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Minutes of October, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of October 26, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:40 P.M., followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of 12 member Associations was present.

2.     Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the September meeting were approved unanimously, following a motion by Bob Carlisle, seconded by Dorothy Bores.

3.     Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reported there had been no correspondence.

a.     President Fisher reviewed the need for a decision on meeting site for the Council beginning in February, due to construction at the VOCA Center. Reportedly, there would be a fee involved for use of the Community meeting room in the Fire Station so President Fisher asked for approval of a letter to the Fire District Chief, requesting a waiver of the fee on the basis of the efforts of the Council in promoting and working for the new Fire Station. The letter was approved by the Council.

4.     Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Bookwalter reported a balance of $1010.00 in the treasury, the only expenses for the month being $33.00 for printing and mailing.

5.     Policies and Procedures: The President asked for comments on the Committee listings and proposed procedures relative to committees, enclosed in the last mailing to Association members. After discussion, the members agreed that the three committees listed were acceptable and that the members of each committee were approved unanimously, following a motion by Joan McClelland, seconded by Bob Carlisle. Dorothy Hores requested an amendment to the motion to remove her name from the Transportation Committee, since she was Chairperson of the Recreation Committee. Further, that the name of Kathy Norfeh be added to that committee, since she had volunteered and was helpful. The amendment was approved by the Council, following a motion by Joan McClelland, seconded by Dennis Parker. Dennis requested the addition of two names to the Transportation Committee: Dick Byrnes and Tom Hutchinson. These were approved.

The following stipulations were reviewed:

• .  . that the Chairperson of each Committee must be a member of the Council.

• .  .that only Council approved members of the Committees be allowed to vote in Committee decisions.

that each Chairperson prepare a statement of goals and purposes of the Committee, and list meeting time and location of the meet­ings.

          . that the President be responsible, with the approval of the Council, for establishing any ad hoc committee, including setting up the goals, procedures, time frame, etc. for any such limited          committee.

Bob Carlile commended President Fisher for her efforts for organization of this committee system in conformance with the rules in the documents of the Council: the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.

6.     Committee Reports:

A.     Transportation: Joanne Johnson reported that work began on the Beaver Head Flat Road on October 16, with completion scheduled for April, 2001.

B.     Planning & Zoning Liaison: Joanne Johnson reported on the Deer Pass Ranch development. The Commissioners approved the new plan on Oct. 4, with stipulations. However, the Supervisors did not approve the development at their October meeting. The developers- -will present a new proposal in December, with reduced density and amenities.

C.      Recreation Committee: Dorothy Hores reporting:

• .  . The family swim at the DoubleTree pool has been a success with about 60 persons participating weekly. Volunteers to help at the pool would be welcome.

• .  .A monthly calendar for all events for young people has been coordinated and distributed through the Big Park School. Funding of this project (printing costs) has come from the Sedona/ Village Business Association.

.The Committee has been asked to coordinate a community Holiday Party at the Weber IGA location. This would include tree lighting, music by several choral groups, etc. A date will be announced soon.

D.      Design Review Overlay: Jim Patterson reported a new committee of 3 from the business community has begun consideration of the DRO as presented to them, and will report to the Business Association with suggestions for compromise.

E.      Annexation/Incorporation Committee: Bill Bookwalter announced a written report from this Committee will be presented to the Council at the November 16th meeting. To allow time for the members and their Associations to review the report, the January Agenda will allow time for discussion of the report.

7.     Old Business: The President announced that the November meeting will be November 16, the December meeting on December 28.

8.     New Business: There was no new business introduced.

9.     Comments, Suggestions, Information::

A.  Torn Broderick of Citizens Arizona Gas, gave an update on the project to bring gas to the Big Park area. He again reiterated the importance of residents who desire gas service, to enter their application so the company can schedule work and service on the basis of neighborhood interest. He noted that there are about 1850 homes in the area, and the expectation is that 1000 homes will convert to natural gas. There are 180,000 feet of line to install, and that work is scheduled for completion in April or May. The October 12 meeting was attended by about 250 residents, with about 2/3s of them on the Internet. Therefore, a Web site has been established which will have up-to-date information on the location and scheduling of construction. (www.citizensArizona.com)

B.    Steve Gudovic, owner of Big Park Water Company, discussed a project scheduled for the near future, to increase water storage by enlarging a tank on Lee Mountain Road, adjacent to an existing tank. Both tanks will be painted a color to be decided by nearby residents. At this time, the choice appears to be a dull red. Mr. Gudovic stated this increase in storage capacity was needed because of increased customers, and possible needs of the Fire District. In response to questions, he stated that the Big Park Water Company chose not to add chlorine to the water since it was unnecessary if pipes and other equipment were flushed and cleaned regularly. He also stated that the aquifer had not dropped in 20 years.


8.  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol J. Agers


The next meeting will be November 16, 2000 at 9:00 A.M.

in the VOCA Community Center


The December meeting will be Dec. 28, 2000.


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