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Minutes of December, 2000 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of December 28, 2000 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 P.M., followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of nine member Associations was represented.

2.     Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the November meeting were approved unanimously, following a motion by Dennis Parker, seconded by Dorothy Hores.

3.     Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reported receiving two letters:

• .  .A response from the Deer Pass Ranch Development regarding the November action of the Council.

• .  .A statement from Gary Hofmann representing the Sedona/ Business Association stance requesting that the Council consider the ADOT proposals for Hwy 179, with consideration being given to the design that is best for all those affected.

4.     Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Treasurer Bill Bookwalter, the President read the report, which showed a balance of $891.99 for the year, after expenses for the month of $43.45, for office supplies and postage. The Budget for 2001 was presented, showing an estimated $950.00 balance for the year. These reports were accepted with no objections. The President also announced action by the Executive Board at the December 18, 2000, meeting, to make a voluntary reimbursement to VOCA in the amount of $150.00, for the expenses incurred in providing the meeting room for the Council. The value of this usage was made apparent in the search for an alternate meeting location during possible construction of a new Community Center. This action was supported by the Council.

5.     Committee Reports:

A.  Transportation Committee: Chairman Dennis Parker reported his committee now numbered nine, including interim member Jim Patterson. The committee suggested a survey of the community to establish a consensus on Hwy 179 improvements prior to the ADOT report expected in April. The Council questioned the feasibility of asking for decisions from residents until the ADOT proposal was finalized. Following discussion, the decision was made to delay a survey until April when the ADOT proposal was available.

   B.  P.& Z. Liaison Committee: Joan McClelland reporting for Joanne


• . .Update on Deer Pass Ranch Development: On December 18, 2000 the County Supervisors voted to hold this item in abeyance for 30 days.

• . .Cathedral Rock Ranch: In April the Council approved the plan for this development. The final plan includes a re­duction to 87 lots, from 88, with an average lot size of 1.28 acres. The Council approved this final plan unanimously, following a motion by Gary Hofmann, seconded by Bill Anderson.

.Canyon Ridge entrance sign: This development is beyond the LaBarranca subdivision, is zoned for 2 acre lots, and has an existing stone wall on Jacks Canyon Road. The request is to add a ceramic tile sign “Canyon Ridge” to this wall, with no exterior lighting. The committee recommends no objection and the Council voted unanimously to approve: the motion made by Bill Anderson, seconded by Dennis Parker.

• . . Cantu property development on Hwy 179 on the north-east corner with Cortez. Jack Sheehan, a Village resident, proposes a 30,000 square foot Spanish mission style building on the site, which would include 12 or 13 businesses. He will present his plans to the Council at the January meeting so no action is taken at this time. However, the Committee noted possible objections to an exit onto Canyon Diablo Rd., a residential street, and to a Jack in the Box fast food restaurant on the site.

The Chairman asked the Council to consider the distribution of a map of the Big Park area to each Council member, to facilitate deliberation and discussion as issues evolve. Also, to be considered is the inclusion, whenever possible, of a listing of sub­jects to be presented at Council meetings so that members would have forehand knowledge. The decision to incorporate these suggestions into current mailings of minutes and agendas, was agreed upon.

C.    Recreation Committee: Dorothy Hores reported the Committee has under consideration 11 activities as possibilities for the year 2001, with the thought that 3 or 4 of them will be possible, depending upon funding. Unfortunately, a skate day appears to be impossible, because of the cost of that activity. The suggestion was made that perhaps a business would sponsor one or more of the proposed activities.

D.    Nominating Committee: Dorothy Hores presented the following slate of officers for 2001, prepared by this committee:

President:  Carolyn Fisher

Vice president:  Lloyd Marlowe

Secretary...Zona Fink

Treasurer... Bob Carlile

The election will be on the agenda for the January meeting.

6.     Old Business:

A.    In an effort to organize and standardize the processes of the Council, a draft of policies and procedures for the Council, as well as the Committees, has been prepared with input from officers and committee members. This draft was made available to members present, and will be discussed at the January meeting, with the intent that the draft would become a part of the permanent working rules of the Council after addition of revisions suggested by members.

7.     New Business:

A.   Communications Ad Hoc Committee: A questionnaire had been prepared by Bob Carlile, Chairman, to determine the membership Internet access, which in turn would determine the feasibility of establishing a web site for the Council. In the meantime, the BPRCC has been added to the County web site.

8.     Announcements, Suggestions, Comments:

A.    President Fisher read an E-mail from Tom Broderick updating progress on the Citizens gas line installation. The schedul­ing of construction is in place through April, and is available on the web site (citizenvoc.com) or at the Citizens office. To date 25,000 feet of line have been laid. A meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2001, 6:00 to 8:30 P.M., at the Big Park School cafeteria where several contractors will be available to handle questions from residents.

B.    Another Voice for Hwy 179: Dick Smiley introduced Joe Tabback who represented the Sedona/Verde Valley Republican Men’s Club, as chairman of their committee on Hwy 179 improvements. Mr. Tabback reviewed the history of the highway, pointing out that the changes in the road had been limited to resurfacing: first chip sealing, then a hard surface. He pointed out that in 1992 when ADOT started considering major improvements, the level of complaints about the plans was such that the state scuttled the project and put the state funds in other locations. Mr. Tabback’s concern is that this might happen again, with all the opposition voiced to date. Therefore, he urged that residents consider the need for a safe road, and listen to the plans that ADOT puts forth in April.


9.     Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M



Carol. Agers, Secretary


The next meeting will be January 26, 2001 at 9:00 A.M.

in the VOCA Community Center


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