee members. We propose that these Policies and Procedures be presented to the Council for approval at the December 28~l meeting. This document should be reviewed each year and changes made as necessary.


We further voted that the list of the chairperson and members of each of the current standing committees be presented to the Council of Representatives for approval. The following is our recommendation to the Council, to be voted on during the October meeting. The Council may choose to vote on all committees at one time or may consider each individually. It is our desire that each committee have a wide representation from throughout the community (per the Bylaws, the chairperson must be a member of the Council, members do not have to be).




Planning & Zoning


Recreation/Youth Activities

Joanne Johnson, Chair

Dennis Parker, Chair

Dorothy Hores, Chair

Carol Agers

Joanne Johnson

Bob Carlile



Dorothy Hores

Dorothy Hores

Jan Oswald



Joan McClelland

Dorothy VandeLinde

Sam Bomar



Lloyd Marlowe

Bob Aberg

Matthew Baugh



Dorothy VandeLinde


Doug Bell



Lois Doucette





Bill Kusner





Mel Rycus-new member





If your association will not have a representative at the October meeting, you may provide your vote, in writing, to a member of the Executive Board prior to the start of the meeting and it will be included. We hope this action will clarify and strengthen the role of the Council in representing the interests of the residents and businesses in the Big Park area. We welcome your input and suggestions.


Carolyn W. Fisher, President


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