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Minutes of November, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November 16, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:05 A.M., followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of 12 member Associations was present.

2.    Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the October meeting were approved unanimously, following a motion by Bill Bookwalter, seconded by Dennis Parker.

3.    Correspondence Secretary’s Report: The only correspondence received was from the Fire District in response to the request of the Council for a waiver of the fee for use of the meeting room of the Fire Station #3. This was referred to the President, who read the letter which did not allow the requested waiver. Inasmuch as the fee of $25.00 per hour would require an increase in membership fees, contacts will be made to further the requested waiver, or at least negotiate the fee. Contact is being made with the newly elected members of the Fire Board, as well as other members of the Board. The use of the Big Park Community School is also being investigated.

4.    Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bill Bookwalter reported a balance of $925.44, the only expense for the month being $84.56, for postage and printing. With that balance, possible charges for custodial fees, could be included in the 2001 budget without an increase in membership fees. The Budget Committee, made up of Dennis Parker, Dorothy Hores, and Carol Agers, will meet briefly following this meeting.


The President named a nominating committee: Dorothy Hores, Jim Patter­son and Don Beard. They will present the slate at the December meeting, with election at the January meeting. This Committee was approved unanimously, following a motion by Bob Carlile and seconded by Bob Aberg.


The President also announced Supervisor Chip Davis’ Quarterly Town Hall meeting on December 12, at 6:30 P.M. in the VOCA Center.

5.    Committee Reports:

A.   Transportation Committee: Chairman Dennis Parker reported a meeting of this committee to work out details of procedures. The monthly meetings will be the first Monday of each month. He also asked the Council approve the inclusion of Shari Walter as a member of the committee. This was approved unanimously. He noted that he would attend a meeting with ADOT and County Supervisors on November 17, although the discussion will reportedly not include concerns with Hwy 179, because such a meeting took place in June.

There will be a meeting on Monday, November 20, including the Voice of Choice and the City of Sedona, which members of this Committee will attend.

B.   Planning & Zoning Liaison Committee: Joanne Johnson reported that the Deer Pass Ranch Development would present a revised proposal to the Commissioners in December. This proposed development is located south of Sedona, is approximately 72 acres surrounded by National Forest, not within the Big Park Community Plan area, but adjacent to the Dry Creek Plan. The request will be for PAD zoning, with 35 single family dwellings on 20% of the land and the remaining acreage in open space. The Committee recommended the Council not support this, since it is not compatible with Resolution 1156, which has been accepted by Yavapai County and all cities within the Verde Valley. Specifically, this resolution states that any development outside corporate limits should be limited to agriculture, ranching or low density residential use. The developers, Mark Spectre and Bruce Berkson, were in attendance to answer questions. After discussion Joan McClelland made a motion “that the Council direct a letter to the County stating that in view of Resolution 1156, accepted by the County and all cities within the Verde Valley, the proposed development is not compatible with the Resolution, as adopted, and therefore we do not support the proposal.” Dorothy Hores seconded the motion, but the motion was defeated: 10 votes to 3. Enalo Lockard requested a letter referring to the specifics of the Resolution which apply. Several members of the Council requested more information and time to consider the issue. A second motion was made by Joan McClelland to notify the County that the Council had no comment on the issue. This was seconded by Bill Bookwalter, and approved by an 8 to 3 vote, with two abstentions. Bob Carlile asked the reason that a presentation had not been made so the Council members could have made a decision. This was set aside for discussion at a later date on procedures.

C.   Recreation Committee: Dorothy Hores reported that December 1 would mark the second annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Weber Village Center, from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. She further reported:

•a letter of events for December has been distributed with a request for feedback on the value of this calendar. The Sedona Village Business Association has funded this project for four months at a cost of about $50.00 per month, so it is important to determine the usefulness of the calendars.

the Committee will meet again on December 12, at 3:00 P.M. to discuss future activities, in particular a Second Annual Skate Day.

D.   DRC Committee: Jim Patterson announced a draft had been prepared by a committee of the Business Association, responding to the original DRO proposal, and this will be discussed within the Sedona/Village Business Association in the near future.

E.   Annexation/Incorporation Ad Hoc Committee: Bill Bookwalter distributed copies of the completed report to the Council, and made intro­ductory remarks, emphasizing that the charge for this committee was to gather information, not to take a stand.

Since this report is more than 15 pages in length, the decision was made for the Council to provide a copy to all representatives, alter­nates, as well as the media, and beyond that the distribution would be the responsibility of the individual Homeowners’ Associations. Individual copies could be arranged for purchase from the Council for a nominal fee of $2.00. The discussion of this report will be on the agenda of the January meeting of the Council. The Council joined in applauding the fine work done by this Committee.

F.   Bob Carlile suggested that a study be made to find a way for the Council to enter the electronic age. Subsequently, the President appointed him to chair an ad hoc committee to pursue this issue.

6.    Old Business: An update on the blue signs at each entry to the Village on Hwy 179 was requested. Again, the signs were identified as being on the ADOT right-of-way, and two additional businesses now are listed. Complaints have been made to ADOT, including a letter from the County, with no results as yet.

7.    New Business: Bob Aberg noted that with the passage of the bond issue for Yavapai College, he was interested in an extension of services to Big Park. He was told the College would be willing to consider classes in the area, but would need some input as to the classes needed or de­sired in the community. Arrangements are underway for a presentation to the Council in the near future on this possibility.

8.    Comments, Suggestions, Information:

A.       Tom Broderick of Citizens Gas, reported the gas line construction in our area began on Monday, November 13. The construction office and yard is at Hwy 179 and Jacks Canyon Road, and four crews will be working from that site. There will be weekly meetings on Wednesdays and the work is scheduled for completion in June. The crews are expected to complete 250 feet a day, so work in front of each residence should be completed in half a day. There will be a Web site for construction information at citizensvoc.com.

B.       Tony Giola, a member of the Camp Verde Council, was introduced to review the Ruskin Land Trade as a private citizen. To allow as much time for this presentation and questions, as needed, the President announced the Council meeting would be officially adjourned,


9.      Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 A.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol J. Agers, Secretary


The next meeting will be December 28, 2000 at 6:30 P.M.

in the VOCA Community Center

U.S. Forest Service - Ruskin Land Trade


A brief summary of Mr. Tony Giola’s remarks following the

Big Park Regional Community Council meeting on November 16, 2000:


1.   This proposed land trade involves 187 square miles of Forest Service lands in Yavapai. County, for the most part, The Ruskin group is the Yavapai Ranch Limited Partnership.

2.   There are two general procedures that may be used in a land trade: administrative and congressional. The administrative involves about 55 steps, while the congressional involves merely an act of Congress, thus eliminating all public input and the usual studies re­quired by law. Both means are being pursued in this case, but the Ruskin group is very active in lobbying for Congressional action.

3.   There is no assurance that a fair price for the Forest Service areas will be negotiated. If the bill that is being offered to Congress is passed, the land would be priced at $2000 per acre. About 28,000 acres of the land is adjacent to established communities, and is much more valuable than that. For comparison, land along 1-17 near Camp Verde recently sold for $326,000 an acre.

4.   Development of land along 1-17 near General Crook Trail could result in a community similar to Anthem in the New River area.

5.   Mr. Giola urged citizens to write Congressmen objecting to this land trade by Congressional action. Any such land exchange should provide for appropriate studies and input from the citizens impacted by such an exchange.


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